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Hyatt Regency, Reston; 6 p. Petraeus is awarded the American Patriot Award, an honor bestowed upon those who demonstrate extraordinary leadership and service to the nation. ABC News correspondent George Stephanopoulos and Ali Wentworth emcee the event benefiting the K co-educational school for children with learning disabilities. The National Building Museum; 6 p. The Kennedy Center; 6 p. The Four Seasons, Washington, D. North Bethesda Marriott; 6: The Washington Club; 8: The Hilton Washington; 9 p.

When I went to New York, auditions were always a hundred people who looked just like me. It allowed me to fulfill my goal of being a working actor and not getting pigeonholed in one character type. I got to know 16 everyone quickly in a creative, challenging, and supportive theater community.

The challenge was to also to make him human, to somehow reveal the torment beneath it all. He is asking the big question: Are there limits in loving someone? Real results for real farmers. At BASF we understand that we need to work more closely with farmers across the UK to discover which products work best.

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We also know that never before has farming been confronted by so much uncertainty. So they can put our products to the test and see for themselves if our products really work. To discover their results visit basfrealresults. SDHI fungicides are still providing a good level of performance against septoria in winter wheat but there is some evidence of a decline in efficacy.

However, the news that the decline in triazole efficacy in a protectant situation had, over the past four years somewhat slowed, was encouraging, he stated.

And then, inlaboratory tests confirmed that a considerable number of less sensitive septoria isolates had been discovered — significantly more than had been seen prior to He said that in trials, half and quarter rate performances in SDHI Imtrex fluxapyroxad gave around 90 per cent control of septoria and now, on average, it was nearer per cent control. Dr Blake highlighted data from an on-going AHDB project looking at resistance management and the best way to protect future modes of actionand said that the more we use SDHIs, then the quicker we select for insensitivity — particularly with the addition of a second SDHI fungicide in a programme.

So only applying SDHIs when really needed, along with good resistance management, including use of multisite products, should help to prolong their efficacy. Azole stability Dr Blake suggested that increased use in mixtures of SDHI and multisite products in recent years may have played a part in the stabilising of septoria populations where triazoles are concerned.

This is a slight change from the season when prothioconazole was looking slightly stronger, he noted. According to Dr Blake, Bravo chlorothalonil at the half dose rate in a protective situation provided 50 per cent control of septoria — more than Ignite or Proline at their full label rates — and added that chlorothalonil is a very important part of protecting crops. Looking at performance against septoria over three years, results showed a similar pattern to the one-year data with the exception of prothioconazole and the SDHIs performing a little stronger in comparison.

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Focusing on yield, broadly, the There is a percentage of the septoria population that is less sensitive to SDHI chemistry than it used to be. SDHI mixes performed the same with Elatus Era a little better in terms of persistence, said Dr Blake and, while it was difficult to separate yield performance over three years, he suggested that fluopyram in Ascra Xpro gave that product a yield advantage over Aviator Xpro.

The SU attends a number of open days throughout the academic year, and we love getting out of the office to chat with students and their families! Your SU Officers have been students in the very recent past, so we can relate to a lot of the issues you will be wondering about, so feel free to ask whatever questions you have no matter how large or small they may be.

I was the first in my family to graduate, and it felt very supportive to know how proud they were of me. As SU President, I hope that every student who walks through the front gates of the University will leave with the same sense of pride and celebration.

Who knows — I might even go back and do a masters!

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I just love how everything is within such easy reach! I live close to work, which makes for an easy commute. South Belfast Life 23 South Belfast: South Belfast Life finds out more about her career and life. I have always been interested in skincare and, in general, the overall wellbeing of women.

I worked as a beauty therapist for Roberta Mechan for over 20 years before setting up The Clinic on my own in October It was a case of lots of hard work and keeping abreast of the new trends and technologies in skincare that allowed me to differentiate and ultimately branch out on my own. My goal has always been to operate a fully serviced beauty clinic offering all the latest treatments in skincare. Since opening, I have been working with Deborah Elwiss-McNally, who is one of the most in-demand practitioners with a client list that includes super models, celebrities and the A-list of Northern Ireland of course!

In general, I work 10 hours a day, four days a week with another day at 12 hours so it is a busy schedule.