2015 philadelphia eagles meet and greets

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2015 philadelphia eagles meet and greets

Nov 5, Need Philadelphia Eagles Tickets? TicketCity offers Philadelphia Eagles Stadium Tour . Excellent way to see how an NFL franchise (Philadelphia Eagles) operates Reviewed September 23, via mobile. A recap of past events at Lincoln Financial Field. From lacrosse to tours and concerts, there is something for every fan. View the full gallery here.

Win, Week 8: Bye Absolutely nothing happens, because the one time culture always beats scheme is during the bye week. Eagles Cowboys At this point, the Eagles have amassed a record and might as well be advanced to the Super Bowl, which means the reigning NFC East champion Cowboys are probably due to respond.

Philly fans hate hearing it, but this particular division rival can contend. Loss, Week Dolphins Ndamukong Suh hits Bradford low and late, which has Jason Peters seeing red, and the game devolves into a sumo wrestling match for a bit.

Suh and Peters both are ejected, but the Eagles get the worst of that trade, as a hobbled Bradford is under duress the rest of the afternoon with Dennis Kelly plugged into the lineup.

2015 philadelphia eagles meet and greets

Buccaneers By the time Brandon Graham is finished with rookie left tackle Donovan Smith, the outside linebacker is actually ahead of his projected 2. Win, Week Eagles Lions Nobody is particularly excited about spending Thanksgiving in Detroit, not even the Lions, but advantage goes to the home team on three days rest.

A beaten down Murray in particular looks about as useful as a present day Wilbert Montgomery, barreling into the line for 2. There are a lot of quiet dinners throughout the Delaware Valley. Bradley … there goes Nelson. Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff and even Riley Cooper get in on the action for good measure en route to a six touchdown performance by Bradford. With the ground attack taken care of, and no quarterback to speak of, the Bills are dispatched of rather easily.

Cardinals The Kelly-Bruce Arians blood feud must continue for a third straight season. Larry Fitzgerald hauls in a late go-ahead touchdown over second-round rookie Eric Rowe, but Sproles busts a yard catch-and-run deep in the fourth quarter to seal the victory.

2015 Eagles game-by-game predictions

Chip two, Arians one. Jenkins points to the scoreboard. Jackson continues to celebrate on the sideline as if he had just won the Super Bowl. No late season stumble for the Eagles this time, by the way. Eagles Giants The Eagles saunter up to the Meadowlands with an record. Win, Divisional Playoff: Vinny Curry is constantly in the backfield on stunts, while the delayed blitzes are working like a charm for Mychal Kendricks and Kiko Alonso.

Tony Romo is on the ground so often, the game starts to resemble Win, NFC Championship: Eagles Packers Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and Aaron Rodgers is one tough customer to run into at Lambeau Field in January.

In other words, if the Eagles do actually reach this point, anything could happen. According to the report see full reportwhich was done fromSpectrum Center in Charlotte, N.

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So, what did the health inspectors find? At the Wells Fargo Center, 51 outlets were inspected with 16 high-level violations that included finding fruit flies in the front serving prep area, mouse droppings in a concession storage area and raw animal food stored above ready-to-eat food in a cooler.

2015 philadelphia eagles meet and greets

At Lincoln Financial Field, 96 outlets were inspected with 32 high-level violations found. At Citizens Bank Park, outlets were inspected with 43 high-level violations found.

The violations include food being prepared on top of a trash receptacle, employee food, beverages and belongings mingling with food items at a concession stand, presenting a possibility for contamination and pink slime found in the ice maker and hair in the ice bin, as well as mouse droppings on the floor where pizzas were stored.

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Receive comprehensive coverage of your teams and stream the Flyers, Sixers and Phillies games easily on your device. Check out the introduction for a primer on the series. That being said, there was no upside to the tandem. They were average cornerbacks on their best days—free-agent stopgaps only ever intended to get the Eagles through a couple of seasons. Signing Byron Maxwell was the first step toward changing that.

Yes, the organization went back to the free-agent well, but this time sprung for an athlete with the potential to become a shutdown corner.

He has the size to challenge wide receivers at the line of scrimmage, yet is fast enough to limit big gains over the top—whereas Williams and Fletcher had to concede a lot of underneath routes for fear of getting beat deep.

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Some legitimate questions have been raised about Maxwell. And will he be as effective without the support system of an all-time great defense and secondary like he enjoyed in Seattle? However, the tape helps ease any fears, particularly his performance against the Dallas Cowboys last season.

Maxwell was targeted four times in coverage against Dez Bryant, allowing one reception for 11 yards before exiting the game due to an injury. There was one play where Bryant had Maxwell beat going across the middle, but the corner recovered and broke up the pass. Bryant hung three touchdowns on Philadelphia in Week 15 alone last season. The Eagles also used three draft picks on cornerbacks. Williams and Fletcher started a combined regular-season games in the NFL.

Maxwell, Nolan Carroll, Brandon Boykin, Jaylen Watkins and the three rookies have a total of 50 under their collective belts.

However, if any of those three is unavailable, the next man up is going to be extremely green. Of course, Boykin was also targeted 23 fewer times in coverage, and played fewer snaps overall, according to Pro Football Focusas opponents opted for fewer three-receiver formations. Football Outsidersfor instance, showed a percent stop rate in coverage for the fourth-year veteran—up nine percent from the previous season, and good for second among all defensive backs. Boykin is one of the best nickel cornerbacks in the NFL, period.

2015 philadelphia eagles meet and greets

Count on that high level of play continuing from the year-old. Second-round draft pick Eric Rowe out of Utah should be in the mix for the vacancy. Regardless of who comes out on top, this is a huge unknown.

Eagles game-by-game predictions | NBC Sports Philadelphia

Obviously, there are high hopes for Rowe. The potential issue here—aside from the fact Rowe is a rookie—is he only made the move to corner last season, spending his first three seasons of college ball at safety. The good news is it would be difficult to do worse than Fletcher last season. Despite the questions over the No. Maxwell brings stability to the starting lineup, three draft picks add a ton of upside and Boykin and Carroll are quality veterans.