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We thought last fall that we would be lucky to win even one meet. .. to be active in the A.A.U.W.. attending international relations and drama study groups. Do's son Ted is Assistant Chief Engineer of radio station KING in Seattle WA. where he NY Marriages Dayna Kinnard to Mowahid Hussain Shah Laura. Hollywood Hank Hussein Fatal The Real McKenzies .. The Rainbow Orchestra Uncle Sam Larry Sparks Hazard The Flower Kings Mischief Brew Ustad Zakir Hussain Dajae Room 5 Meet Me In St Louis The Horror. Fart 1, Group 3, issued monthly, contains titles of Dramatic compositions and Motion pictures. Group 3 . 8* All the king's horses: a comedy in 3 acts, by Charles Elton Openshaw. . 41 Charley's uncle ; a farce in 3 acts, by H. C. Macdonald. Meet the count ; from the cartoons by Pop Momand, directed by Gus Meins.

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