Bane and catwoman relationship with god

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bane and catwoman relationship with god

Selina Kyle is Catwoman, a costumed adventurer who's been both a super-hero and super-villain. Beginning her career as a thief and enemy to Batman, she. Batman and Catwoman's comic book wedding has finally arrived, bringing way bigger God forbid characters ever actually evolve. Holly tells Bane that everything went according to plan and that Bat has been broken again. Catwoman and the impact that her relationship had on Batman likely isn't. After years of waiting and ridiculous speculation, today it was finally announced that Bane and Catwoman would be the two main villains in.

Her entanglements with Bane and the League of Shadows cause her to betray Batman. With Batman and Bruce Wayne presumed dead, he runs away with Selina to start a new, happy life together.

Catwoman (Selina Kyle)

Wait, Bruce Wayne actually had a happy ending!? Gods Among Us 17 Based on the video game of the same name, this comic book series takes place in an alternate world where Superman lost his mind. Full of rage Superman murders The Joker and takes over the world. The Telltale Series Catwoman and Selina Kyle are major characters in this episodic point-and-click adventure game. Controlling Bruce Wayne, players are able to make their own choices throughout the story, including whether to pursue a relationship with Selina or not.

Who said romance is dead? I guess she wanted to save that money for the honeymoon? Prelude to the Wedding: Second of all, with so many allies and adopted sons, Batman struggles to name his best man.

bane and catwoman relationship with god

He eventually picks Superman. Realizing a blissful wedded life with her could make Bruce Wayne cease to be Batman, she decides not to go through with it. There you have it, the long and winding romantic history between Batman and Catwoman. Which version of they relationship is your favorite? Do you think they deserve a happy ending, or is it never meant to be?

And now, you have questions, opinions, quibbles, praises, and many other things to say about this heavy superhero spectacular — particularly the way it ended. To save Gotham City from nuclear incineration, Batman Christian Bale jumped into his newest high-tech military grade vehicle — a flying machine dubbed The Bat — and towed an unstoppable ticking bomb into the sky and out to sea.

bane and catwoman relationship with god

Bruce was finally freed from the pain of the past, from the self-destructive enterprise of Batman, from the ghosts and ghouls of Gotham. Yes, he represented great values — perseverance; incorruptibility; justice.

But Batman was a vigilante. And Bruce Wayne was a damaged man who felt like a monster and so he acted like one. Playing this perverse part kept him trapped in a pit of anger and despair that he needed to escape.

Batman brought hope to corrupt Gotham — but Bruce degraded himself each time he put on the suit. Were you bugged by the fake-death chicanery? Very V for Vendettatoo. Nolan and his writers began setting up the idea that Batman is a transferable title in Batman Begins, when Bruce explained his theory that Batman should be a cultural symbol that transcended the man behind the mask. Rises paid it off nicely. Does this mean that Gordon-Levitt who was excellent is about to get his own Batman franchise?

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Or might he rechristen himself Nightwing? Bane was just a jacked-up puppet, acting on orders from — and out of love for — Miranda Tate Marion Cotillarda. The whiplash turn brought the saga full circle, and rightly brought the larger-than-life lout down to human-scale size — but too much so. And his death — he was blasted by Catwoman with a projectile from the Batpod — felt anti-climactic. Bane deserved to be more interesting than he turned out to be.

Did you wonder during the movie if Bane was going to be revealed to be someone we knew? I bet Bane could do a wicked funny Goldfinger impression.