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Indiana State Fairgrounds - Agriculture Horticulture Building, Indianapolis. ILLINOIS: Peotone, January 6, 44th Annual VCCA Great Lakes Region Swap Meet All Mopar and High Performance Car Show, Swap Meet & Car 4 Sale Corral. Clear span building with 14 ft. overhead doors will accommodate all vehicles. Here are the some of the Chicago-land bike builders Showing their new stuff at the Chicago Cycle Show this weekend! With in-house design and fabrication capabilities, their custom one-off parts Woodstock Custom Leather will take you idea and turn it into reality. 35th Annual Peotone (IL) Motorcycle-Car Swap Meet.

When you have picked up some goodies, you need something obvious: Luggage Make sure that you have appropriate luggage and a way of transporting your libations safely and legally. You can use all sorts of packing material, bubble wrap, bungee cord, cardboard inserts, towels, Styrofoam tubes, you are only allowed and limited by your imagination. Be careful and make sure your goodies get home in one piece! Then when you are home: The Reward You did it!

Now you have reaped the rewards and have all these great bottles to tap into when you are done riding. There are ways to have tastings, but more importantly have fun. Ride safe and Cheers! Superbike racer Garrick Schneiderman of Monticello, Iowa, is just one of these leaders we admire.

Throttler magazine had a few minutes to get to know him recently. It seems that a lot of people are not really passionate about something.

My dad and mom both used to race go-karts so that was the logical first step for me. He raced his first national race at the age of 12 and won the series before the end of his rookie season. I was seeded number 2, which was incredible. So I looked to focus my racing efforts elswhere. Blackhawk Farms is a 1. The track is on the border between Wisconsin and Illinois. I smiled so much in my helmet I bit my cheeks! Schneiderman rode another track day and received his license at the end of that year.

He quickly purchased a bike to race for the 07 racing series and was on his way to the top of the charts. I started from row six I think, 24th position. I had it all through practice as well and tried all kinds of stuff.

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Different geometry, spring changes and dampening. For the race we had one thing left and that was different front tire compound. It was softer than what we had been running and it worked fantastic and it sucked at the same time. Tons of grip, so I could enter the turns faster, which made the chatter worse! It basically feels like hanging onto a jackhammer on the handle bars. Not a good thing! But I fought my way to 4th place and set the fastest lap of the event. So it really was rewarding just having to fight through it and still get a good finish.

When not racing, Schneiderman and his father, Duwayne, run a fabrication and racing business together called SRT Moto www.

ARCI NEWS - Antique Radio Club of Illinois

With a number of supporters that assist in products or finances, the business operates basically with just the two of them and the support of a brother on daily operations.

The ultimate goal is to own and operate an AMA Superbike team. On a typical race weekend Schneiderman and his race crew are busy trying to make his bike and him work as well together as possible. Practice on Fridays, and qualifying depending on the event, races on Saturday and Sunday.

She teaches hearing students as well, but through her company, Bluecreek Motorcycle Training www. Yes, deaf people do ride motorcycles, and they drive cars, too, though 12 throttlermotorcyclemagazine APRIL that may come as a surprise to many people. You use your eyes — constantly. Through an interpreter, Luci Gale and Swanhilda Lily make the point that riding is primarily a visual experience anyway.

They ask the question, who is more aware of what is going on on the road, a deaf motorcyclist paying total attention or a harried soccer mom in her RV with the windows rolled up and the AC blasting, the radio blaring, kids screaming, and talking on her cell phone?

Jasmine tells of a poker run last year with a group of deaf riders. She was bringing up the rear as they came into town headed for the final stop when the leader gave the signal for a siren. They caught on to that quicker than I did. I was only mildly surprised, but I was surprised. My friend Billy saw the ambulance before I heard it or saw it. And if they can come and take the class and take it in their own language with other people that sign in their own language the experience is more comfortable for them.

As an alternative, Jasmine sometimes gets students who come from other states. If someone wants to do that, she cautions, they need to first check with their local DMV to see if they need to bring a special form for the instructor to sign. Once they have their license, deaf www. They have their own clubs, just like hearing riders, and hold monthly meetings and organize rides.

I felt closed in by the car. Hearing people tend to underestimate the deaf. Today, we have more and more women who have been giving up their patriotic duty of stay at home moms, law books, stethoscopes, managerial and professional occupations.

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These women have moved into a career, of the V-Twin Mechanic, as they add chick power to wrist wrenching and tool torqueing techniques. These special women have been carving out a niche in what used to be a male dominated world. More and more women today are involved in motorcycles. They have made their way to the motorcycle industry through racing, building, fabricating, repair and diagnosis. Women make great mechanics because they are very meticulous and detail oriented.

They are also competent and self confident in what they do. Some see it as a challenge to be the best they can, so that nobody can hold it against them. They say that only one thing matters, if you qualify for the job, you qualify for the job. Extremely loud motorcycles could be heard from all directions as I approached the race track.

The closer I got I could smell the nitro racing fuel in the air and inserted my ear plugs. They generate dB of noise, enough to cause some peoples eardrums physical pain- equivalent to a Boeing jet airliner at take-off power.

The speeds of a Top Fuel Harley can go in seconds from 0 to 7 seconds with speeds of over mph. Rose Sternotti and I sat inside their toy hauler bike trailerwhich on the inside is impressive. Clean and tidy with lots of tools for getting the job done.

Throughout the interview Rose worked as we talked. Her finger nails and hands were coal black and coated with a heavy layer of black grease, much like a child finger painting. She was greasing each clutch plate with her fingers. Her makeup was grease on her cheeks and forehead. I found her to be feminine and beautiful in every way.

She was quite familiar with power tools and how to use them as well as being a driver. Her husband, Joey Sternotti taught her everything about motorcycles while they dated.

It was hard for me to visualize her muscling anything larger than her body frame however there are ways around that, a breaker bar on the end of the racket to give it more leverage and if it came down to it- they work as a team and everyone helps out.

It requires strong support from each spouse. This is why you see them as teams. Do you ever test ride the Pro bike on the drag strip after your modifications? Not me personally, but my husband does test ride the bike in between riding seasons, weather permitting. We are not allowed to test ride a bike five days prior to an event race on that race track. We do try to go to our local track and get in as much practice runs as we can.

Do you ride a street bike? I have a Sportster that is customized to me. That got two of my photographs in the Screamin Eagle Magazine in Catalog. So, that was my big accomplishment. We are very happy with what we have accomplished.

Just make sure the bike has no frame issues, inspect the frame for any hidden problems like cracks, bends or dents and check stress areas like foot peg mounts and handlebar risers for the same. Walk away from anything with damage in these areas; although some experts may argue that a dent in the frame is not a factor in handling, it is indicative of the bikes previous life. Make sure all miscellaneous parts are on the bike or in a box, as you may need these for core exchange, not to mention the fact that buying NOS parts is expensive.

A partial list of products that we will be using to restore our bike include tires from Michelin, tools and suspension components from Motion Pro, exhaust systems from FMF Racing, air filters from No Toil and lubricants from BelRay. How does it look now that the bodywork is off? Army, in an address before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers extolled the merits of the radio telephone system. He stated that the radio telephone enabled American squadron commanders to direct and control by voice the movements of individual units, who in turn helped allied artillerymen to silence the German guns.

Due to its many problems, primarily its inability to communicate with other types of radios and its very limited range, the SCR radio system quickly became obsolete after the war and was replaced with better systems. Nonetheless, the SCR system was one of the first steps towards developing more effective messaging between pilots, crewmembers and commanders on the ground.

The success of the aerial radio telephone was one of the greatest achievements of WWI. It was located in an aerodynamically shaped pod fitted on the braces of the landing gear so that it would not hinder any other parts of the aircraft. The generator was used to gather adequate wind power and convert it to electrical power for the aerial radio telephone system.

The generator provided a plate voltage at volts and a filament voltage at 30 volts. The voltage output was regulated by a General Electric type TB-1 vacuum diode which controlled the amount of current flowing through the generator field winding. The wind-powered generator was not very efficient because it required the airplane to travel at fast speeds in order for it to work properly GN-1 Generator.

GN-1 Generator Installed on a Jenny. Pre-registered attendees will be able to pick up their packets by mid-afternoon on Thursday to set up. Registration for the Main Auction will open by 4: As always, if the hotel can accommodate us, we will open earlier in the mid-afternoon for registration.

Right now, we look like a mid-afternoon opening. WARCI will handle the computers and processing. Jim Sargent, from Texas, will call the auction, and will be assisted by our regular team of volunteers. The past few years, our opening auction has been a huge success! The post-auction pizza party continues to be very well received and lasts until midnight.

The ARCI auction team is examining ways to make the auction flow smoothly and quickly. Planning for our speaker programs is well underway, and this year promises to offer another top notch lineup. See the separate announcement below for a sneak peak and an outstanding program and the addition of a NEW Radio Clinic under the tent this year.

There were two types of antennas used for the system. The single trailing antenna type A was used for straight away flying. It comprised a 4 foot length of cord made fast to a reel at one end and tied at the other end to a foot length of antenna wire.

The observer used a hand-operated reel to extend and retract the antenna while in flight. The antenna was made of copper wire and weighed The second type of antenna was the double trailing antenna type A It was used for airplanes flying in formation. The length of the copper wire on the type A was feet.

If you have an item you wish to display, please fill out the form in this issue. The antenna reel was mounted to the left. The filter box was screwed to the fuselage floor, under the forward seat or placed in the cockpit under the instrument panel.

The Airplane Interphone unit was essentially a portable intercom switching station that allowed the pilot to communicate with his gunner or observer during flight or switch to communicate with the ground. The interior of the box contained condensers, coils and wiring and a tray for batteries that supplied the current for the carbon microphones in the headsets.

Janet is working with the hotel catering office to whip up a special feast for all the ladies. Table prizes will be awarded. Ladies, this is your special time to relax, so please join Janet for a great luncheon!

It was housed in a suitcase shaped box that measured 17 inches by 10 inches by 7 inches and weighed 21 pounds.

Dials were used to control the frequency of the radio and flip paddles switched the radio from receive to transmit and vice versa. The transmitter section used two type VT-2 tubes as oscillator and modulator.

The switch at the top and the knob at the bottom determined the receiver frequency. The SCR system operated between kHz. Three windows allowed the filaments of the three VT-1 tubes in the receiver section to be observed while in operation. Below the windows was a switch which controlled the receiver audio level. The receiver consisted of a non-regenerative detector, and two stages of audio amplification. Hotel reservations for July 31 - August 2, must be made directly with the Willowbrook Inn.

You must mention ARCI to get the discounted rate. Last year there was some confusion with the national booking service about room rates, so we recommend calling the hotel directly. We strongly recommend that you make your reservations early. Last year the hotel sold out.

Note, in the weeks following Radiofest, the Willowbrook Inn will begin a massive renovation. Based on a site visit in mid-June, the banquet and service areas all look fine, and we are assured that the hotel will be ready for us. A number of great items will be raffled off. Sellers must be in attendance to win. An eyewitness account from one of the men who helped set up the demonstration stated: Items donated to the club will be sold at either the Donation Table or the Saturday Donation Auction at the discretion of the auctioneer.

We encourage everyone to walk the show regularly to see what becomes available. The planes left the ground and after what seemed an interminable length of time we got the first sounds in the receiver which indicated that they were ready to perform.

The spectators were only mildly interested and some seemed a bit bored. This is Plane No. Do you get me all right? Wheaton, IL See www. Under command from the ground the planes were maneuvered all over that part of the country. They were sent on scouting expeditions and reported what they saw as they traveled through the air.

Continuous conversation was carried on, even when the planes were out of sight, and finally upon command, they came flying back out of space and landed as directed. From that moment, the radio telephone was sold. The Donation Auction is an important source of revenue for Radiofest. We encourage all to participate. The observer or gunner managed the radio system in the open cockpit aircraft by receiving and relaying messages for the pilot.

The SCR was the first complete radio telephone system that was US manufactured and developed specifically for aircraft communication between aircraft in flight and with a ground station. Before the SCR system, there had been other aerial radio telegraphs, transmitters and receivers, but the SCR system brought a number of different components together.

Most of the technical challenges of radio telephony were overcome prior to WWI; it was just a matter of adapting the equipment for aerial use.

Some of the problems that were solved were: However, individuals are responsible for safeguarding their own property. Many new radio technologies were born in both wars. ARCI members are invited to bring one or several pieces of equipment for display, but MUST preregister to avoid duplication of entries in the limited space available. We are also looking for your contributions such as: Our Atrium display will feature hardware and memorabilia from both periods.

We would like to feature any items with their documentation, including newspaper or magazine articles and original equipment instructions and photos. The display is not limited to commercially produced items.

The Atrium Display is a special feature of Radiofest that operates in addition to the contest room. We invite our members to participate in both venues. One of the hardest obstacles to overcome during development was convincing pilots to fly with the bulky apparatus.

The early pilots were fussy about what was loaded into the planes they were to fly, and they disliked the trailing wires which served as antenna. It took a lot of maneuvering and diplomatic jockeying to get the apparatus aboard and into the air. Test flights began as early as October using equipment installed on modified JN-4 Jenny airplanes. These test flights proved the concept successful and afterwards it was just a matter of selling the idea to influential military leaders.

In early Decembera decidedly skeptical crowd of admirals, generals, foreign representatives and technical experts gathered at South Field, Dayton, Ohio to witness a demonstration of the aerial communication apparatus. Upon arrival, the attendees were shown the apparatus in the planes and explained what it was expected to do. Many in the crowd had doubts that the apparatus would work. Simple effective electronic diagnosis steps will be demonstrated using basic instruments; the signal generator and volt meter.

Soldering and safety issues will be addressed, including the various levels of electrical and aesthetic restoration that can be achieved. The session will continue, informally after 9: As a radio history buff he has exten-sive knowledge of Motorola in the s. His ventures range from vinyl, to tape, to CD sources driving both vacuum tube and solid state amplifiers. Questions and interests expressed by the audience will guide the subjects discussed and their technical level.

Pete will also have handouts from previous presentations.