Harvest moon friends of mineral town how to meet kappa

Kappa and the blue power berrie! cheats for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on GBA

harvest moon friends of mineral town how to meet kappa

they had to make the Kappa the counterpart for FoMT's socialgamenews.infos! He only will if you meet all the requirements so its a way to make sure if. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town Cheats on Facebook. Log In Meet Kappa. Make sure you have at least Dec 29, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town FAQ/ Walkthrough . Item L+Start: View World Map L+Select: View Farm Map (Good for finding Sprites, Cows, , , and ): 65 G Kappa Jewels: See Kappa Jewel Section.

Won, the merchant also has his eyes on her so you have to act quick before he gets her. She is very nice to new comers. This is really the only place you'll ever see her, so if she isn't here try another time.

She will accept almost anything except things from the woods. She is really into wool, milk, eggs, mayo, yarn, and cheese. Again, someone else is after this girl. Kai, the little pirate look alike guy at the beach house wants to marry popuri, so act fast.

Mary is kind of a mystery to me and I don't know much about her. I think she likes bugs and animals though. Saibar's randson, the one with the hat who was Ann's bro. Act quick before she is taken. All the girls like gifts. But for a gift actually take effect, it has to be wrapped in gift paer. This can be bought at the market. To get a girl to marry you, she must have a bright red heart for you.

You must then look for the blue feather which is either at the black smith,or with Won at Zack's house on the beach. Certain girls you marry give you an advantage. Friends of Mineral Town Cheats GBA Submitted by Harrison Skip Intro When you are at the beginin and the old gezer is flyin down to give u instructions on how 2 take care of your ranch which usually takes 5 minutes to save ur time shut off the game and u will skip intro!!!

Once you have done this turn off the game boy and turn it back on. The chickens will have layed more eggs. You can do this as many times as you want.

This is how I got max money in my first year. Take one cucumber with you and go to the big lake not the one near the spring mine. When you get to the lake, stand on the edge of it towards the middle. Then throw your cucumber into the water. The Kappa will appear before you he's a little green swamp monster and take your cucumber. Don't come back," but don't listen to him. Go home and finish your work, then go to bed. The next day throw another cucumber into the same lake in the same spot.

I won't be so detailed anymore, though. You need to get some money to upgrade those Tools. There's quite a few ways to do this at this point in the game, although it's still tough. The fastest way is to go mining. You don't know how to mine?! Okay, let ol' JJ teach you, then. Go south out of your farm. Then, along the left wall, there should be a little diagonal path.

There's the spa, two stumps, and a hole in the wall. You brought that hammer, right? Go in the hole. What, there's a bunch of rocks? Oh, you found an ore! If it is a little grey thing with three parts, throw it. If it's Copper or Silver, put it in your Rucksack. After two, the sack is full, but you can still carry some. Take them all to your shipping bin. Okay, do this a whole bunch of times, eating blue herbs or using the spa to restore your energy. After a couple of days, you should have some money, but, what are you going to do with it?

Hey, that kid's back on your farm again, trying to figure out if there's really someone living there! I guess it's time to meet the townsfolk. Go to town go north. Talk to everyone you see. Also, pick out the girl that seems cutest to you, and stalk her, er, find out where she is at what time.

You'll start giving that girl gifts as soon as you can. I've been trying to get Ann, the bar girl. I've found that she doesn't like herbs much, and she absolutely HATES minerals she dismissed a chunk of silver as big as her!

You don't have eggs?! Um, let's take care of that later.

How do you get kappa's wish in harvest moon more friends of mineral town

Then, you can go to the Supermarket it's the building with the bags sitting on a table in the middle of the store. Okay, go the the table with the bags, and talk to it. Also, buy a bag of grass. No, not a SACK of grass, a bag. If you had a lot of money, like, if you have 3k left, buy yourself a bigger rucksack. It's on the right side of the store. It will help a lot, especially during your long days of mining.


But, if you have it, buy the harvest basket. Don't worry, you don't have it permanently, just press A to drop it where you want it. With the harvest basket, you can put your crops and minerals in the basket instead of the rucksack.

It can hold thirty items. Back to your farm! Go and grab the Hoe, and the seed bags. If you bought a bigger rucksack, then you can also grab the watering can. Okay, now, this is a little trick I've figured out. When tilling soil, don't till in three by three groups. You'll end up with a little plant in the middle that doesn't get watered, and it takes longer to water them and pick the crops.

You'll want to make a patter something like this: Okay, stand in the center of your lines: You throw them up in the air?! Now, for the bag of grass, make a 3X3 patch of tilled soil, like this: You don't have to water grass. Now, go grab your Watering Can if you haven't already, and water all of your cucumber seeds. Now, it's just a waiting game. Let them grow, and sell the profits. That should be enough to get you started.

I'll explain more detailed stuff in its own section, such as upgrading your tools, fishing, and a more in depth explanation on mining. Remember, the stuff said above was just to get you into the game with a good start. The Axe is a tool that you need, but you won't need to upgrade a lot.

It is used for chopping wood, and ONLY chopping wood. The little sticks that you see laying around are the only things that you can chop up in the beginning of the game.

After chopping quite a few little sticks up about to the point where you have eighty peices of wood you can upgrade your Axe. Upgrading the Axe to the 'copper' stage lets you cut down stumps by charging up the tool hold down B and hitting the stump six times. This gives you six peices of wood. At the 'silver' level, you get to take one out in three hits. With the 'mystril' Axe, the bloody little stumps go down in one chop.

The only Tool you don't start out with. The Fishing Rod can be acquired at Won's shop. Just keep going there until you get a cutscene with Karen. Soon after, go in the store again, and Zack will give you the Fishing Rod. On the 'copper' level, it can catch only small fish and trash. It took me a while to figure out how to catch the little bluggers. When you cast out, wait. You'll pull in whatever bit if you timed it right how do boots bite?

I don't have any more info on the Fishing Rod at this time. The Hammer is one of the tools that you'll use a LOT, especially if you follow my guide on how to start off the game.

Mining requires ONE tool, the Hammer. It can also use another tool, but it isn't necessary. The Hammer also smashes rocks in the farm to get them out of the way. In the beginning, you can only smash small rocks. The 'copper' level smashes larger, round rocks to dust with three hits. The 'silver' level destroys the round rocks in two hits, and can crush the rugged large oval rocks in five hits.

The 'gold' Hammer can obliterate the round rocks in ONE hit, and the rugged ovals in three. The coveted 'mystril' can destroy the ovals in only two hits. No, I'm calling you names. That's the name of the tool, for those poor, uneducated people out there. It is another tool that is sure to get a lot of use. It must be used to till prepare the soil for seeds, and it can be used in the mine.

harvest moon friends of mineral town how to meet kappa

In the mine, the Hoe is used as a shovel. You can find bags of money 10 Gblack herb, or, even better, stairs to the lower levels. In the lower levels, you find even better minerals, such as gold and mystril. You get tired fast, though, so I wouldn't suggest this until you have the second rucksack upgrade, so you can take some blue herb with you don't forget the lighter, to, um, light the way!

On a side note, no matter how far down into the mine you go, if it is raining, you can hear it. As for mining, upgrading the Hoe does nothing. On the farm, though, the 'copper' version gets you two tilled squares a hit don't forget to charge! The 'silver' upgrade gets you three squares. With a 'gold' Hoe, you till four squares at once. The 'mystril' Hoe sends a tremor across the land, hitting six squares at once all in a straight line, of course.

Why four to six? Plus, who actually plants in a row of five? Death's weapon, er, what you use to chop down weeds and withered crops. It can also be used to chop down the grass, to use it for cow feed. Sort of useful, but not as much so as all the previous items. You don't even have to upgrade it, so if you can do without an upgrade for it, save yourself the money and the minerals. Regardless, I've made a chart of the cut patterns: The last Tool on my list, and the most useful, sort of.

It ties with the other tools, except the sickle. I mean, you don't even really NEED the sickle, for a while, at least. The Watering Can, um, waters crops. You need to fill it up before you water things, just use that little pond by your farm, or the river. After filling it up, the basic Can gets you a one square watering radius.

harvest moon friends of mineral town how to meet kappa

Push it up to 'copper' and you get 3x1. Well, actually, it's exactly like the cut pattern on the Sickle. Just look above at that cut pattern. Upgrade this as soon as you can, really. Right after the Axe. Axe first, though, because you want to upgrade that house soon enough. I didn't tell you how to upgrade your tools!? That's in the next section, grasshopper! You've been a pretty good learner so far, so this shouldn't take so long. You skipped right to this section?

Stay and listen anyway. To upgrade the tool, you need three things: The Tool, money, and the Mineral. You can upgrade the tools to four higher levels: Dig deeper with the Hoe to find the last two. When you have these things, go to the Tool Shop hat old man Barley runs. Talk to Barley's counter not on a Thursday, he won't serve you on a Thursday, even though he's still there. Select the first option, and then select the tool.

Finally, select the mineral to finish the process. He'll tell you how many days it will take, and kick you out. He'll kick you out. That many days later, go back, and get your newly upgraded Tool. Not on a Thursday, though. That's how you upgrade tools. Here's a breakdown of the amount of money needed to upgrade to each level: More on that in the next section.

I may have told some of you that you obtain it in the Spring Mine, but that was bad information. Just keep digging until you find them. Sometimes they're under rocks, sometimes they're buried, sometimes they're just out in the open.

Floor 29 Cursed Hoe: Floor 39 Cursed Ax: Floor 49 Cursed Hammer: Floor 59 Cursed Watering Can: Floor 69 Cursed Sickle: Floor 79 To bless a tool, each one has a different requirement.

Since I'm such a nice guy, I'll even tell you those requirements. Be warned, they're quite difficult: Use the Cursed Rod times. A trick I've heard for this that takes a while, but gets the job done is to use it inside the Bar, and keep ordering water until you're strong enough to use it again.

Do note, though, that water only restores about. That ain't a lot. Have Carter 'Bless' the Cursed Hoe 10 times. You can have him bless things during confessional. Use the Cursed Ax times. All I can say is to use the same trick as for the Rod. Equip the Cursed Hammer for ten days straight. The only advice that I can give is to have the Sprites look after your livestock, and do this during Winter. Equip the Cursed Sickle for 10 days straight. See the Hammer for the strategy. To have Carter bless something, it must be during confessional Thursday evenings, I thinkand it costs 1, G each blessing.

You can only have him bless one thing a day. Cursed and Blessed tools have the same effects, except for the fact that Cursed Tools sap your Stamina faster than a Downer. Here are the effects: You can now catch the 'King' fish, as well as Treasure and Fish Fossils. Till a 12x3 area of land, like this: Chops ALL stumps and branches that you can see on the screen.

Water a 6x13 area. Cuts a 9x9 Square: You heard me right. They then appear in the Spring Mine, on floor After you take them to Saibarra, he'll use them to make your Tool an Mythic Tool, for the nomimal charge of 50, G.

He'll take about a week, too. Yep, so the cost at Saibarra's shouldn't be too bad after all. Here's a breakdown of the Mythic Tools: Increases chances of catching Fossil or Pirate Treasure. Till an 18x5 area: Smashes ALL stones and boulders on the current screen. Waters a 12x21 square of land: I don't know why I'm doing this, I must really like you guys. Cuts a 15x15 square: If you've been through the whole guide, you already know the basics of the basics.

Oh, take the Hammer. Use the Hammer to smash the rocks you see. If you get three little grey rocks joined together, throw it. If you get a silver or copper chunk, put it in your rucksack. Now ship it or use it to upgrade. Now, with that out of the way, we can get into more complicated mining. First, I'd like to point out that there are two mines. There's the normal one, and the one in the middle of the lake.

To get to that one, wait until winter. In either mine, there is more than one level. To reach these lower levels, you need the Hoe. Take that in, and start using it like a shovel to dig. You'll find one of four things: Black Herb useful for releiving the fatigue and stamina.

harvest moon friends of mineral town how to meet kappa

Stairs If you find the Herb, eat it right away. Even if it's the first thing you find. It doesn't recover much. The stairs, go down them. As you go deeper into the mine, you'll find better minerals. See Goddess Jewel Section. Note that you must have an empty tool slot when you see it the first time, or it's gone for good. You could even go to, say, the Winter Mine, in Summer. The Winter Mine is the same as the Spring Mine, except for these things: Agate All Floors, except 50, and See Kappa Jewel Section.

Moon Stone Floors that end in 8 8, 18, 28, 38, etc. Also, on the ninth floor is a pond where you can catch Coelecanth, a King Fish. But, what's the fun in that? There's a good number of crops in this game, from flowers to fruits and veggies.

If it's on a sandwich at you'r local burger joint, it's in the game. I'm yet to see a cabbage burger. Actually, it sounds good. Okay, let's get down to the crops. First of all, lets get the basics down, for those people who skip around in guides. To plant things, you need a bag of seeds for that plant. Then, you need to till the soil.

harvest moon friends of mineral town how to meet kappa

I'll suggest a till patter for the first couple of watering cans: After it's tilled, stand in the center, and throw the seeds up, and whatch them miraculously land in place is there no wind here?!

After that, with the exception of grass, water each seed with the Watering Can don't forget to fill it up! Eventually, the seeds will sprout into little plants, which will then grow bigger, then get flowers, and, finally, produce some produce. Pick the produce with A, and put it in the shipping bin. Viola, at Five, you'll have more cash. Planting Seeds off season will kill them.

Harvest Sprites can water for you, getting at the seed in the middle of this: Walking on seeds will not hurt them.

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Selling of the three basic seeds in one season gets you a special seed. Takes 4 days to grow, but it can only be harvested once. Each packet will cost you G, but each Turnip sells for 60 G.

In a six plant pattern, you get G, which is a G profit. Takes 7 days to grow, and can only be harvested once. Each packet willcost you G, but each Potato sells for 80 G. Takes 9 days to grow, but it can be harvested more than once. Each packet will cost you G, but each Cucumber sells for 60 G. It takes 6 days to get another Cucumber, three days less than another turnip, and also G less.

Each packet will cost you ! G, but each Cabbage head is worth a whopping G, In a six plant pattern, you get G, which is a profit of G. The Cabbage packets are bought from Won. Takes 13 days to grow, but can be harvested more than once.

Each packet will cost you G, but each ear of Corn will sell for G. In a six plant pattern, you get G a harvest, which is a profit of G a harvest. It takes four days to regrow Corn.

Great money maker, but also a good way to get chicken feed. Just pull an ear of Corn, and put it in the watermill with A, and you get 30 Chicken feed. Takes 7 days to grow, and can be harvested more than once. Each packet will cost you G, but each Tomato will sell for 60 G. In a six plant pattern, you get G each harvest, which is a profit of G each harvest. It takes 3 days to regrow Tomatos. Takes 8 Days to grow, and can only be harveted once. Each packet will cost you G, but each Onion sells for 80 G.

In a six plant patter, you get G, which is a profit of G. Takes 21 DAYS to grow!! Each packet will cost you G!! It takes 5 days to regrow Pineapple. Takes 6 days to grow, AND can be harvested multiple times. Each packet costs only G, and each Potato sells for G. It takes only three days to regrow Sweet Potatoes. Takes 8 days to grow, and can be harvested multiple times. Each packet costs you just G, and each Eggplant sells for 80 G. In a six plant patter, you get G a harvest, a profit of G a harvest.

It takes 3 days to regrow Eggplant. Takes 8 days to grow, and can only be harvested once. Each packet costs G, and each Carrot sells for G. In a six plant pattern, you get G, which is a profit of G.

Takes 8 days to grow, but can be harvested multiple times. Each packet costs G, and each Pepper sells for 40 G. In a six plant pattern, you get G, which is a profit of only 90 G. Now, the good part: It takes only two days to regrow the Pepper. TV There's plenty to watch on TV. But you'll probably only pay attention to a few things with me here. Pressing up gets you the ever useful weather report. Pressing right gets you a limited event calender.

Pressing down gets you another turorial. Pressing left gets you different things on different days: Only available the beginning of Spring.

Guess if the number is higher or lower, and get a prize if you get a lot right in a row. Tuesday Sort of like the Japanese show "Iron Chef," two chefs battle it out with food, whoever's dish is better wins. You can get some neat recipees from here.

Tutorial on how to fish. Saturday The best one on the left channel. It comes the next day. Here's a list of all the stuff: Refridgerator G Store Crops and Foods here. Waste of money in my opinion Big Bed G A big bed. Wife wont have to sleep on the floor anymore: Oven G An oven. It's actually a Microwave oven. Use it to "Kick things up a notch. Cheats Some NOTES you should be aware of: First of all, I don't condone cheating.

It is a cheap way to ruin a game, in my personal opinion. I am also aware that there are people out there who do not believe this in the way I do. Some people are weak, and therefore need the cheats to win. That's why I'm adding this section in.

Well, first of all, you need a codebreaker. Once you have a codebreaker all you have to do is plug in the codes listed in here and then start your game. More on this in the next chapter. Friends of Mineral Town there are two main types of codes: Stage 1 and Stage 2. The way that you can tell that you are in a possition to use stage 2 codes is when you can move around. To use stage 2 codes players should turn off their codebreakers, load their game files and then, when they can move around in the game, they should turn on their codebreakers.

This will allow you to use the codes correctly. For those of you who would like to calculate your own stage 2 codes from stage 1 codes you can follow the following instructions: Open the windows calculator.

Click on view and then click Scientific. Click the hexadecimal button. Plug in the value of the stage one code.

Now, there are two ways to do this. Click add and type in or -B: Click the Decimal button, then click add, then plug in The result will be the stage 2 code! With this knowledge of codes you should now be ready to begin pluging in codes. When you upgrade your rucksack once you will be able to modify slotsand the second time you upgrade your rucksack you will be able to mod slots You will lose anything that was in the slots before you moded them.

Slot 1 A 00yy: Slot 2 C 00yy: Slot 3 E 00yy: Slot 4 00yy: Slot 5 00yy: Slot 6 00yy: Slot 7 00yy: Slot 8 Stage 2: Slot 1 A70 01yy: Slot 2 A74 01yy: Slot 3 A78 01yy: Slot 4 A7c 01yy: Slot 5 A80 01yy: Slot 6 A84 01yy: Slot 7 A88 01yy: Copper Watering Can Silver Watering Can Gold Watering Can Mystrile Watering Can Cursed Watering Can Blessed Watering Can