Relationship between andover and exeter

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relationship between andover and exeter

For the most part, since , the most storied of high school rivalries has carried on in chivalric fashion. But, for a period of time, the fate of the A-E rivalry hung. EXETER, N.H. -- With less than 10 minutes remaining and down by five We were able to run some counters and that was a big difference. Andover Summer , July 02 - August Established in , Phillips Academy's Summer Session in Andover, Massachusetts, is the premier summer academic enrichment program in the country helping students from across the United States and around the world to achieve their.

And his students played their part to the hilt as well, treating him—a man as full of liberal good intentions as you can cram into one midwestern college administrator—with icy contempt and sensing racial subterfuges everywhere.

The epidemic of prep-school racism must be pretty serious to justify such crippling cures, right? Christine Savini, diversity director at Milton Academy outside of Boston, claims that race issues arise as the inevitable by-product of students living together; the official diversity program only formalizes what is already occurring. An example of a spontaneously occurring racial incident?

After all, not so long ago, shamefully, a white girl might never have sought the companionship of a black girl at the swimming pool. Our racial-insensitivity alarm has become jittery indeed if an invitation to the pool now sets it off.

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Furthermore, black students as well as white students might commit the faux pas of asking unwilling black students to swim, and surely the unwilling student could convey the demands of her hairdo quickly, without resentment, and without encountering insurmountable incomprehension. Now that even the proponents of preferences, such as Derek Bok and William Bowen, acknowledge their existence, only prep-school administrators seem still to be in denial about the practice.

Does race-based admission ever happen? But the unjust suspicion is the result of the preference system itself, as author Shelby Steele has observed, not of racism. Preference advocates cannot set up a system where, every year, black and Hispanic pupils with lower grades and SATs are admitted to colleges that have rejected their higher-scoring white and Asian peers and expect students not to notice what is going on.

To deny the obvious, as diversity deans do, and accuse students of racism for noticing the obvious, creates a totalitarian demand for bad faith. Black prep-school students often cry racism when white students cast them as the class experts on the black experience. The diversity industry also cites the recurring debate over voluntary segregation on campus as a further example of student insensitivity.

Every year, someone publishes an op-ed in a student newspaper bemoaning the clustering together of blacks in dining halls and classrooms. A February essay in the Exonian lamenting the lack of integration on campus set off a mostly angry response. However ineptly phrased, the offending essay was nevertheless a cri du coeur for racial mixing. If that now constitutes racial intolerance, then the definition of racial injustice has been distorted beyond recognition.

Prep-school authority figures are starting to apply a double standard for defining racial torts. When a black girl announced that blacks should only date other blacks, a white girl burst into tears and asked: Had a white student argued against diluting white racial solidarity, of course, the whole school would have risen up in protest.

Questions about hair, observations about racial preferences, pleas for racial integration—this sum of alleged student insensitivity hardly supports the need for racial reeducation in prep schools. Perry had become consumed with racial hatred during his four years at Exeter. Work that would earn a white student an F got a black student a C minus. But the best that diversity consultant Randolph Carter could come up with to show St.

Nor is anything to be gained by racializing another unacknowledged source of stress for minority students: Black and Hispanic scores on the national private-school admission test run about a standard deviation below those of white and Asian students; at the most competitive schools, the spread can reach two standard deviations.

More multicultural programming is not the answer: Where the race industry has been, you can usually count on the gender industry muscling in, and the prep schools are no exception. In the area of gender-consciousness-raising, Andover is miles ahead of anyone else, but the competition is desperately trying to catch up.

InAndover created the Brace Center for Gender Studies, a baby sister of the college feminist research outfits. Its director, Diane Moore, speaks the melodramatic dialect of college feminists: The center brings speakers to campus—including, recently, the author of Strong Women, Deep Closets: The charming Moore epitomizes the young, theory-saturated faculty who are initiating prep-school students into the anti-Western dogmas of the academy.

Andover-Exeter : The Lost Years

Her major influences, she says, are Karl Marx and Michel Foucault, a French theorist who saw Western history as one long saga of veiled repression. What about the criticism that Marx has been discredited everywhere but the academy?

Explained faculty advisor Albert Cauz: Student polls showed little support for gender gerrymandering. Ultimately, in a resounding rejection of female victimology and a triumph for democracy, the wider student body threw out the council quota system, presumably leaving the faculty gender-mongers to gnash their teeth in frustration. Diversity practitioners have an explanation for it: It may be a question of cognitive development.

It must be challenging to convince an intellectually honest female prep-school student, surrounded by lavish opportunities and adults cheering on her every accomplishment, that she is a victim of the patriarchy.

Even assuming that gross sexual injustice infects the workplace or married life a dubious propositiona year-old girl has experienced none of it, so why burden her prematurely? Why not fill her brain with the beauties of poetry, painting, and physics? There is no holding back the surge of feminist theory, however, into the secondary-school arena. Rounding out the roster of speakers are representatives of the homosexual community: Gomes, the Harvard minister who challenges fundamentalist claims that the Bible condemns homosexuality.

That no one wishes to do. Andover teaches its girls how to perform fellatio without a condom the key: What about telling girls not to engage in sex in high school, period?

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It is also consistent with the growing prominence of gay and lesbian activism on campus. Given the importance of free sex in the homosexual life-style a salience so pronounced as to have demolished long-standing public health protocols regarding sexually transmitted diseasesadvocacy of traditional sexual morality could appear anti-gay.

relationship between andover and exeter

Thus, condoms, not monogamy or chastity, have become the officially sanctioned defense against AIDS. National Coming Out Day triggers weekend festivities in some places; throughout the year, prep schools invite speakers whose primary qualification is their sexual orientation. Independent schools rival colleges in devising new ways to weave homosexuality into the curriculum.

The problem was not that Whitman was homosexual, argued the author, but that his writing ignored lesbianism. All schools should punish the harassment of homosexuals and demand that students treat everyone with respect. But neither homosexuality nor heterosexuality is an accomplishment. Schools should reserve their celebrations for academic achievement.

The Big Blue chewed up over eight minutes off the clock and marched 87 yards before Stone ran off-tackle to his left for a 6-yard touchdown with 31 seconds remaining to propel Andover to a gut-wrenching victory this afternoon at 85 year-old Phelps Stadium. It was the rd meeting of the nation's longest and, perhaps greatest, prep school rivalry. The Big Blue now holds a advantage in the series, which began in The opponent, site and time of the game will be determined tomorrow.

relationship between andover and exeter

It marks the first time the Big Blue will play in a postseason contest sincewhen it lost to Trinity-Pawling School N. On that last drive we decided to go to a different set by putting a fullback in, have him clear a path, and just pound the ball. It now gave us two options in the backfield to go with. We were able to run some counters and that was a big difference. You'd like to win by four or five touchdowns but that's not going to happen in this rivalry against a great Exeter club.

This win will go down in the lore of this wonderful rivalry. With 51 seconds showing on the clock, Andover faced a fourth-and-4 at the Exeter Senior quarterback Ian Maag hit wide receiver Brandon Michel for a 5-yard reception and keep the Big Blue offense on the field.

Two plays later, Stone, a workman-like back from Calgary, Alberta, took a handoff and darted around left end barely getting over the goal line for the winning score. We just went though and executed. We didn't have to say anything on that final drive. We just looked at each other and knew it could happen. This group of guys have been great. We have weapons everywhere. There are no weak spots on this team.