The relationship diremption taping report big

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the relationship diremption taping report big

The Relationship Diremption Caption Sheldon took a GEOLOGY book to bed. Their work on the Big Bang theory elevates those astrophysicists to the level of rock stars - though without .. [5] Taping Report by menamena. Penny tries to help Sheldon when he reconsiders his "relationship" with String Theory. The Big Bang Theory () Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory () This episode was taped on March 25, Report this. The Relationship Diremption Reported by menamena. Tape Date: March 25 , ; Air Date:April 10, Story: Steve Molaro, Bill Prady, Jim Reynolds.

After comforting Oliver, Raj talks to Nell and convinces her to give her husband another chance. Meanwhile, after diving once again into string theory and sprawling his work across his and Amy's apartment, Sheldon approaches a reluctant Leonard and Penny and convinces them to let him use his old room to study for a three-day trial period with an agreement to be quiet and stay out of their way.

Sheldon surprisingly sticks to this agreement, being a reasonably good guest, which shockingly frustrates Leonard to no end.

the relationship diremption taping report big

After Leonard lets out his frustrations, Sheldon then renegotiates the guest tenancy agreement for an extra few days and resumes being his normal demanding self, much to Leonard's relief. A double entendre that refers to both the love triangle between Raj, Nell, and Oliver, who is upset at his separation from Nell and the roommate triangle that has reformed between Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny, a distinct callback to the show's initial seasons.

On Howard's suggestion, Sheldon apologizes to Wil, mending their friendship, and tells him he wants to be on the show; but Wil asks for Amy. Sheldon tells her to do it, but she says she often doesn't do things to avoid upsetting him. Sheldon is horrified when he realises how selfish he has been, especially when he finds out that the men do the same for him.

Sheldon encourages Amy to go on the show to inspire girls to pursue science while trying to control his obvious jealousy for her. Meanwhile, Leonard writes a book about a physicist that solves a murder, the protagonist Logan Dean is based on himself. Bernadette points out Logan's mean boss Illsa is similar to Penny, who thinks it is based on Bernadette, though Leonard does not correct her.

However, Bernadette tells Penny the truth, upsetting her and making her mad at Leonard. After calling his mother for advice, Leonard learns that Illsa is actually like her; but abandons the book when he realizes he wrote romantic tension into the relationship between the characters. The uncertainty of which woman in Leonard's life he subconsciously based the mean boss character in his novel on.

As Amy and Howard work together at the college, the rest of the friends try various ways to initiate her labor, though Sheldon wants to play a complicated board game instead. Amy shocks Howard by saying Bernadette has already decided to name the baby after her father, Michael. He doesn't agree and everyone makes suggestions as to what to name the baby. Bernadette goes into labor and gives birth to a son named Neil, after Neil ArmstrongNeil Gaimanand Neil Diamondwith Michael as the middle name.

At the last minute, Howard relents to name him Michael as Bernadette got six stitches. The naming of the Wolowitz son before he is born.

The Relationship Diremption

They want to have their reception at the Athenaeum at Caltech. While scouting the location, they are shocked to see Leonard and Penny eating there, as Leonard had told Sheldon their application had been denied. In reality, Leonard just wanted a place to avoid Sheldon. Kripke has booked the venue for his birthday party on the same day as the wedding. Leonard cleans radioactive sludge for Kripke to get the date for Sheldon as an apology for lying.

Kripke eventually agrees to change the day but when Amy hears he wants to sing at the wedding, she suggests they get married at the Griffith Observatory instead. Meanwhile, Bernadette and Howard are unsure if one of them should quit their job to stay home with the children.

Howard volunteers, but when left alone with the children he passes out exhausted, leaving Raj in charge.

The Big Bang Theory (season 11)

When Bernadette meets Penny for lunch, she realizes that she loves being at the office again, but doesn't want to leave the children. She and Howard promise to figure it out later after they take a nap. The Athenaeum date being allocated for Kripke's birthday instead of the wedding. Sheldon believes that it's an April Fools' Day prank.

Leonard sees what hotel Gates is staying at on Penny's schedule, so he, Raj and Howard meet him in the lobby the day before. Once Sheldon sees proof, the men twice send him to the wrong hotel as real pranks. Penny says Leonard can meet Gates for real, so he fakes being sick to avoid him. When Penny puts Gates on a video call, he recognizes Leonard from the previous night. Meanwhile, Amy is tired of Bernadette only talking about her children, so Bernadette uses her expanded parental brain to learn random science facts.

The men being excited to meet Bill Gates. Amy doesn't want to be caught in the middle but secretly suggests they rally support from the other tenants to vote Sheldon out. Nobody else supports Leonard so Amy tells them Sheldon was never added to the lease when he moved across the hall with her. Sheldon fires back with his own legal technicality so Amy is forced to support Leonard. She makes Sheldon happy by saying he can be Leonard's official opposition, making Leonard believe he made a mistake.

the relationship diremption taping report big

Meanwhile, Howard and Raj find a drone. Raj returns it to the cute owner Cynthia and gets her number. Unfortunately, Cynthia watches footage of Raj on the drone and is immediately turned off. Sheldon leaving the Tenants Association. Wolcott Peter MacNicol who invites Sheldon to visit him in his completely isolated mountain cabin. The women quickly ask Leonard, Raj and Howard to tag along with him, making this his bachelor party, despite Sheldon's assertions that it shouldn't be called such.

Wolcott has a brilliant mind but his behavior is very strange to the guys. He tells Sheldon he cut off all contact with others to focus on science. Though Sheldon enjoys the science, he decides that he doesn't want to live like Wolcott because of his friends and Amy. The guys leave to avoid Wolcott, whose theories about time make him doubt whether the guys were ever there.

Meanwhile, Penny and Bernadette throw Amy a quilting bee for her bachelorette party, which she quickly finds boring. When Amy tells them she wants a night full of bad decisions as she earlier implied, they go to a bar where Amy drinks a few shots and passes out in twelve minutes.

When she wakes up back at the apartment hungover and disappointed, the women lie and reassure her she had a wild time, involving her drunkenly riverdancing.

the relationship diremption taping report big

Sheldon considering the scientific potential in living as a recluse. Stuart hires an assistant manager named Denise and she impresses Sheldon with her comic recommendations. Amy goes to her for information on comics to connect to Sheldon but when she tries to tell him, he says he's talked enough about comics with Denise. The store's popularity causes Stuart to be unable to babysit for Howard and Bernadette's date night.

They try to have another at home, but Stuart shows up so they hurriedly go out. Meanwhile, as Raj sets up a telescope, Penny sees a new comet.

Raj takes sole credit for the discoveryangering Penny. Leonard tries to defend her but feels sorry for hurting Raj's career. Penny confronts Raj herself and he agrees to share credit after Penny doesn't give in like Leonard.

Raj and Penny polarized over who deserves credit for discovering the comet. Crowdfunding and selling some of his most valuable comic books to Stuart give him a small start. When Raj mentions gambling in Las Vegas, Sheldon goes there but is caught calculating odds by security before he can make any bets.

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Meanwhile, Amy takes Penny and Bernadette shopping for her wedding dress. She loves an old-fashioned one that the other girls admit that they find ugly. Sheldon, however, comes home and sees Amy in the dress and loves how she looks. Sheldon not having enough money for his miniature black hole experiment. Sheldon and Leonard fly to Texas to talk to George, who now owns a chain of tire stores.

He refuses to attend and later explains to Leonard that the family sacrificed a lot to fund Sheldon's education, and he was stuck caring for their mother and sister Missy after their father died while Sheldon was in college.

Sheldon never thanked him for this. Leonard takes George back to the hotel room where Sheldon apologizes and the brothers reconcile. George agrees to attend the wedding. Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette's children contract pinkeyeinfecting everyone except Penny, much to Amy's fury. Sheldon and his brother making amends. Sheldon cannot get his bow-tie to be symmetrical and conversations with Amy and his mother make him realize the world's imperfections could cause a scientific breakthrough.

Sheldon and Amy, along with Leonard, get caught up figuring out the math of the theory during the wedding ceremony, making Hamill take Star Wars questions to stall for time. Penny retrieves the couple, who then decide that they have the rest of their lives to make science together. When the gang all meet can they survive budding bromances, romances and a love triangle?

A sequel to The Superlative Chemistry. M - English - Chapters: It's been 26 days since Sheldon Cooper last saw Amy Farrah Fowler and Sheldon will do anything to prove that she is the most important thing in his life. Lot of drama and a time jump ahead.

Mostly Shamy, but other canon couples are involved. I don't own the Big Bang Theory. When the click strikes 6 o'clock, however, plans change.

I honestly overthink things about the characters of The Big Bang Theory. Here's my take on how Sheldon will propose to Amy. Multi-chapter fiction Big Bang Theory - Rated: As 5 years passed and life went on, the two would reunite when the group unexpectedly awakens. Just my take on what happens after the events of the season 8 finale. This is Shamy all the way! Canon through Season 9. K - French - Chapters: It leaves the gang wondering what he is up to and if they ever knew him at all.

Very AU this is my take on a story by sazzieazzie. Companion to my "Amelia and the. Absolutely essential to have read those first.

the relationship diremption taping report big

A bit like a book of short stories and generally they're all very fluffy! T rating just as an overall rating. Spoilers likely in most Big Bang Theory - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: Mainly for ideas that don't need a lot of elaborating for just when I can't be bothered to write a whole fic ;P Big Bang Theory - Rated: Whilst experimenting with the wormhole Sheldon finds himself trapped in another universe where there are the same people but everyone has changed.

The one thing that is missing is Amy and Sheldon needs to get back to her and his home. A poker game may determine the future of Sheldon's and Amy's relationship. He'd never held her like that before. And even though Dave had kind of made him do it, he'd kissed her — unscheduled, passionately and because he'd wanted to. It will start out as a T rating but may go up in future chapters. Rating has changed to M as of chapter 5.

The following day, when a colleague needs a sitter, Amy jumps at the chance and forces Sheldon to babysit with her. What shenanigans are in store? No, more than normal. Or rather, what's NOT going on to make him behave this way? Rated T for a reason. T - English - Chapters: Thus the Fowler Cooper Publication Federation is born. But will Sheldon enjoy it? I have put Amy's thoughts in italics, as to differentiate them from Sheldon's.