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Kayley and Garrett wedding Quest For Camelot, Cartoon Movies, Disney Movies, Brave Girl Till We Meet Again, Disney Art, Disney Pins, Walt Disney, Cute Disney .. Meg Hercules, Hercules Parents, Megara And Hercules, Disney Love. Garrett is the deuteragonist of Quest for Camelot. He is a hermit Garrett leads Kayley to Dragon Country, where they meet Devon and Cornwall. They help Garrett's parents are never seen or mentioned in the film, so it's possible they died. Parents need to know that this movie has no inappropriate content for kids QUEST FOR CAMELOT centers on a young girl named Kayley, who dreams There she meets Garrett, a squire befriended by her late father, who left Camelot after.

Quest for Camelot also known as The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot in international countries is an animated film released by Warner Bros. However, the film has very little in common with the book, with many of the changes songs, cute animal characters, anachronistic jokes done simply as concessions to the Animation Age Ghettowhich was quite strong at the time.

This film provides examples of: Juliana is blackmailed into betraying her king after her teenage daughter is threatened. Said teenage daughter then escapes and goes off on a dangerous quest to warn the king of the plot, pursued by a madman's minions who are more than capable of killing her.

Juliana has no idea where her daughter is or if she's safe for most of the film. The Griffin, at least when he isn't interacting with the good guys; could arguably even be an example of Dark Is Not Evilsince he's just Ruber's pet anyway. Below is a memorable quote by said Griffin upon being berated by Ruber for not replying: Sorry master, my mouth was full! All There in the Manual: The film novelization and toy merchandise give the names of three of Ruber's mechanical army: Bowhands, Spike Slinger and Swordhands.

In "If I Didn't Have You", Cornwall says he'd "be rockin' with the dinos", which is later countered by Devon, who says "You'd be extinct, you'd cease to be! Originally planned without songs, it was turned into this by executives that wanted something more in the Disney renaissance vein.

Ruber's potion, which somehow transforms his henchmen into metalized versions of themselves. Not that it helps anyways.

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Looking Through Your Eyes is the one that has all the trope characteristics, but The Prayer was the one which actually won an award.

Ruber, the villain, is an ordinary man in a world of Arthurian legend which has magic, dragons, and the like. However, his skills as a warrior make him borderline unstoppable even before he gets his hands on Excalibur. Garrett survives in the Lost Woods without any help but a bird, a staff, and his knowledge of the place. The Big Bad uses an evil potion to transform a barnyard rooster into Bladebeak, an armored avian with an axeblade for a beak.

Ruber is the only knight of the round table who is not generically attractive. He promptly betrays everyone else - and kills Kayley's father - for his own ambitions Become Your Weapon: Ruber uses a potion that can merge soldiers with their weapons. Ruber, the main antagonist of the film, is responsible for the danger in the film's plot. Kayley and Garrett stopping his plans are their main goals.

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Kayley yells "No" after Ruber uses his potion to fuse Excalibur to his hand. Both Arthur and Garrett are quite seriously injured at certain points but neither bleed. Kayley is caught after leaving the forest. She is then placed in the wagon tied up to be used as leverage on her mother, and gagged so she can't warn the gate guards.

First he is harassed by a falcon that is ten times smaller than he is, then at the very moment we discover he is owned by Ruber he is threatened and harmed. It's all downhill from there, as no matter how loyal he is, he's incompetent as hell, and Ruber has no problems with punishing him for that.

At the end, when he finally gets to have revenge on the falcon, he is burned, presumably to death, by a two-headed dragon. On top of that, many consider him The Scrappyeven though in the end he is probably one of the most sympathetic characters in the movie aside from the leads if they aren't considered Mary Sues. Alas, Poor Scrappy indeed. When Ruber and his mechanical army arrive in Camelot at the film's climax, Buffy Binford from Brad Bird 's Family Dog can be clearly seen in the background.

Clearly animators from The Iron Giant came in and decided to have a little fun. Brosnan and Gielgud voice-acting could be considered cameos given how little they do. Ruber has an eye tic when he's agitated, and his irises even tend to disappear. Happens to Arthur after he is badly wounded by the Griffin's beak. Later on in the middle of the film, Garrett receives a small slash on his right side of his tunic from an arrow shot by Ruber's men. However, it is repaired when Kayley healed his wound.

Garret appears to be a cross between Gareth would-be knight, the name and Lucius blind loner from The King's Damosel. Once Ruber has Excalibur, he fuses it to his arm so that he can hold it forever. The end result is cool looking, but it doesn't seem to benefit him in any way in terms of sword-fighting and it later gets him killed. Ruber's Mooks, although they're a Magitek version. They're people fused with their weapons and armor by the potion.

Ruber refers to them as "mechanical". Garret's "I Stand Alone" gets a brief and impressively bitter reprise after he decides not to go with Kayley to Camelot.

At least half the words that come from Garret's mouth are dripping sarcasm at his companions naivety or inexperience. Devon and Cornwall engage in Snark-to-Snark Combat with each other in this fashion. Their lines in "If I didn't have you" are also jabs at each other.

Ruber himself has some moments. In the climax, Kayley with Garret's help causes Ruber, who has fused his arm with Excalibur, to thrust the sword back into the stone — as he is not the rightful king, he cannot remove it.

However, it then turns out the inherent magic of the stone, which was only hinted at visually, serves as this the legitimate example since it kills Ruber and heals everyone except Garret. Did Not Think This Through: After finally obtaining Excalibur, Ruber fuses it with his arm to make sure nobody would take it from him despite knowing that Excalibur is a sword that, once stuck into a certain stone, cannot be removed from it by anyone other than the rightful King.

More of a dragon in this case. Ruber does this to one of the evil dragons while it has him cornered, despite seemingly giving in by tossing away his sword first.

Garret is rather pretty, there's attraction between him and Kayley, and he's blind. Briefly, during the fight scene with the ironmen, a mace-wielding thug rises behind Garrett seconds before he whips around and whacks his staff in the thug's crotch.

Excalibur in the Stone: While not as bad as Saturday morning TV programs, some of the animation is quite flat and the characters, none of which are as realistic as other recent animated flicks, often float across the background instead of blending in with it.

At other times, however, the animation looks decent, especially in any of the scenes that are darkly lit that come off as quite three dimensional. There are also the now standard and occasionally obtrusive computer animated pieces that sometimes look good -- such as a scene where the camera moves behind the chairs of the Round Table -- while at others look decent, but don't mesh with the rest of the animation -- particularly the scenes dealing with a gargantuan, rock formed Ogre.

The musical numbers by David Foster, Carole Bayer Sager and Patrick Doylewhile all competent and decent, are nothing to write home about. The litmus test I give movies like this is whether you leave the theater humming any of the tunes or can easily recall any of them without much thought.

Most of Disney's features had at least one song that did so -- as did "Anastasia" -- but this one didn't. Additionally, the film has just one sole song, "If I Didn't Have You," for the kids, but it is a fun, high-spirited number featuring Cornwall and Devon, the two-headed dragon.

Those "two" characters two heads, one body provide for most of the film's humor, although Warner has also placed some self-referential bits featuring many of their past films in this one. Watch for a flying rescue scene and theme from "Superman," and another playing off Clint Eastwood's "Dirty Harry" signature line that here says, "You feeling plucky?

There's also other movie related material for the adults the two-headed dragon stating, "Houston, we have a problem," while trying to fly, and a character doing De Niro's famous "You looking at me? Excalibur is with Kayley. Mother was surprised and of course relieved to see me safe. I shook my head and smiled, relieved that Mother was fine. So I hugged her. It could be bumpy. I carefully hold onto the scabbard around my body and slowly climbed of the wagon to joined Garrett.

The moment we reached towards the gates of Camelot, I told Garrett to stop and pulled the ropes which helped the bulls to calm down.

We had something important for the king and also something more important for the king concerning his safety! Even if you feel left out in Camelot Within seconds, the gates were lowered down and we immediately rode into the castle. Garrett and I got down from the wagon and darted towards the castle, but were stopped by a guard knight.

Earlier I told Mother to stay here first while I will find help. I assured her that I'll be fine He was folding his arms and looking at us with a serious look on his face.

Quest for Camelot

I glared at him and he stepped back. Geez am I really that tough? I showed him Excalibur. He nodded and ran inside to let the king know. I suddenly felt people starring at me and pointing at me and Garrett. Annoyed, I glared at them and put my hands on my hips. If they are not expecting Garrett to be back ,too bad for them! Those busybodies stepped back. Some girls around my age glared back at me and then starred at Garrett.

Just then a knight asked, " Are the two of you married? The other knight who asked me the question stepped back, lost his balance and fell into a nearby puddle. I shook my head and sighed. The knight looked at him and then me. They sounded like they were going to faint but Garrett glared at them which made them ran back Then a moment later I heard harsh gossips or whispers I have a feeling I made a lot of enemies already I just gave them a look But I just ignored them.

Few minutes later, that knight guard we met earlier who passed the message to another knight who teased us who walked towards us and said ," The King and Merlin wish to see you both.

Then I heard Kayley saying, " Can you take my mother somewhere safe. Let her know I'll be fine. As we walked inside the castle to a room where the king isin silenceI thought about what I had said earlier about my feelings towards Kayley.

We continued walking in silence till we entered another room guarded by another certain knight. And that is where King Arthur and Merlin were waiting for us As Kayley and Garrett entered the room, they both bowed. Kayley then presented the sword to the king while Garrett explained," Ruber is behind all this The plan to kidnap Kayley's motherLady Juliana into tricking you was a trap.

Both the king and the wizard nodded in understanding. There was a long silence. Suddenly," Your highness we were under attack! Get your swords and arrows ready! And at that moment, everyone sprang into action, one of the knights immediately took the King,Merlin,Kayley and Garrett into a secret passageway, a safer place.

Sir Ruber is created by magic Only powerful magic can destroy him It is a strongest feeling in this world Merlin looked directly at them and pointed at both of them, " Love" Kayley looked puzzled.