There is already a child relationship named

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there is already a child relationship named

This post will be updated from time to time and serves as a knowledge base for how not-so-obvious SFDC error messages might be resolved. Deployment Failed: Already a Child Relationship on File error messages: There is already a Child Relationship named on File. However, those names are generally useless for developers trying to fully understand the relationship if there's more than one Child.

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Name linecolumn 26 [sf: DeveloperName line 64, column 26 [sf: DeveloperName linecolumn 26 [sf: RecordTypeId linecolumn 26 [sf: RecordTypeId found line 25, column 26 [sf: RecordTypeId found line 36, column 26 [sf: Parent entity failed to deploy [sf: Layout must contain an item for required layout field: Layout must have at least 1 section [sf: Name in a layout [sf: RMAdetailExtension line 33, column 42 [sf: Please reference your WSDL or the describe call for the appropriate names.

SalesOrderFromOpportunityExt line 41, column 52 [sf: AffiliationsController line 27, column 41 [sf: No such column 'RecordTypeId' on entity 'Case'.

there is already a child relationship named

CaseProductComplaintExt line 28, column 50 [sf: CaseServiceRequestExt line 45, column 44 [sf: Entity is not org-accessible line 4, column 9 [sf: Entity is not org-accessible line 1, column 21 [sf: Entity is not org-accessible line 23, column 9 [sf: CreateRMAext line 34, column 35 [sf: CreateWorkOrderExt line 42, column 40 [sf: ExpenseEditExtension line 31, column 43 [sf: Didn't understand relationship 'RecordType' in field path.

HierarchyController line 34, column 38 [sf: Furthermore, divorced mothers, despite their best intentions, are less able than married mothers to give emotional support to their children. Father-Child Relationships Divorced fathers, especially non-custodial fathers, do not fare well with their children. Children from divorced families receive less emotional support from their fathers than children from intact families.

Additionally, older children typically experience less conflict with their nonresident fathers than do younger children.

there is already a child relationship named

Sibling Relationships Children of divorce are more likely to have hostile relationships with their siblings than children from married families. Amato and Tamara D.

there is already a child relationship named

Basic Books, Citations are from the edition. Biology, Marriage, or Residence? Harvard University Press, Amato and Juliana M.

Effects of Divorce on Family Relationships

University of Wisconsin Press, ; Teresa M. As cited in Paul R.

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The data sample consisted of parents ofchildren and teens in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The survey sample in this age range represented a population of nearly 49 million young people nationwide.

Effects of Divorce on Family Relationships [Marripedia]

This work was done by the author in cooperation with former colleagues at The Heritage Foundation, Washington, D. Parenting and Child Development, ed.

there is already a child relationship named

Lamb New York, NY: Erlbaum Associates, ,