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Actress Sheela was married to a Chennai-based journalist, Xavier. Let's take a look at some of the divorces that rocked the Malayalam film industry Shanthi Krishna married Malayalam actor Shreenath, in the year and divorced him in the year Playlist - PLRUWHfiqj8TQCnSmnoj_oQe3peZY0Ql0j This episode of JB Junction features yesteryear. Prem Nazir was an Indian film actor known as one of Malayalam cinema's definitive leading . One could see a lot of the pre-occupations of the scenarist, who carried the touches of human relationships through all of his subsequent films Although Sheela is known as the lucky mascot of Prem Nazir, his movies with other.

More than being friends, all of them were true professionals. During break time, we used to catch up on the important things that happened in each other's lives.

And about my female co-stars, Sharada and Jayabharathi were extremely close and friendly to me that there was no sense of competition among us. We never used to chat about films or the roles we were doing. The topics of discussion used to be family matters and saris etc.

How was it to hop from one film set to the other?

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I used to mechanically movie from one film set to another. In fact, it was only after meeting Prem Nazir that I would ask him whether he was playing my son, brother, husband or father that day. Favourite films so far In Jalatharangam, I played a cancer patient and brought in the emotional turmoil of a woman, who is a wife and a mother. I have worked in around films in total.

Your thoughts on new generation films and the actors I am fond of the films these days and I am equally proud of the strides that Malayalam cinema has made. The filmmakers are so young today that they leave me amazed and I wonder from where they garner so much of experience. At my time, it was only after acting in around movies that I finally stepped into the shoes of the director for Yakshagaanam. I think kids today are a blessed lot.

His screen presence and mass appeal were unrivalled.

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However, he rarely got roles that challenged the actor in him. Although primarily a romantic hero, he had no qualms of doing negative characters, once in a while, such as Kunjachan Muthalali in Azhakulla Saleena and Raveendran in Nizhalattam. Comic timing In the 80s when he was no longer the major star, Nazir was comfortable playing supporting roles. His comic timing was excellent and was put to brilliant use by Balachandra Menon in his movies such as Kaaryam Nissaram and Prashnam Gurutharam.

Arguably, some of the best performances of his career was during this period. His only state award for acting was in when he got the special jury award for his role as a tough, workaholic manager in Vida Parayum Munpe.

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They were able to meet the actor a few times. In most of these movies Nazir teamed with Adoor Bhasia famed comedy actor who would accompany Nazir characters in investigations.

These hit mainstream popularity with the trendsetter Lanka Dahanam and are perhaps the single most popular movie series in Malayalam film history.

The waves created by this movie series continue in Malayalam cinema, arguably to this day. It has inspired numerous adaptations and similar series like for example popular CBI series with Mammootty in the lead and a satirical CID series of Mohanlal-Sreenivasan team.

Other inspired films are C. D Unnikrishnan starring Jayaram and C. D Moosa with Dileep in the lead. Another popular film series starring Nazir was a series of movies based on Vadakanpaattu which are part of the traditional folklore of Kerala. These are tales of martial warriors spread over generations through folk songs. Although the series may have been initiated by Sathyan's title role in Thacholi Othenan, the trend was continued long after his demise with Nazir in the lead, playing various other characters from Vadakkanpattu.

Family[ edit ] Prem Nazir was married to Habeeba Beevi and they have three daughters viz. Prem Nazir's son Shanavas acted in few films as well but could not succeed like his father. Although he was the first in the family to begin acting in movies, he later began producing films — Agniputhri, Thulaavarsham, Poojakku Edukatha Pookkal, Neethi and Keni to name a few.

Prem Nawas 's only son, Prem Kishore has also had a stint with the industry by acting in two Malayalam films — Vacation and Thaskaraputran. Prem Nawas has the distinction of acting in the first ever colour film made in Malayalam — Kandam Vechu Kottu. He tried his hand in politics and had joined the Congress Party but he never contested elections.

He was also a social reformer and with a helping mentality to others. He helped with money to some public needs in and around Chirayinkeezhu. He donated an elephant in the Sarkara Devi Temple, Chirayinkil.

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And his autobiographical book is 'Anubhangal Oarmakal'. He was being treated for peptic ulcer complicated by viral fever and measles. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in by the President of India in recognition of distinguished services of a high order to the nation in his field acting. The Prem Nazir Award was initiated in his memory, infor excellence in contributions to the Malayalam cinema Industry.

He has also held the position of National Film Award jury in Legacy and influence[ edit ] Prem Nazir is known to be the most influential and trendsetting lead actor in Malayalam.

He is known for his amazing longevity in that he was active during the peak years of other iconic Malayalam superstars like Sathyan and Jayan acting alongside them in s and s respectively. He was a mainstream superstar in Malayalam for over three-and-a-half decades a world record from the late s to late s.

He also has an unofficial recognition of playing a campus character while in his late fifties.