When ashada month ends meet

Jyotisha Vedika: Why wife and husband are separated in AShADha mAsa (June-July)?

when ashada month ends meet

Ashada Masam usually comes in June - July especially for people from six months is the night time of Devas (gods), which ends with Makar. Ashada masam starts from today, so read to know what is the significance of ashada masa. Read to know why it is observed. Know the reason behind parting in Ashada Masam for newly. Ashadam starts from July 5th and ends on August 2nd in Tholi Ekadasi.

Though the actual reason of this is vague, may be it is because of the inconvenience caused by the rainy season. This tells the real significance of ashada masam.

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The theory behind it is that if a girl conceives during this time, she will give birth at the Chaitra month that is summer. She may go through more problems due to summer.

So, people started believing in this as well. It is quite weird though and difficult to find any reason behind this.

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But, in many households, this is still believed, wherein mother and daughter-in-laws stay apart during the ashada masam. Whatever the reason is, this time two rivals can work on their strategies to confront again! Girls and women apply mehndi on their palms and feet. Beautiful designer mehndis make women look more beautiful.

when ashada month ends meet

This is done because, earlier, people believed that the seasonal change would affect the skin and cause skin problems. Hence, covering your feet and palms with mehndi will help to get rid of those problems.

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This is another significance of the ashada masam. Rath Yatra, Chaturmas Vrata, Palki Yatra, etc, are the popular vratas and pujas of the ashada masam and devotees celebrate these with devotion and dedication.

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Though ashada masam is the time for not performing auspicious programmes, these pujas and vratas can be performed. If you concentrate on the rituals of this month, you will get the point that all rituals are indicating towards one thing and that is, it is the beginning of the monsoon season.

Significance Of Ashada Masam

Fresh Mehendi Photo credit: Ashada masam or Ashad month also coincides with the Aadi masam or Aadi month of Tamil calendar. This month is considered as the inauspicious month in Hindu Astrology.

when ashada month ends meet

Ashada masam is known as the Shunya masam which means null month and many auspicious occasions like marriages, gruhapravesam house warming ceremonyhouse beginning Sankusthapanathread wearing ceremony odugu etc are mainly postponed during this month. Why is newly wed daughter-in-law and mother-in-law do not stay together during Ashadam or the newly wed couple do not stay together? In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, there is a rare ritual that newly wed couple do not stay together and stay away from one another or even the daughter-in-law is away from her mother-in-law.

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  • 1. No Occasions Are Held During This Time:
  • Why is Ashadam considered as an inauspicious month in Hindu Astrology?

The wife is sent to her parents house for the whole month. She returns to her in-laws house during Shravana masam. The Hindu Astrology comes with a scientific reason behind the couple staying away in Ashada month. As the Ashada masam comes in June-July, if the couple have sexual interaction, there is a chance of delivering the baby in very hot summer which is difficult for both the baby and the mother to have health issues, so to avoid this, our tradition tells us to part the newly wed couples in this month.