Erich bergen relationship quotes

Erich Bergen on Winning Gotham's Most Eligible Bachelor

erich bergen relationship quotes

Erich Bergen is an American television, film and stage actor raised in New York City. Téa Leoni, Sebastian Arcelus, Patina Miller, and Erich Bergen in Madam Secretary (Téa Leoni, Geoffrey Arend, Sara Ramirez, . Personal Quote: I get tips. Erich Bergen Reveals Testicular Cancer Battle: 'Men Are Dying Because They Don't Want Someone Looking at Their Junk'. Erich Bergen played Bob Gaudio in the first national tour of Jersey Boys and in the Las Vegas and Los Angeles productions. Actors Erich Bergen, John Lloyd Young and Michael Lomenda . That was one of my favorite quotes. out who this audience is and what your relationship every single night is.

And seeing an empty theater, from the stage, but looking out into an empty house, with the exception of one person that was Bob Gaudio himself, sitting in like the fifth row of the orchestra section. And he was looking at the speakers when we were singing a song. It was very bizarre! So Clint Eastwood has a reputation for few takes, which would seem at odds with a musical film.

How did that play out?

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Was it a fast-paced shoot? Maybe, maybe not it would seem at odds. Think about how he cast it: He went away and sort of hid in the audience with the cameras and sort of left us in the hands of Ron Melrose, our music director, and Sergio Trujillo, our choreographer.

We got Vincent [Piazza], who had never done these songs…in and comfortable, but then we just did it as we always had and the cameras rolled.

Either behind the microphones in a recording studio or onstage in front of an audience. And we know how to do it without screwing up. That was one of my favorite quotes.

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We had a little visit in my trailer. And he directed me a few times via anecdote. And Olivier on stage in London was doing a show, and he would rev himself up beforehand, thinking that the audience was his enemy. But the reason is because he hated them!

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And he gave me permission to be unliked. One of the domestic scenes?

erich bergen relationship quotes

It really captures that scene in the life of every band. Every band has that moment… EB: Well, every family has that moment.

This was a band at the height of its success that had nothing to show for it. So something that all Broadway and touring actors have to deal with is the time you are doing that material over and over again, and protecting your voice, the unflagging vocal demands and the essentially unchanging material, and living with that over a long period. So what are your varying methodologies for dealing with a long run? The audience has a different identity every single night.

Erich Bergen on Winning Gotham's Most Eligible Bachelor

Yeah, subtle little cues that change it up a bit. Yeah, subtle little cues. And people are willing to sort of experiment and enjoy that. Mine was to get out of the way of the script.

erich bergen relationship quotes

The script is written so well; every last word is important. It's really the most fun, being right next to her at all times, and being a character that is not at odds with her. Those serious scenes on that show have been edited together to cut out the laughter that she and I are going through—[it happens to] the whole cast, but her and I, it's really astonishing that we can make it through any scene.

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We're on a show that is full of veteran, serious actors, not just in the regular cast, but guest stars as well, like Louis Gossett Jr. I think that for me, especially coming from the theater world and ending up getting to work with some of my heroes, that's the best part.

The cast of Madam Secretary: Scandal and House of Cards took a world that was already dramatic in nature and added on top of it.

erich bergen relationship quotes

I love both of those shows. The danger is if you blow it too quickly, you've got nowhere to go.

erich bergen relationship quotes

I'm not saying either of those shows have, but they run a danger of [doing] that. They run the danger of, now you have to top the crazy sexual escapade of the last episode. We don't have that.

We're dealing with real things that are popping up in the news that I think are dramatic on their own. I think we're also getting a little bit of insight into a part of the government that not a lot of people know anything about. And obviously we've got a creative license because we're doing it on TV, but we're sticking pretty close to how it works, and I think that's the thing that separates it.

We're not glorifying anything. We're actually taking world issues and putting a creative spin on them. Tell us how acting for TV is different from your previous work in theater? You're changing your style a little bit, you're aware that you don't have to play to the last row in the balcony, you're aware that there is a high-definition camera inches in front of you. I think the other thing that's different is that when you're on stage, you just have that electricity that just comes along.

You can be so sick and get on stage—when that electricity hits you, you just become alive, you turn on, you take in the energy of the audience.