Meet the beer bottle dictator

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meet the beer bottle dictator

Meet the Beer Bottle Dictator · BEER, thedailybeast on August 12, Vote for the Best Craft Brewery in America · BEER, thedailybeast on July 9, 1 day ago What these bootlickers are doing is creating a dictator in Edgar, OPPOSITION PARTIES MEET TO STRATEGISE · Making Edgar Lungu A Dictator inserted a beer bottle in another woman's [email protected]!na have pleaded not guilty. We congratulate Attorney Taylor Harper on his dual roles - craft beer lawyer and

Editorial Kwacha Times THERE are a number of elements, simply put it, professional bootlickers who are now competing against each other to endorse and pronounce the sole candidature of Edgar Lungu, as the Patriotic Front-PF presidential candidate for We are seeing them attempting to outdo each other in pleasing Edgar and attempting to look more pro-Edgar than others, crafting and issuing out all sorts of words trying to make happy Edgar.

What these bootlickers are doing is creating a dictator in Edgar, perhaps, a serious intolerant despotic leader who will never entertain any manifestation of intraparty democracy in PF.

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When you look at this whole issue a little bit deeper beyond what the surface suggests, you realise that Edgar is not a popular person within the party PF, whose popularity is enough to secure a sounding victory against any competitor for President in the party.

That is why; subjecting Edgar to a fair and clean intraparty election is seen as a serious risk, a more dangerous path to ride on, than facing the opposition in any election. It is not easy to see this opposition manifest itself openly because those who will be singled out as wanting to exercise their democratic right like Kelvin Bwalya Fube —KBF will be hounded out of the party in a more savage way.

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That is why, many PF members across the country have resorted to exercising their democratic rights by holding dark corner meetings and soon or later these people will whip Edgar in a painful way than he thinks he can whip them with his borrowed but temporal power he enjoys as Republican President.

It is not a secret that the PF in its current mode is not unified towards the same goals of having a sole candidate for the elections.

meet the beer bottle dictator

We accept them as part of the governing party but what does not change is the fact that we remember vividly well how these same people who Edgar has awarded fought the PF and Michael Sata ruthlessly.

It is thus difficult to understand why such people must be awarded handsomely with positions, opportunities, luxuries and resources when the majority of those who labored to see the PF be what it is are mere beggars to the same MMD members who were insulting them. There is no genuine PF original member who still wants Edgar to rule the party beyond the end of his current tenure.

After his election but before he assumed the presidency, Trump held a press conference where he was visibly enraged by the recent publication of information found in classified documents.

These documents alleged that Russian officials had " compromising personal and financial information " about Trump, which the then-president-elect flatly denied.

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He then got into a verbal spat with a reporter from CNN, which had published the report. You are fake news.

meet the beer bottle dictator

Soon, a rumor bubbled up on social media, accusing protesters of flowing into the mosque with their shoes on while drinking beer, both acts that would be considered disrespectful to anyone worshipping there. Trump has claimed to have 1. His press secretary, Sean Spicer, said the inauguration crowd was the largest in historydespite a tide of evidence disproving these claims.

This led to Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway saying that the White House was simply presenting "alternative facts. It's a storm of information nearly impossible for news professionals to follow, let alone members of the public.

The Trump administration's combative relationship with much of the media has also drawn at least one comparison to how Chinese government officials handle reporters, which often involves misdirection, misinformation, and threats.

In the same interview in which Conway mentioned "alternative facts," she also seemed to imply that the administration could easily limit press access. She told NBC's Chuck Todd that the White House might have to "rethink" its relationship with media outlets if Todd and other journalists called the administration's inauguration crowd claim a "falsehood.

Meet the Beer Bottle Dictator – 2 Beer Queers

He was used to Chinese government officials painting their own reality and voicing their displeasure when a different reality was given legitimacy by outside media. Freedom House senior democracy scholar Arch Puddington says the U. That shouldn't be news to Americans. Peter Thiel, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has become a close advisor to Donald Trump, recently financed a lawsuit that bankrupted Gawker, offering a blueprint for the destruction of media companies that may get easier going forward.

Charles Harder, the same attorney behind the Gawker lawsuit, is now coming after the publication Techdirt. His client, Shiva Ayyadurai, claims to have invented email, despite evidence to the contrary that Techdirt has published.

It would be difficult for media outlets to be shut down by the government as the U. The Russian government has forced many independent media outlets into being sold to friends of the Kremlin, and similar fates have befallen outlets in Turkey and Venezuela.

But in the U.