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Derketa. Sharon Bascovsky - Vocals, Guitar (Eviscium). Mary Bielich - Guitar In Death We Meet EXCELENTE DEATH DOOM DE USA. haha Incantation have some funny merch - I would love an Incantation Were you buying it through there BigCartel site? That 7" was released by a shit label, in very few copies, with the most hideous layout ever and sold out in an eye-blink. viernes, 24 de abril de Derketa - In Death We Meet (). Banda/Band: Derketa. Género/Genre: Death Metal. País/Country: U.S.A. Año/Year:

This is still a proper death metal album and a tremendous one at that.

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It has a raw sound, but there is a certain freshness that distinguishes it from their older recordings. The song serves as an excellent way to begin the album with a blowing wind and bell sounding intro that leads into a nasty doom riff.

Despite line up changes over the years, this incarnation is the same as the original but with the addition of Robin Mazen on bass. For some, death metal now means to be as technical as possible and for the guitar players to out-Malmsteen one another over heavily triggered drums. For others it means endless slam riffs and breakdowns which in my opinion misses the point, atmosphere and feeling that the death metal of old is really known for which is that eerie horror feel that made those early Death, Rottrevore, Pungent Stench, etc.

For those that prefer a modern style, remember the goal here likely was to uphold the pure death metal style and probably to distinguish themselves from their previous bands; something that was done very efficiently. The lyrical content is another thing that separates Derketa from the bands around them, being more on the spiritual side of the spectrum. Not in a Christian way or anything, but definitely some intriguing thoughts without telling the listener what to think.

Since the artwork is perfect for this type of album, it will be fun to see it with all the liner notes expanded in size. Not for musicality, originality or whatever. Doom, for me, is appealing only if it either has great melodies and impressive vocals Messiah-era Candlemass or the exact opposite with a total lack of slick production like the first Hooded Menace album. Most doom-death I like are all from the era like earliest Cathedral or Castle nl with, as said, some 21st century exceptions like early Hooded Menace.

And you have hit the nail on the head with your description and list of bands Manel! Do you feel comfortable with this tag? What is for you the Apocalyptic Death Crust? Well thankyou for the compliment! The apocalyptic part of the description perfectly fits our lyrical themes - doomsday, armageddon, the downfall of mankind, nuclear war, chemical warfare, the four horsemen, the apocalypse and total blood, fire, death!

The "death crust" part perfectly describes our music and vocals. Kat, let's do a bit of history. What are the most notorious changes in you as an artist, from the time of Blessed Realm and Morstice until today? As those experiences have helped you to become who you are as an artist today? Both those bands had a lot of bad luck attached to them though, we didn't get the breaks I feel they deserved, for example both bands split before having the opportunity to release a full length album although both bands came close to getting albums out but due to various reasons they never materialised, there was also in fighting, we were lazy with some aspects of promotion and made no merch except for demos, there was a lack of focus in both bands really and a general haphazard approach, I put it down to youthful naivety and inexperience in dealing with the music scene and "business" aswell as just generally.

That is why when I formed Winds Of Genocide I was determined to make this band a much more focused entity from it's inception, from the lyrical concepts and themes to the music and general image and artwork - I wanted this band to sound and look how I wanted it to from the get go and both asthetically and musically that has worked out EXACTLY as I envisioned.

Which is cool to see!. If I could go back and do a few things differently with both Morstice and Blessed Realm I would but I can't so it is onwards into the future! I do not care to ask you about your decision to change your sex, as I'm sure you've been asked a thousand times. What I want to know is whether you have approached fans to to thank you for taking that decision.

So, I wonder if there are people who consider an inspiration, for which you serve as an example when assuming their sexuality hidden or repressed. Someone has said this? Some feel that your action was an act of courage that pushed them to accept what we do not want to accept? Well I have only really started coming across other transgendered individuals who are involved with and into extreme music over the past few years and a couple of them have said to me that I have been an inspiration to them which is VERY humbling and if my being open about being a transgendered female can help inspire other people to come out and confront their own personal feelings and frustrations then that is a great thing.

I really repressed my true feelings for a lot of years for fear of what people would think, what my bandmates would think, what the "scene" would think, what my family would think - now I just don't really give a flying fuck what anyone thinks about me or my being transsexual, I am out, proud and happy and if anyone has a problem with that then they can come and say it in person instead of hiding like a coward behind a computer keyboard like some wimps have done in the past years slagging me off and typing derogatory comments and making jokes about me being trans I have one thing to say to those people - be a man and have the balls to call me a tranny or whatever to my face not via a message forum or on a social networking site in the safety of your home where I can't put a boot into your crotch!!.

But there is always someone worse off than yourself, and there will always be people who live their ENTIRE lives repressing their own true feelings about their sexual identity and gender identity for whatever reason, I am just glad I have not done that to myself or am forced to do that to myself and if my story can inspire anyone out there then that is a bonus.

Speaking about individual freedoms, you believe that at some time it will finish this big business that is the war? Or do you think that they will look for new ways of using it, since always, in benefit of the powerful ones? There will always be warmongers and power pigs, people who will find ANY excuse to start a war or to commit an act of terror or war It is a sad but true fact that until this planet is finally fully destroyed by mankinds greed, stupidity, ignorance and arrogance that there will always be wars in one form or another, be in on a more global scale or urbanised warfare.

There will always be human beings who have total disregard for other human beings lives and who will not think twice about taking other lives and using whatever weapons they have at their disposal - fucking fascist power pigs. As long as there are religious fanatics and corrupt politicans playing their dirty power games then there will always be war and countless peoples personal freedom will be compromised and oppressed across the world.

Kat, do you take care of your voice in a particular way? Your growls are really powerful, and fit perfectly into the group's sound. I mean, your growls seem to bring winds of genocide!

But it would be nice to know how you manage to sing that way. Using breathing techniques, preheating, etc? Or you just go into a rage? Thanks for the compliments! It's like riding a bike I guess There is techniques to avoid shredding your vocal chords like making sure you growl and scream by pushing up via the diaphragm but to achieve such deep growls you have to do that anyway! You either have it or you don't it is not something you can "learn" like playing drums or guitar in my opinion.

Kat, have thought about recording a full length album in the near term? Or prefer to keep editing Eps and splits, for now? I ask as a fan of the band, because I'd love to have a full length of you in my hands.

We haven't made any major changes musically or style wise!!. I can't reveal any songtitles yet though or when and where exactly we will be recording the album at Keep an eye out for press releases via the label and our band pages for more info on the album!.

I can say that the artwork for the album is being done by Mark Riddick who has done art for a lot of great bands that I am into, everyone from Grave and Autopsy to Slayer!

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Hopefully the album will be out by this time next year - I fucking hope so anyway haha!!. What are the vocalists you admire and why. I could go on for fucking pages!! Those are just a few that immediately spring to the forefront of my mind. I know some of his works have been published through Witchhammer Records and Brigade Records, but that does not mean working under the orders of any label.

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