Meet your demise terraria world

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meet your demise terraria world

Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game. The world is your canvas and the ground itself is your paint. You will want to build your arena away from your House so the Bosses .. The goblins will naturally target your initial spawn, that is, the center surface of the map. .. allowing you to quickly return to try fighting should you meet your demise. Do you have any interesting names for your worlds? My first terraria world was name "Wan Point Tree" i don't know why, I just kinda name it that. . to summoning that bastard, let alone making him meet his demise, lol.

King Slime [ edit edit source ] It is no longer possible to exploit the King Slime's large size as of 1. This boss is relatively easy however, and you don't need an arena to defeat it.

There is an easy way to defeat him quickly, pile up some rope maybe blocks in the air and use ranged attacks from from above. He can jump, but he cannot teleport to you. Making the ropes higher than he can jump is essential to defeating this. Both he and all slimes he creates will be defeated by this easily. Wall of Flesh [ edit edit source ] The Wall of Flesh, more than probably any other boss, benefits from having an arena prepared before engaging. Even experienced players wishing for a quick fight should ensure that the path behind them is clear before summoning it.

A full arena can speed up farming this boss, which can provide the player with several weapons and accessories that are valuable even late in the game. The simplest arena is a long bridge of about blocks with some space above it for the player to maneuver. Placing the player out of danger from falling into lava and ensuring that they can keep a steady pace of progression allows the fight to go quickly and smoothly. Players may also wish to place lights along the bridge, or place markers along the bridge at points where they've killed the WoF in the past.

Note that Underworld map generation tends to place Ruined Buildings towards the middle third of the map, leaving the eastern and western wings empty aside from Ash, Lava, Hellstone, and plenty of enemies. Lava topography also tends to level out at either end of the screen within a ten-block height variance.

meet your demise terraria world

The Wall of Flesh begins its attack from whichever side of the Underworld's map edge you're closest to. This allows you to control its direction of approach. The minimap on the right side of the screen can interfere with visibility on the Wall of Flesh at times.

Fighting west-to-east may be easiest, though once you are familiar with the mechanics the direction won't make a large difference. Fight in the direction you're most comfortable running.

Given all the above, an optimal Arena can be made by creating a long Ash bridge starting from one side of the screen and running long and flat for a distance of to blocks, depending on your damage output. Going from the edge of the map to the first Ruined Building you see will give you a sufficient platform, but on a Large map that may be a punitive amount of construction work for the player. Wooden Platforms are not useful in this fight as the Wall of Flesh will constantly orient to the Player's position Clear any Ash up to three blocks above your bridge standing overhead swing height so you have room to jump occasional lasers.

Level any Ash hills in your way and drain lava appropriately. It is very difficult to run out of Ash - Players should feel comfortable using explosives to create retention pools and drainage channels. Killing the Wall of Flesh will generate a bricked-in treasure box above your bridge.

The bricks can serve as kill-markers, but they may also interfere with jumping if your next fight runs close to that spot. The bricks can be mined for your collection to keep a clear Arena. A way to quickly take out much of the wall's health is to travel to the very edge of the map in The Underworld and place some explosives where the wall will spawn.

Wire them up to a lever from a safe distance! When you throw the Guide Voodoo Doll into the lavawait for the wall to be directly on the explosives until you pull the lever. This will deal roughly damage per explosives. The Destroyer [ edit edit source ] Your Eater of Worlds arena should also serve as an arena for fighting The Destroyer However, moving the walls and ceiling in may protect you from of The Destroyer's lasers.

The same types of visibility and movement are needed for both fights. The Destroyer does not need corruption present to be summoned. Alternatively, you could start by building around feet into the air. Create a large rectangular box at the top. Destroy the tower you built and replace it with Rope.

The rectangular box should be around 5 blocks high, and 20 blocks wide. Have 15 of the blocks on the left side made out of platformsand the rest made out of solid blocks.

Pour honey into the solid blocks. This area will protect you from The Destroyer's lasers and give you some regeneration. You can also place Campfires or Heart Lanterns to increase this effect. Once this is all done, the fight should be relatively easy. If you did not build the arena high enough, and the Destroyer can dig its way into it, increase the height because not being able to be hit by The Destroyer's direct attacks is essential to an easy win. All you will have to do during the fight is make sure there are always nimbus clouds, fight off Probesand fire your Golden Shower.

If you need, you can make suitable housing for the nurse to move in for her healing, and the dryad to move in for her dryad's blessing buff. These are both very useful. Or, just stand in the middle of your Eye of Cthulhu arena, with a cobalt, obsidian, or Ankh shield equipped, and repeatedly hit in one direction with the mushroom spear, and if you start losing health, fly around until you have it back.

The Twins [ edit edit source ] Before fighting the twins it might be a good idea to build a lot of platforms and make it easy to move around. When you're fighting the Twins focus on killing Spazmatism first. His attacks deal a high amount of damage, and they inflict the Cursed Inferno debuff. Having both eyes on their second phase can make the fight a lot more difficult.

Another way to take them down is to build a straight bridge across the sky. Agility and speed are key ingredients to this. Using crystal bullets with the Uzi or Megashark will prove to be very effective. To increase this effect, using the Golden Shower along with this will increase the damage, as The Twins are not immune to the effects of Ichor. If you opt for fighting The Twins on a sky bridge, placing wired heart statues in consistent intervals can make the fight a cakewalk - you will dodge many of The Twin's attacks, and whenever you get hit you can just pick up your hearts whilst you run along your bridge.

The best material for the sky bridge is asphaltif available. If you keep running along an asphalt bridge, the Twins will almost never hit you. Using wings to fly around them at the end of your bridge is a very good idea if a full bridge is not available.

This will make The Twins one of the easiest bosses in the game, as you will be nearly invulnerable. Skeletron Prime [ edit edit source ] Building an arena for fighting Skeletron Prime can be a little tricky. Simply using Gravity Potions and fighting in the sky may be more effective. A long bridge may also work. Use the arena for the twins if you have one The explosive only detonates on solid blocks so using some wood platforms as well will keep you from exploding.

A megashark or an uzi loaded with Ichor Bullets is another extremely effective way to defeat it. Golem [ edit edit source ] An effective arena for the Golem would be to square out and level the room that the Lihzahrd Altar is in and use wings to fly around and dodge his attacks mainly magic and ranged users.

While exploring the Lihzahrd Dungeon, you can gather all the traps. Construct vertical pillars out of traps large enough for Golem but high enough for it to not get out on both sides of the altar.

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Finally line the ceiling with Spiky Ball Traps. After summoning Golem, leave the enclosure and repeatedly activate traps to help fighting Golem Be careful for the spiky ball traps, as they still hurt you Also, using weapons such as the Death Sickle or the Mushroom Spear are useful, as if you make a walled-in arena, you can hit it through the walls The Staff of the Frost Hydra could also be used.

Alternatively, simply destroying all traps in the area and using a Golden Shower or Vampire Knives will work, essentially assuring that you will not pass beneath health. Agility is a main ingredient in using this strategy. Also, if you have it, use the Magnet Sphere. Go to one side of the Golem and fire towards the other, and you will deal about damage per sphere.

Plantera [ edit edit source ] Build a long hallway, preferably about six blocks high and blocks wide, with teleporters at each end of the hallway.

When you spawn Plantera, have it go through the hallway, and run to the edge of the hallway to one of the teleporters. When Plantera charges after you teleport to the other end of the hallway and shoot down the hallway, with some sort of non-arced, high velocity weapon, such as the Megashark with either cursed, or crystal bullets. Adamantite, Titanium, or Hallowed armor is suggested for this fight, with no preferred accessories. Repeat this process until Plantera has been defeated. Moon Lord [ edit edit source ] The Moon Lord is the final boss in the game, and consequently the most difficult one to defeat.

There are multiple strategies to defeat the boss. Building a sky bridge all the way across your world is probably your best bet. For this, you need to run fast and be able to dodge, which requires great maneuverability. Wings are recommended for this. This is ideal because of its large range and damage.

A Daybreak would work well, too. During the fight, run across your sky bridge in one specific direction at a time, and aim your weapon at his hands. Defeating his hands first makes the rest of the fight easier.

As you run to the left, defeat the hand on your left. As you run to the right, defeat the hand to your right. After both hands are defeated, attack the head. After the head is defeated, the Solar Eruption is required because of its ability to attack through walls the moon lord's core will be below your bridge.

Feel free to use your Magic Mirror to teleport back to your home as you get to low health to avoid dying.


Another option to the Magic Mirror is using the Autopause feature in-game, which requires you to have the Nurse nearby and a ample supply of money, when you want to heal, simply talk to the Nurse and the entire fight will be paused and this allows you to observe your position and let's you resume the fight at will. This will grant you some degree of protection from the Moon Lord, but keep in mind that the Moon Lord is capable of dealing large amounts of damage in a small period of time.

This will provide you with ample healing until you are able to drink a health potion, preferably Super Healing Potions. Keep repeating this until the boss is defeated. Ocean Enemies[ edit edit source ] Ocean enemies can be farmed by building a long bridge over the ocean.

This is a good way to farm Pirate Maps, key molds, glowsticks, shark fins, black ink, and, of course, coins. Build two layers of platforms - The first layer should be 2 blocks under water, the second one on top of the water. In the 2nd layer, stand in a small pool of water so that all of the mobs swim up towards you. This will cause water mobs to jump out of the water onto the platform. The Spider Staff is good for automatically killing the mobs as they obediently stay out of the water and is very easy to obtain.

It is recommended to put mushroom grass mud in a large square above the ocean. This will cause Fungo Fish to spawn. Dungeon Guardian [ edit edit source ] Attempting to enter the dungeon before killing Skeletron will greet you with the most powerful enemy in the game: It deals a whopping damage, which generally ensures death for most players.

Touting an impressive Defense and Health, the guardian will take a measly 1 damage from anything you throw at it except for criticals, which deal two. Basically, the only way to beat it is with a ton of patience and some decent evasion skills. For preparation dig out the top of the dungeon and make mini-house it must be valid housing, i.

Place a bed inside and use it to set your spawn point, allowing you to quickly return to try fighting should you meet your demise. Dig a relatively wide vertical-tunnel in the top of the dungeon directly above the shaft into the dungeon to allow easy escape once the guardian has spawned.

Recommended gear[ edit edit source ] Despite what most say, Turtle Armor does not deal 1, damage. Turtle armor does half the damage you take back to the enemy, and then the enemy reduces the damage with their defense. This makes the Turtle Armor effectively only deal 1 damage to Dungeon Guardian, so it is not recommended. Spectre armor will not be of much help, for healing will not be required due to instant death, and damage will not be increased. Shroomite armor is recommended, the reduced ammo usage of the ranged set helps tremendously.

Normal worlds offer the standard Terraria experience. Expert worlds have harder enemies, advanced boss fights, and exclusive Expert items. For now, select normal. Next you're asked to enter a name for your new World. Simply type any name you like, and when done select Accept. This marks the end of World Creation - the newly created world will be added to the list of worlds in the menu. At the world selection list, pick your world to load the game. Now it's time to finally enter Terraria!

Beginning Gameplay[ edit edit source ] A sample Terraria world Upon entering a world for the first time, your character will spawn be placed into the game at the center of the map, so you have half of the world to explore to the left, and half to the right.

This location is known as the Spawn Point or simply, the "Spawn" and will be where your character is placed each time this world is entered.

Most world spawn points are located in Forest biomes but sometimes in a Snow biome as well. The spawn point can be changed later using Bedsbut we'll get to that later. First let's take a look at the game interfaces. Movement and Tool Use[ edit edit source ] Movement uses the keyboard, while most interactions like mining, building, and fighting use the mouse.

These can be customized in the settings menu before entering a world, but for now we'll assume you haven't changed the default controls. For a quick recap of the available keys or the controls for other devices, see the game controls page.

The letter A makes the character go left. The letter D makes the character go right. The Space button makes the character jump. The letter S makes the character fall through platforms and climb down ropes. The letter W makes the character climb up ropes. Left clicking is used to exert items and weapons, depending on what you are holding. Tapping and holding will break blocks with appropriate tool Tapping with a block in hand will place it.

Tapping a consumable item in the hotbar or tapping with it in your hand will consume it if it is in your hand.

Right clicking is used to interact with NPCs and Chests. The hotbar[ edit edit source ] In the upper-left corner of the screen are ten boxes numbered from 1 to 0 zero. These are special Inventory slots referred to as the "hotbar", and they contain the items you currently have access to for use. Press the Esc key to see the rest of the inventory slots; if you have autopause toggled on, opening the inventory also pauses the game.

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These are empty right now since you haven't acquired any items yet, but don't worry, before long you'll have more than you can carry. Press the Esc key again to close the inventory. All newly created characters begin with the following tools in the hotbar: Items do have a chance for a modifier such as "Light Copper Pickaxe" as all items do when found or crafted. The Copper Pickaxe is a tool used to dig blocksas well as detaching placed items like furniture. When selected, hold down the left mouse button to use it continuously.

The Copper Axe is a tool used for chopping down trees to obtain wood. Some weapons can be used continuously "autofire" while others require a click for each attack. The slot of the currently selected item in the hotbar will be slightly larger than the other slots and have a highlighted background color, with the name of the item listed above the hotbar.

This item will be used when you click the left mouse button. The current selection can be changed by: Pressing the number key corresponding to the number indicated in the box's upper left hand corner Using the mouse scroll wheel Clicking on a slot with the mouse pointer If you do not want to accidentally click on other hotbar slots the third featureyou can lock the hotbar by clicking on the padlock button to the left of the hotbar while the inventory is open.

To toggle the feature back on simply click on the padlock one more time to unlock it again. Rearranging the hotbar[ edit edit source ] Items on the hotbar can only be changed when the inventory is open. However, items within the hotbar can be rearranged by simply dragging them. This is accomplished by dragging the items to switch them. Try it now with the Copper Axe: If you move the mouse pointer now you will see the axe attached to it. Point to one of the empty slots in the lower portion of the inventory, and click once more to place the axe down in the slot.

What you've done is moved an item from the hotbar into a storage slot. Items in storage slots cannot be used directly when the inventory is closed, unlike items in the hotbar - they are simply being carried by your character. Move the axe back to a hotbar slot. While the inventory is open you may pick up and rearrange the items in the hotbar to your liking.

Later in the game when you acquire more items you'll have to decide which items to have accessible in the hotbar, while everything else is put into storage. Generally you'll want your best Tools and Weapons in the hotbar, along with at least one Light sourceand one type of Blocks. The inventory[ edit edit source ] Below the hotbar is the remainder of the inventory. Additionally, you have a trash slot, and columns of 4 slots apiece for coins and ammunition.

On the lower right is a separate section for equipment and accessories, while below left is the Crafting section. For the purposes of this guide these sections will be ignored - you can look them up later in the detailed Inventory article. Other interface elements[ edit edit source ] The red hearts beside the inventory indicate the character's Health. Each red heart is 20 health. All characters begin with health points indicated by five hearts and can currently go up to via Life Crystals red heartsthen further boosted to with Life Fruits golden hearts.

Health starts regenerating after a short period of not taking further damage. Standing still increases the rate of regeneration. The blue stars on the right side of the screen indicates the character's Mana.

Each blue star is 20 mana. New characters start with 20 mana, represented by 1 star. As the maximum mana is increasedby using Mana Crystals blue starsadditional stars will be displayed below the original. Mana regenerates shortly after mana usage is stopped, and at a much faster baseline rate compared to health regeneration. For more details on health and mana, refer to the respective articles.

The First Day[ edit edit source ] After loading up the world your character will be standing at the spawn point, with an NPC nearby, the Guide. You can talk to him with by pressing with your mouse over him; he has some tips for new players, and will show you the available crafting recipes if you show him an item.

Let's try out the tools you start with. Digging and placing things[ edit edit source ] Start by selecting the Copper Pickaxe in the hotbar. Move the mouse pointer over some nearby Dirt or Stonethen click and hold the left mouse button to use the pickaxe to hit each block several times. The blocks will be freed, and if you're close enough they will be automatically picked up by your character.

Notice that the blocks you picked up are now displayed in another slot of your hotbar. Continue until you have at least 5 or so blocks. The number of blocks in the slot is indicated by the number displayed there.

That's how to dig stuff! Select a hotbar slot that contains blocks, and left click in an empty space near your character to place a block. Note that you need to place blocks on top of existing blocks, they cannot be placed free-floating in mid-air unless there is a background wall they can adhere to.

If you've done this correctly, a block from your hotbar should fall into place with a "thump". Try placing another block on top of the one you just placed, then try holding the left mouse button while you move the pointer, to continually place connecting blocks. Your character must be close enough to place the blocks - if you are too far away nothing will happen. You can also place inventory items which aren't in a hotbar slot by opening your inventory, grabbing the desired item, and then clicking where you want to place it.

But note that this only works when the Autopause setting is off. You can remove any previously placed blocks by digging them back out with your pickaxe, even the block originally connecting to the ground - blocks above it will not fall due to gravity. This is true for most blocks except for a small handful like sand and siltwhich do fall when there are no supporting blocks below them. You probably noticed the nearby NPC - that would be the Guidehe dispenses tips and reminds you of available crafting recipes if shown an item.

Even though there is a gold coin on the help button, his help is free. Okay, let's find something to do! You can do that. Nothing permanently bad will happen. The worst that will happen is that you will "die. You would not lose any of your gear.

meet your demise terraria world

And since at most, you'll only have a few coppers from killing monsters, losing that means nothing. You'll get lots more money later.

The catch about running around exploring is that within 15 minutes, night will fall and the stronger, harder to defeat, Monsters will come out.

They will quickly kill you. Sure, you'll be reincarnated at your Spawn Point, but they will kill you there, too. That will go on for another 9 minutes, until dawn comes. Nine minutes of boring un-fun. You may find it more fun to start by building a base of operations, then go exploring. A basic house for the first night in Terraria A base of operations is somewhere to protect you against the monsters that come out at night, and to store the inevitable hoard of loot you will amass.

Shelter is especially important for NPCs because they will only move in or respawn after being killed if there is a place for them to stay. So let's start by building a house for the Guide. Wood is a versatile and plentiful resource, so use the Copper Axe to cut some trees down. If a monster approaches you, switch to the Copper Shortsword and kill it. Once you've obtained around pieces of wood, find a nice level spot of land - use the pickaxe to flatten the ground and fill any holes with the dirt blocks you dug up.

Time to get cracking! Building a house 1 Lay down the wood foundation. Make sure it's at least 4 blocks high. Don't worry about background walls or doors yet.

The size isn't terribly important as long as it's not too small. By the way, you can even use dirt blocks as building material if you're afraid of running out of wood. Trees can be replanted using the acorns they drop when you chop one downbut they take some time to grow. Expand the inventory and look down at the bottom left corner of the interface. This is the crafting corner, which will display what items you may currently craft. Its contents will change based on what you are carrying, and which Crafting stations you are standing close to.

Even though you do not have any crafting stations yet, there are a few basic crafting recipes available. Assuming you have extra wood and some gel from killing slimesyou should see crafting available for making TorchesWood Platformsand a Work Bench. The work bench is an important item because it is the first crafting station available to you. A work bench will automatically be crafted from your store of wood and placed in your inventory. Now that you have a crafting station the work bench you just placed downthere will be additional crafting recipes available to you when you stand near it and open up the crafting interface.

Clicking and holding the right mouse button on the item to craft allows you to continuously create multiples of the same item. With a work bench in place, let's make a few more items: Wooden Hammer — requires: Use the hammer to knock out any background dirt walls that may have been left after the construction of the home.

While back walls serve to prevent monsters from spawning appearing inside a home, naturally occurring walls do not. Next, create a door for the house so that it can be entered without needing to leave a permanent hole in the wall open. Dig out one side of the house and place the door there. Doors can be opened and closed by right clicking on them, and the direction the door will open is based on the direction the character is facing.

Some monsters can bash down doors though - in general, doors are not foolproof against monsters. Still looks like a rather breezy box, doesn't it? The next step in building is to craft and place some background walls. This also prevents monsters from spawning inside. For seamless visual looks walls need to be placed overlapping each other, so you'll actually need more than first impressions suggest.

No cracks should exist either, so walls will have to be placed overlapping the blocks making up the frame of the house as well.

meet your demise terraria world

Fortunately most wall recipes create multiple pieces; the 1: For now, use up 20 pieces of wood to create 80 pieces of wood wall. Looks better even if it's still a box, now with a door. We're almost done - all that's left is some furniture and lighting. After all nobody wants to stand around in the dark, not even NPCs. If you haven't already, craft several torches and place a couple of them in the house.

Torches last forever, and they're very useful as markers indicating where you've explored, so later on when you have enough wood and gel make sure to create a whole stack 99 of them.

Finally, no house is considered NPC-suitable without a chair and a table, so craft one of each and place them in the house. Open the inventory interface, then over to the right in the equipment slots click on the Housing icon.

Click on the big white question mark sign, then move the pointer to anywhere in the interior of the house and click. If the house is acceptable, you will get a message in yellow font saying so in the lower left of the screen.

In the housing section, look below the question mark sign - you'll see a portrait of all NPCs present in the world. Currently there is only 1, the Guide. Click on this portrait, then click anywhere in the interior of the house just like placing an item. This house now belongs to the Guide. When night falls, all NPCs will return to their designated houses and stop moving.

NPCs without housing will mill around warily - generally this doesn't happen because NPCs only spawn into a world when their requirements are met in addition to there being an empty house for them to move into. Still, it's possible to dismantle a house after an NPC moves in, leaving them stranded - for example, if you demolished their house in order to build a better replacement.

You can temporarily surround them with blocks of dirt to prevent monsters from reaching them. While it may feel humiliating to be forced to hide in a hole blocked up with dirt, rest assured that we've all been there. Hey, at least you'll survive to see the next sunrise. Now it's time to do some exploring and killing! And Defending it[ edit edit source ] The red numbers are the damage dealt to the character; the orange numbers are the damage done to monsters While making a home, the player may have fought off and dispatched several Slimes.

However, there is a small chance that your first day went by without a single monster spawning. Here, the guide will show players how to fight in Terraria.

During the night, you will find many sorts of Demon Eye and zombies. As they are hard to slaughter in the beginning, you'll find many more weapons making it easier to kill zombies, demon eyes, and many more mobs. But for now, let's stick to the basics. When wielding a tool or weapon, left clicking will cause the weapon to swing, or be thrown in the case of a BoomerangShuriken or Throwing Knifeor shoot an arrow in the case of a Bow.

A dedicated weapon is usually the best and with the leftover wood that was gathered from earlier, the player can create a Wooden Sword 7 pieces of wood at the Workbench to replace the Copper Shortsword. The Wooden Sword deals more damage. The Wooden Sword, like other broadswords, is swung overhand in an arc rather than just being stabbed forward. This allows it to protect the player from far more angles of attack, which is important as Slimes move by jumping around, and may often attack from above.

Taking damage and dying will be an inevitable part of early life in Terraria, and unless the player has set a player spawn pointthey will re-spawn at the world spawn point. At the start of the game, a good way to gain health is by eating Mushrooms.

When a mushroom is found, simply swing a weapon or a tool at it. It can then be picked up and consumed to recover 15 health.