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I have a serious love-hate relationship with Blonde, and yet it probably has the most start-to-finish plays in my library out of all the albums that. dubsmash/#needle ">is it ok to use expired "It's just hurting their sense of self to be in a relationship with someone who has purchase Highly radioactive water still seeping into the ocean is creating an . Radioactive Relationships: Certain ages or experiences foster hot-levels of " radiation" into our relationships, and others are slowly toxic over.

The beat of the drums and the long blasts of the sub bass makes this a dance floor favourite. Paak Nothing better than this album to kick back to when life gets rough. All done in pure effortless style. I really wished it was longer. Who is Richie Brains Richie Brains Exit Records have been killing it with their releases this year, but this is my favourite. Whole album is a hypnotic amalgamation of synthy, kitschy, disco-boogie madness.

Hits me in the feels every time. Views Drake It's drake. It's emotional, smooth and gets us in our feelings so hard. Bringing out all the softbois in us all.

Best Albums of 2016: Musician Picks (Part 2)

With every song representing a different part in his current life, the album perfectly encapsulates the talented bastard in the perfect way.

It also helps that one of the catchiest songs on there is named 'Ashley', who just happens to also be our beautiful manager. From the posse cuts to the turnt up singles, it makes us all believe that we can all become rap stars soon. This was recently released on Swing Ting label which is also my current favourite label. Check out his Tu y Yo EP too if you haven't. Musik Fox Fox is an artist that i have much love and respect for, his vocal is magic!

It's hard for me to do a DJ set without playing at least one of his tracks or a track that features him.

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The title of this EP speaks for itself, "Jung'hall" jungle-dancehallheavy business! This self-released EP should be release on big labels like Teklife or Hyperdub. Kiat is definitely the don putting Singapore on the map musically.

Chill and doing her. Telefone Noname Noname has always been fresh since I listened to her and that album was just what I needed this year. Creative flows and the rich music to it. And well its Radiohead. They just do whatever they wanna do. It was fresh af and to witness him do what he wants to do is solid. And I had the chance to listen to it in full and fully blew me away with his honesty and hard work he puts in it.

I can't describe it. Its just an experience. And these two master musicians know how to speak the language that is music. Bones reacts with "My God, you're getting delirious. He tries to flip it open and it promptly falls to pieces.

When Scotty meets Jaylah for the first time, she's taking parts from the escape pod after driving off a trio of thugs and he tries to chide her for it—only to become very generous when she points her knife at him.

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And later when he asks if she was with Krall, she spits at the ground and he concedes, "I'll take that as a no. He tells her that she can call him Scotty. Jaylah then proceeds to address him as 'Montgomery Scotty' throughout the film. The Franklin bridge is currently blasting some Public Enemy. Scotty enters asking "Is that music?

The music is a bit old-fashioned and I find it loud and distracting, but clever. I like the beats and shouting! What does Jaylah do when Kirk comes on to the Franklin bridge? Flop herself onto the Captain's chair while everyone looks on in exasperation. When Spock and McCoy are surrounded, Bones muses that at least he won't die alone. Cue Spock getting beamed to safety. Bones prepares his last stand Keep in mind that again, he was surrounded by flying swarm ships at the time.

Then he's beamed too. Scotty explains the reason why they didn't get beamed out at the same time is that he was afraid that the obsolete transporter may have spliced Spock and Bones together.

Bones soon expresses his aversion of this idea. And how Scotty comes up with this plan? I have an idea, sir But I'm gonna need your permission. Why would you need my permission? Because if I mess it up, I don't want it to just be my fault. Given the crew has to resort to fly the Franklin, a really old ship: And before the ship can fly, it needs to get to terminal velocity falling down a cliff, nearly crashing to the ground.

Chekov's fear helping Sulu take off is hilarious. There's also Sulu's look when they succeed. He's both impressed and mystified that it worked Uhura and Spock break up with Uhura giving a "It's not you, it's me" speech. McCoy comes along asking about what happened, with Spock dismissing Bones' inquiry.

As Bones is using the Franklin equipment and Kirk's help to heal Spock: The miserable have no other medicine but only hope. On Death's door and he's quoting Shakespeare. McCoy's jabs at Spock when the latter begins explaining how they can track down the rest of the crew using a necklace Spock gave Uhura as a gift. You gave your girlfriend radioactive jewelry? The emission is harmless, Doctor, but its unique signature makes it very easy to identify.

You gave your girlfriend a tracking device. Spock's face is what really makes this moment. He had clearly never thought of the implications of what the necklace's properties could be used for and when he does Later, Uhura is shown idly fiddling with the necklace while talking to Spock. Bones gives Spock a stare that screams "get her something that isn't so damn creepy", immediately turning away into his drink as Spock glares back at him, having realized he was staring, with a strong implication that she's unaware of this and Spock would like to keep it that way.

Scotty and Keenser's almost-hug followed by an awkward handshake when they are reunited on the Franklin. The Plan requires Spock and Bones to beam aboard an enemy ship and hijack it in the middle of a space battle. Bones is not enthused about being volunteered for this. The Franklin broadcasts music to disrupt signals coordinating the swarm ships. Is that classical music?

Yes, Doctor, it would seem to be. Even better, the camera pans across to the crew who are either bobbing or tapping their feet with the beat; even Spock is seen subtly nodding along. Before the music starts in full swing, Kirk's response as it was Jaylah's pick, given she knew "beats and shouting" would help? Spock is seen silently whistling to it suggesting he actually knows the song.

Guess he really is "well-versed in the classics". Showing The Power of Rock in style, Yorktown receives the disruption frequency, and starts broadcasting the song right at the Metal Scream.