All aboard the meet pyro hype train ssb4

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all aboard the meet pyro hype train ssb4

All-Season Touring Tire Reviews | Top 5 Best All-Season Tires for Cars and Small SUVs(Eng. Sub.) The Flash 4x06 Extended Promo "When Harry Met Harry" (HD) Season 4 MTA Conductor Sucker-Punched Aboard Q Train(Eng. Sub.) SSB4 Princess Peach Hype Combos, Highlights & Jank Plays Montage !. breaking-csx-railroad-bomb-train-carrying-crude-oil-explodes-in-lynchburg- . british-sniper-in-afghanistan-kills-six-taliban-with-one-bullet facebook-launches-nearby-friends-location-feature-for-meet- I'm not sure I can even see myself finishing all of those by the time Bravely Default comes out next year. . beat, so it may not be the best choice if you want to also jump on the SMT IV train. told me to meet him in some hospital in Shinjuku, sounds pretty crazy but I'm .. I think I'm on board, but y'all scare the fuck out of me.

Not everyone is going to tap the power of skill mutation. Adam I think I'm on board, but y'all scare the fuck out of me.

The funny thing is all these changes effectively remove all the arcane esoteric shit that the series and subsequently its fans get some of their reputation from and makes it way more accessible in the best way possible.

all aboard the meet pyro hype train ssb4

All of these changes just make the fusion process take less fucking time and removes the onus on dice rolls and puts it on player understanding of the way that skills should interact. Not from the physical, time-consuming act of course, that was and is foreverially a fucking drag.

all aboard the meet pyro hype train ssb4

Instead, the esoteric nature of all the related mechanics such as inheritance restrictions, etc. That's still no excuse for making everything more opaque and difficult than it needs to be, but if you really wanted to scrape out the best possible demon, the astute player needed to assume the role of a cloistered monk studying tome after tome or an alchemist plotting out god knows what.

Secrets and vagueness were par for the course for such philosophers and it was god damn fascinating that such roles were reflected by the player, whether intentional or not.

It was really cool to be in the know about all that stuff, but now a lot of it is essentially dead knowledge. However, again, it's for everyone's benefit that this was changed.

Sort of like how in present day anyone with an electronic device can look up the same "hidden" knowledge of the philosophers and alchemists, along with detailed dissertations explaining it. But I'm the type of player who thinks fusion and its results are a more central conceit than any other part of the gameplay, so I know I'm a fringe weirdo lunatic! Demons would get discounts for skills they favor, and cost penalties for skills they dislike.

Skill mutation, naturally, would be able to push you over capacity with no penalty. This totally crossed my mind as well after I made my post. Not in the same metaphorical way you were using which I really do like and it relates to the themes of the games very well but from an old school verses new perspective.

Like using mitamas effectively to move skills around and stuff showing off a mastery of game mechanics was a really cool thing. But OTOH it also just functioned as a workaround albeit one built into the game by knowing designers for the time and patience barrier that is constantly rerolling skills. I think this is why everyone I've seen talk about refining the system want what Lancer describes or something like it where you're still challenged by limitations but getting to the end product is completely a matter of knowing what to do and how to do it without the busy work of constant rerolls.

To use your Nocturne example I feel like there was a reason why you were never expected to go back and Eirikr out demons in order to fight anything but the optional super boss, and that's because the devs knew that requiring something like that would be a horrendous dick move. Its fun to do I guess? Once you know what you need the only thing stopping you from getting it is time in the form of patient rerolls and grinding macca.

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Nothing about any SMT experience I've ever had really required the level of mastery that you, Eirikr, are at, outside of fighting Alice in DeSu2 I suppose the only megaboss I've ever really tried and amusingly enough that game had the cherry pick system that didn't REALLY require too much forethought. I do sympathize with you on the cloistered monk thing, that really is a fantastic way of putting it and I understand losing that thematic connection sucks, I feel it too in a way.


I just don't know how they'd keep the core of fusion while refining out the parts that are busy work without losing SOME of that feeling. It sort of comes down to an argument about mechanics that are unfun and their place in a game in order to evoke certain feelings I think.

Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS) [Archive] - Page 5 - The Return of Talking Time

It's practical in some sense, impractical in others. All the effort it took to make it and I never really used it in any capacity. I made it because I could. When you can't get enough of a game, sometimes all you can do is push it to its very limits and it's nice when doing that is rewarding for its own sake. That's what I meant by "challenge," in that you basically have to look at a guide and STILL figure out what goes where.

Maybe patience is at the core of what mutates into what and who doesn't like this and that, but I was finding myself engaged by the mechanics even without the disc spinning. I was determined not just to find a particular method, but the most efficient method. That said, while skill loadout is the most critical part of any fusion, IV's undoubtedly going to have plenty of room to "Eirikr" out.

Joe McGuffin Ditto for elemental affinities and signature skills. Besides, there's still room for "Eirikr"-ing demons. Even if you can carry the same set of your favorite "power skills," updating and upgrading as needed, you won't get the uber-skills until near the endgame, so unless you're extremely lucky with a mid-game mutation you're not going to get Luster Candy and Jihad on mid-level demon.

And even if you do You register that Matador and you fuse it with everything under the sun. But eventually, you'll have enough uber-skills in your fusion layout that you'll have to sacrifice this or that to get another.

But, wouldn't you know it?

all aboard the meet pyro hype train ssb4

That's the branch you got your Barong from. And sure, Rangda has her traditional Repel Gun, but now Shiva is vulnerable to physical attacks. And now neither Nebiros nor Belial has any defense against Light. Too bad for Alice! If you go through my P4G Compendium http: Conversely, my Michael http: So the challenge, the "Eirikr"-ing, lies in figuring out those paths, planning them out, raising the required demons, learning the skills, and then, finally, arriving at your perfect demon.

The only real complaint I have is with IV's skill mutation. Pick 'n' Choose streamlines an existing process; commitment or dedication to the craft aside, there's no functional difference between re-rolling a demon three hundred times to get that exact set of skills, or picking them one by one in five seconds.

All you do is save time and aggravation, but the end result is the same: Skill mutation is another story. Like the comic shows, you could have a demon mutate a regular skill into something game-breaking, or you can accidentally replace a powerful skill with a lousy one.

Cautious people would typically prevent a good skill from changing, at least if there's no easy way to get that skill back.

And in this particular game, where you can fuse mid-battle? DC probably saw the good reviews and decided that it was time to make things get more intense as well. Part of the reason why the Marvel Cinematic Universe succeeded is because it was so light. All of the main films were fairly cheerful with the exception of The Incredible Hulk, which still never got dark. Even Iron Man 3 and Age of Ultron, which seemed to be a little grim based on the first trailers still turned out to be the comedy action blend that Marvel has really been shredding the competition with.

If DC was able to emulate that style for their films, they would definitely be on the map by now. So, aside from the constant stream of excessive violence in Batman vs Robin, the opening is pretty off putting as Robin deals with a psychotic criminal. Again, this guy is just added to remind us that Gotham City is a very bad place and that the team must go up against crazy people like this all the time. I still wonder, why would you live in Gotham? At least you will have a Man of Steel to watch over you in the other place.

Another big negative was one that Terminator always managed to sidestep. There is animal violence in this film as Bruce Wayne shoots an owl…with a gun! Before he got the no killing and no guns policy, he actually used guns and looked for the people who murdered his parents for some time.

I suspect that the Bruce Wayne subplot from the past was around for Oscar bait and to show fans how deep and moving this film was. The ending is also a big anticlimactic way to end it all. Batman actually loses to Talon in the end after talking so much about how he was going to win. That was embarrassing and the film was really heavy handed with the Damian hype at that point.

Robin was also losing, but Talon helped him with the kill and naturally, DC decided to make it a decently gruesome one. Off screen, but you definitely know what happened. Seriously, they made Batman look so weak during those moments.

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On the contrary, typically he was shown to be an excellent fighter as he overpowered many of the Owls while they were teaming up. You can find solace in the fact that the fight scenes here are animated very well. Both opponents will keep pretending to throw a punch to make the other block and they do this until one of them finally panics and throws a punishing move that the other counters.

Batman definitely shows his mastery of hand to hand combat and Nightwing also looks quite good. The feats here are quite good as Batman definitely pushes himself to the peak of human perfection. Nightwing was the best character in the film as he did a very good job of fighting the Owls and his twin staff fight style helped to differentiate him from the others. He definitely should have wrecked Robin when they fought, but it was basically his win as he had already stopped to gloat a little bit.

He should have beaten Talon, but considering his numerous injuries at the time, I suppose that it was basically all right. His origin story was there to show us that he already knew how to make the tough calls and now he is a pro at what he does. I have to question how he got good enough to be one of the best martial artists in the planet, but everyone has to start somewhere right?

He was a fun villain to have and he gave us most of the best fight scenes in the film.

all aboard the meet pyro hype train ssb4

His fight between Batman was really his fault and there was not much of a reason for it. I suppose that Robin wanted to test his skills, but he still just let Talon get away.