Relationship books for young adults

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relationship books for young adults

The period after a breakup is the perfect time for a little post-relationship debriefing with trusted friends. It's also a great time for some. A collection of young-adult books that would appeal to adult readers will predict the future of any relationship, avenge Dumpees everywhere. Lists about: YA Books Far Better than Twilight, Motivational and Self- Improvement Books, Best Women's Fiction Novels, A Thin Line: Love/Hate Relationship.

This book pulls back the curtain on ways of living some would rather not have to see. The characters are living in poverty, on the margins, without a social safety net, but Moser has done a great job of depicting two reactions to a lifetime of abuse and how the cycle continues from generation to generation.

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Harrowing, but an excellent treatment of the topic. While the writing makes for a quick read, the book raises questions that require thoughtful contemplation and could serve as the basis of discussion of slut shaming, rape culture, bullying, victim blaming, and other important issues. Bitter End by Jennifer Brown Best Fiction for Young Adults Many of these novels depict the aftermath of dating violence or sexual assault, but this novel shows how a new relationship can seem so romantic at first, but escalate through the cycle of violence as the abuser becomes increasingly jealous, emotionally manipulative, and physically violent.

Jennifer Brown is a popular author with fans of realistic YA and this novel is a solid choice for a discussion on dating violence and healthy relationships.

Top 10 Love and Relationship Books

This short book will appeal to reluctant readers and is a great starting off point for a discussion about consent. Pointe by Brandy Colbert Theo, an elite ballet dancer, copes with memories that resurface when her best friend, who was abducted years ago, returns. The story also explores issues of rape, consent, and healthy relationships.

Breaking Beautiful by Jennifer Shaw Wolf This novel blends a mystery into a story of teen dating violence. Allie survived a car accident that killed her boyfriend, Tripp. While the setting may be fantastical, the concepts and conflicts are universal, with many parallels in real-life relationships and global conflicts.

He spends his recovery at his family lake house to recover and spend time with his distant father, he meets a girl very different from his previous conquests, and begins to untangle the relationship between sex and violence.

relationship books for young adults

This novel is a very nuanced, character-driven study of teen sexuality. While not explicitly about dating violence, sexual assault, or rape, it serves as the foundation for lots of conversations about healthy relationships.

relationship books for young adults

Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E. Johnston This forthcoming release is the story of Hermione, who is drugged and rape at an end of summer party at cheerleading camp.

Christian Relationship Books for Singles and Young Adults

That's because it is probably the very best book ever written about male-female relationships. The author understands that women and men are very different in fundamental ways, and he does a great job of decoding both genders. A great book doesn't have to weigh a lot and look like a textbook.

This little gold nugget of a book is filled with stories about real people's relationship tips. Put this book where you will see it often, then pick it up and quickly read a short, two-page chapter. It's staying in love that's the tricky part.

Chapman has identified what he calls the five love languages: Knowing how different people show and express their love is a good first step toward understanding them--and appreciating their loving behaviors.

relationship books for young adults

The Love Magnet Rules: As I always say, "It's never too late to find your soul mate," and following the tips in this book will help lead to relationship happiness. He advises women to act like women--and don't give up your "cookie" too soon. The authors describe five "money personalities" and show how these different types can interact with each other in a harmonious relationship. How to Talk to Anyone: Want to learn how to make a good first impression?

relationship books for young adults

It's in the book. Want to know how to work a party like a politician works a room?

relationship books for young adults

Getting Over Getting Mad by Judy Ford You've been in relationships, so you know that fighting and arguments are sometimes part of the deal. But most of us don't get any advice on how to deal with anger, and this book helps you productively deal with anger and conflict.