Intimate relationship questions to ask a guy

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intimate relationship questions to ask a guy

When you're in a relationship with someone, certain conversations become accessible The following is a group of intimate questions to ask of your partner. Want to create more intimacy with your spouse or partner? Ask these relationship questions woman and man talking dinner relationship questions to ask. (if he says what you expect him to say, he's definitely not being honest!) 3. ( surely one of the serious relationship questions that you could ask your boyfriend , . How would you react if I had a more serious intimate relationship in the past?.

intimate relationship questions to ask a guy

I want to be the perfect woman for you. Is there anything I should change to make you happier? Have you ever cheated on a girlfriend? They all say they had a good reason. Is there anything you want to tell me?

What time in your past would you love to return to? This is a great conversation starting yet simple question for your man! What is your definition of love?

intimate relationship questions to ask a guy

Are you a religious person? When was your first kiss? This is just a fun question to help get to know him a bit better. How many women have you slept with? This intimate question is not only invasive, but totally fun too. You might be in for a wild ride with this intimate question!

How long do you see us being together?

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You can put whatever you want there, like having a criminal record, not being able to have children, having a contagious disease, whatever you want. What do you like about me the most? Again, wait for the flurry of compliments! Would you still love me even if I got into a serious accident that ruined my physical appearance?

Your man better say yes.

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Have I ever hurt you in any way unintentionally? Now is the perfect time to clear the air. Are you completely comfortable around me?

intimate relationship questions to ask a guy

Do you still have feelings for someone in your past? Your man should be over his past relationships and focusing solely on you, or he might just be tempted to run back to his past girlfriend. What is your definition of the perfect relationship? You might find out a few things that make you happy, or in some cases mad! How often do you think couples should make love?

50 Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner

He might be silly and say something like every single hour, but in all seriousness- how much loving does your man really need to stay satisfied? How do you feel about pornography? People are really split on this topic. Find out what your man thinks and see if your thoughts line up! How do you describe me to others?

Your man should have nothing but wonderful things to say to you. Again, get ready for an influx of compliments.

Serious Questions You Should Ask Your Boyfriend

Knowing the answer to this question is crucial and will help you learn more about his personality. Do you see me as a part of this change? What can I do to help with those needs? If I had a criminal record?

If I had a lot of debt? If I had a terminal disease? Would you like to erase certain memories from your mind? How did it happen? What were the circumstances?

intimate relationship questions to ask a guy

If not, how close have you come to doing so? Is there any particular fantasy that you'd like to make a reality? How would you feel about role playing? What if I only masturbated fantasizing about you? Would you have considered theirs a good relationship?

intimate relationship questions to ask a guy

Why did that relationship end? How did you overcome it? What would you like to be the greatest accomplishment of your entire life? What happens in them?