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yume tsukai ending relationship

The following is a list of episodes of the anime television series Yume Tsukai, adapted from the The ending theme single "Kodō" (鼓動) is performed by Ayako Kawasumi and Kei Shindou singing as their . fatal assault later, Mizuki arrives at a pragmatic homeostasis with Mizuho to restore the brother-sister relationship. List of Yume Tsukai episodes The following is a list of episodes of the anime The ending theme single "Kodō" (鼓動) is performed by Ayako Kawasumi and Kei . a pragmatic homeostasis with Mizuho to restore the brother-sister relationship. Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto (literally: "Things That Are Precious To a and how it affects the relationship with her clients and the people surrounding her. Book-Ends: The show starts and ends with Yume at the famous crossing in.

The ending is touching and effective, as are the arc's musings on lost love and the importance of the unknown future.

yume tsukai ending relationship

It's where the series really comes together, even developing two of the dream masters further and showing their origins. Dream masters are people who have lost something important and have awakened to their abilities as a result, and their ultimate job is to help people discover what is most important to them. They're more like assistants who remove the supernatural interlopers in the way, giving people a chance to realize their own emotions and be honest about them, while giving advice when necessary.

Touko and Satoka's attitudes and origins fit this best, and are especially developed in the second arc. Rinko and Hajime are more on the backburner after the first arc, though that's ultimately for the best; Hajime's whole lolicon comedic relief stitch is obnoxious and unwanted, while Rinko's status as a little girl doesn't really allow her to offer anything on the series major themes.

yume tsukai ending relationship

She rarely contributes beyond plot developments, and Ueshiba seems to have run out of ideas using her pretty fast. The first arc is a major attention getter, but it also goes into some very, VERY icky territory almost constantly. It's a bit much, even for me, and I am no stranger to perverse lunacy. The first arc starts off on a outright insane note by having the disappeared girls having been victim to hysterical pregnancies where the body thinks it's pregnant and shows signs to compensatesome sort of seducing being in the dream world taking the form of the deceased student, constant gender shifting, people being seduced by alternate gender versions of themselves, a principal who REALLY liked that deceased student, and victims being turned into fantastical technological Oh, and all the girls with hysterical pregnancies gain them by somehow devouring the demon creature in the dream world while in "a complete mockery to god's design" mode.

It only gets more and more maddening from there, including the dream creature wearing an outfit so revealing that it would make Kuja from Final Fantasy IX blush, and that guy walks around in a belly top, heels and a codpiece. And don't even get me started on the "mother," or we may end up being here forever. Oh, or the past of one of the arc's major characters, Kaori. It is not pretty. It also opens that old can of worms of Japan's views on homosexuality.

The thing that kept me from dropping the series in this arc was that it was so bloody bizarre that I wanted to keep reading to understand just what the hell this series was. I'm glad I kept reading, because that first arc does pay off properly. It ends up dealing with love and relationships once more, but instead of the theme of time from the alchemist arc, it deals with people attracted to opposites for the reasons that they're opposite.

The duality of genders and Kaori's presence helps add to this, as do all the taboos brought up and explored. It's a messy first attempt, but the series takes its time and creates a gripping story with high stakes and strong villains.

yume tsukai ending relationship

Despite the big creep vibes I get from the writer, I enjoy reading his thoughts on relationships in this series. A visit from the girls' aunt Misako ultimately becomes the skeleton key for Touko to learn Yuuka's prologue with Kei along with the insight of what now needs to take place; a fierce battle laden with Shinto ritualistic mechanics later, Yuuka is left with a dangerous opportunity with how she handles her feelings for Kei. It is not long before the two Yume Tsukai encounter the proactive proximity precautions of Haru's nightmare which proves beyond the available combat capabilities; while Rinko divides her frustration between not getting to Haru and being forced to fight the nightmare alone, Touko has devised a counter-strategy to avail at the next engagement that utilizes an iconoclastic but crucial resource -- the Kinyousei Yume Tsukai Hajime Tachibana who proves himself the skeleton key for successfully approaching Haru for insight as to the situation.

yume tsukai ending relationship

While poor Rinko is stuck as a diversion, Hajime quickly makes friends with Haru as he gets right to the heart. Touko now recovered from her cold and galvanized with the data of Haru's collaborative prologue with her parents, it now becomes clear what ultimately has to be done; the nightmare now conquered, Haru realizes the true meaning behind her father's injunction against troubling Setsuko who realizes that it is not her choice whether Haru sees her father.

While the chagrined Rinko rails and wails at Touko in frustration, Yuuko Aomori is prosecuting a typical workday when a nightmare spawned by her infatuation with her supervisor Kouji Nagasaki begins to visibly follow her around; galvanized by the circumstances thereof while eating lunch, Touko explains Yuuko her perspective on the deviant diagnostic prior to Rinko easily subduing the nightmare.

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While Rinko desperately tries to stave off air sickness and wrap her mind around the circumstances, the Doyousei Yume Tsukai Satoka Sagawa is bootstrapping herself for a rendezvous with Touko at the Nagasaki Airport.

Grimacing at being forced to show Satoka the ropes of being a Yume Tsukai while Touko takes a catnap, Rinko is frustrated at how clumsily and unprofessionally Satoka does her job when Masashi Nakaoka angrily repulses their incursion; later that evening after extinguishing the subsequent adversarial divergent concourse, Touko explains Rinko her perspective on how things are far more circuitous than meets the eye considering that Satoka is still mourning her fallen boyfriend Satoru Jissouji.

Masashi's decision to pre-emptively lash out unto the town the next morning ultimately brings things to a head; in spite of Satoka being of much greater utility in the ensuing melee, neither Rinko nor Touko has a healthy perspective of what responsible dreaming is. The scant background data of the incident quickly becomes irrelevant when Rinko finds Mayumi home alone in spite of being even younger than Rinko herself and again when Mayumi changes the subject when Rinko inquires about the Daruma doll; unnerved at the prospect of Rinko learning the truth and eventually neutralizing it, the nightmare inquires Rinko her motivations before sending her on her way.

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Hajime arrives in time to introduce himself as Rinko is leading Satoka to the main house oblivious to Satoka's true reason for being in Tokyo -- a clue of which Touko picks up when Satoka races off after Hajime unwisely demonstrates the mechanics of the Dream Cyclone. Meanwhile, Satoka is about to collapse into despair when Rinko's arrival galvanized by Hajime's insight as to the depicted location becomes the preamble for an exciting adventure through the city demonstrating that Rinko can be just as mischievous as any normal-powered little kid her age when she leads Satoka through a construction site under the nose of its burly foreman that ironically becomes the deus ex machina for the girls to reach their destination.

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Rinko is quite incensed to ultimately find that Satoka's motive for the mad dash through town is to buy snacks from a store whose dusk consumption is to commemorate a promise made before Satoru's death but acknowledges that a strong bond was formed between the two. Even during the school day, it becomes apparent that Mizuki realizes that he is sailing into very choppy ethical waters that become tempestuous when Mizuho is accosted by a plant monster as she is completing her home commute; in spite of Rinko successfully incinerating the monster, it is but a symptom of a much greater problem in the background as Touko collects Mizuki's band-aid and inquires Mizuho her prologue with Mizuki.

Galvanized with the full background data, Touko declares zero hour for rescuing Mizuki only to find that he is punishing himself for his perspective of Mizuho as his paramour in spite of her being his biological sister.

yume tsukai ending relationship

Mizuho's fervent pleas against being left behind ultimately become the ironic deus ex machina that causes the nightmare to become frightened for its survival; a fierce battle culminating to a last-minute collaborative fatal assault later, Mizuki arrives at a pragmatic homeostasis with Mizuho to restore the brother-sister relationship. Desperate for Wakaba's survival, Kentaro races off to find Wakaba's parents with Rinko right on his heels in a bid to intercept the nightmare and prevent its rampage through time all the way to Wakaba's first day of grade school only to be one step behind the whole time.

Rinko's observation that Kentaro himself has some memories of Wakaba along with Touko having figured out the mechanics of the whole situation which has come to a head becomes the ultimate skeleton key by which the nightmare is neutralized; as an ancillary bonus, Wakaba successfully attains her first kiss while her family government works things out in a rational and mature fashion.

The investigation gets a big shot in the arm with the insight of Keigo and his girlfriend Yumi; while Touko tries to innovate a deus ex machina to neutralize the nightmare, things continue to deteriorate as the prospect of a flawless citywide fatality ratio becomes evident.