Hexagram 50 3 relationship

iChing The Cauldron

hexagram 50 3 relationship

Interpretation (meaning) of i Ching hexagram 50 (Holding (dǐng). The Cauldron) when it changes to hexagram 54 (Converting The Maiden (guī mèi). 3. The handle is the means for lifting up the ting. If the handle is altered, the ting cannot This counsel, in relation to the man who is open to it, works greatly t his advantage. The hexagram means an expression of mind, or a symbolic representation of culture. It is referring to an item that is a carrier of cultural information, such as a. Great good fortune and success are indicated for nourishing relationships. I Ching Hexagram. Creative Power. 1. The Receptive. 2. Difficulty at the Beginning . 3 Oppression. The Well. Revolutionary Change. The Cauldron.

The Clinging portrays how you can move toward an awareness of the synergy existing between the inner empire, and how it takes shape in the outer world.

50 The Vessel DING

Like the incense and smoke that is burnt during spiritual offerings, the burning Fire brings the visible to meet the invisible. At the same time, approaching the invisible can shed light on the visible. Observing experience, you may fail to see how it mirrors the unseen world within.

As the seen and unseen interact, what is called fate is how life moves to unleash your real nature. You must question what you hold to be sacred, and learn to let it go. In a world of change, the idea of sacred holds little relevance.

It always responds to lead you back to the center of your Te. The spiritual associations with this hexagram describe a deep connection to your life path.

hexagram 50 3 relationship

In unchanging form, you may not be recognizing how profoundly life is leading you toward your destiny. At the same time, you may feel like fate allows you to just sit back to see what unfolds. The Cauldron combines enormous personal resources with the idea of destiny. This means you may need to combine Determination and action with your outlook on destiny.

Your Te holds your blueprint like the image of a tree that resides within the seed. Events will unfold to peel away all protective coverings and to provide you with the nourishment that will give your destiny form.

There is a self actualizing energy at work in all living things that pushes it toward growth and to make it strong.

hexagram 50 3 relationship

Examine your path and connect with your inner drummer or vision. Then take the steps necessary to place yourself out there where the sun and rain can nourish you.

Changes to 14 Great Possessing. It is important to meet each day openly and without judgment. As the first step toward achieving your ambitions, throw out preconceived ideas and begin with a fresh perspective.

Great Possessing is a sign that your talent will be recognized. Changes to 56 The Traveler. Whatever the object of your desire, it has merit. However, you may be surrounded by negativity or jealousy. The Traveler is the ultimate hero on a solo journey of self discovery. Changes to 64 Before Completion.

You are temporarily impeded from achieving your goal because the situation requires some type of mending.

hexagram 50 3 relationship

Even though you have something valuable to share it is not recognized immediately. However, all things change like the rain and after some difficulty you achieve your aim.

Changes to 18 Decay. This is a delicate situation requiring great care.

Understanding the I Ching-lesson 2 - A Personal Relationship

Even with the best intentions you cannot share what you have if it is not based on a solid foundation. You are lacking in either energy, knowledge, commitment or support so without remedying what is inherently weak, doing anything can only lead to disaster. It is better to examine what has decayed in this situation and reinvigorate it or start over. Changes to 44 Coming to Meet. Because what you have to offer is recognized as valuable and nourishing, it is well received.

Others can provide critical input that might actually be important. Everything is in order for you to keep pushing forward. Changes to 32 Duration. Beyond the trials that challenge and eventually lead to success, you show a suppleness in your outlook that combines talent with integrity.

While you are able to achieve your aims, you have also stayed true to your life path. The Image The old character shows the vessel used for the sacred meal that joins spirits and humans and a head filled with spirit. Circle of Meanings Symbolic imagination; hold, contain, transform, transmute; new spiritual paradigm and sign of blessing; establish, found, consecrate, found a noble house; secure, well-grounded.

hexagram 50 3 relationship

Inner self-cultivation now lets you find real directions in life. Spirit Helpers Wood below Fire. Eldest Daughter and Middle Daughter, the Matchmaker and the Visionary, bring inner penetration that feeds outer illumination.

You are involved in a profound shift in the way we imagine things, a shift of deep values. You need to see into what this means. Contain and transform your problems through the symbols of change. Security and a new beginning come from this awareness, the origin of great good fortune and meaningful events. This is a time of transformation and connection to the invisible world of the spirits. Be resolute and break through old habits of thought.

This will let you grasp renewal. It will brighten your understanding. The sages used this power to nourish people of wisdom and worth. Voice of the Mothers Open to the spirit world. Contain and transform your problems things through symbols. Open yourself to the spirits. Inner self-cultivation now leads to finding real directions in life. This is a time to step out to meet a new destiny Do not focus on inner balance and modesty now Ding is a ritual vessel that signifies connection with the spirit world and the Ancestors as the foundation of a dynasty or noble house.

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It means divination, divinatory incantations and submitting a question to the oracle, as well as the right moment to act shi. Ding is an emblem of power, an alchemical cauldron suggesting cooking in a literal and spiritual sense. It offers nourishment to the warriors and sages and the sage-mind in all of us, brightening the eye and ear. It suggests a destiny conferred by Heaven that is also a duty — becoming a true and responsible individual. The Ding has roots in Neolithic worship of the dead.

It is a symbol for the oracle itself, the Change. It is a part of high culture, a skillfully and magically crafted ritual tool that releases the spirit, nourishing the sage-mind, imagination. It opens the world of myth and the omen-animals, synonymous with the Dragon of creative energy and transformation, through the act of high divination and the rites at the Ancestral Temple that it sponsors.

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In ancient times Yu the Great received the metals from the Nine Provinces and the magical animal symbols xiang from the Shepherds of the people. He cast the first Ding-Vessels at the foot of Jingshan, a sacred mountain.

The Vessels showed which spirits were beneficent spirits and which were noxious, what opened the Way and what closed it. They united all the provinces, connecting the Above and the Below in the Mandate of Heaven. You have the perfect plan. Give it an enduring form and you can change the world.

Find the seed of the new by waiting patiently. Do not try to organize people. Act gradually and persistently. Rouse new growth by learning from your past mistakes. Accept the hard work. Make a clean break from the past. Everything you want is waiting for you. Invigorate your great idea and push on. Your motives and aims are good. Gather your team around your central idea. Work hard to clear the channels of communication. Voice of the Fathers This is a Realizing Figure, a key site on the Sacred Sickness Pathways that connect personal disorders with cultural change.

It is a Transition from our empowerment in ritual and culture to the stage of the Symbolic Life when we must deal with the proper exercise of power and our responsibilities to the human community. A flowering of creative ideas that leads to family and cultural change.

Concentrate on cultural and creative output, the expression of ideas that cultivate natural creativity and shape basic social values. Encourage your partner and family members to develop this side of their interests.

The accent is on innovation, change and imagination. Give form to large culture-based ideas and communicate them. Accumulate knowledge and experience that builds available ideas for the future. Encourage plans that express cultural heritage and involve individual creativity. Encourage the spread of new ideas and give them time to percolate.

Provide consistent positive feedback. Change from the Inside Out: Emphasize plans that express cultural ideas and projects that will attract support and interest. Make your central theme the cross-fertilization of cultures and development of far reaching alliances.

Connect your strategies for presentation and persuasion to the dissemination of art and culture. Seek support both from within and outside your family. Working within the Family: Emphasize innovation and imagination on all levels. Unify yourselves and dissolve the old. Bringing Change to Life Each hexagram is part of a Pair that that activates hidden paths of transformative energy through the interaction of the trigrams or Spirit Helpers, connecting phases of Inspiration and Realization.

You are in the Realizing phase of this Pair. The transformative process of the Pair