Super robot taisen og the inspector ending a relationship

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super robot taisen og the inspector ending a relationship

Super Robot Taisen OG: The Inspector (Japanese). Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector. スーパーロボット Ending Theme: #1: "Bokura no. A description of tropes appearing in Super Robot Wars Original Generation. than Fanservice; the ending credits of Animated Adaptation The Inspector is one. .. with Battle Couples uses this to extremes; see also Relationship Values below. This is a great anime with a great ending to complete the story but there is a lot of The original series which was another "Super Robot Wars: Something" Title.

The Einst, who claim they're the original watchers of the Earth, decide to destroy it and recreate it from its ashes a new world, with Kyosuke and Alfimi as the new Adam and Eve. To further their scheme, they capture Excellen and her Weiss Ritter and had her easily brainwashed, due to the influence of the Einst technology in her. Kyosuke was the only one who managed to break her free from their control over her and stop the Einst. With the Einst leader destroyed, all Einst elements in the universe begin to fade, including Alfimi, the parts on the Rein Weiss Ritter and the technology within Excellen's body.

Because Alfimi was essentially Excellen, even though she was a clone, Excellen felt deeply disheartened, having to lose another part of her.

Excellen Browning

The events of Original Generation 2 concludes with Kyosuke and Excellen discussing their future together, with Excellen suggesting that if she ever conceives twin baby girls, they would name them Alfimi and Lemon, in memory of her clone and sister from the shadow mirror world. In the Shadow-Mirror universe, the Excellen Browning of that dimension was killed in the crash and was reborn and rebuilt as Lemon Browning by her parents.

Trivia Edit There are two characters that share appearance and personalities based on Excellen: The original female protagonis Xiamou from Namco x CapcomXiaomua flirtatious " mystic fox " who aids the male protagonist Reiji Arisu in his enforcement duties.

Namco x Capcom also happens to be directed by the same person who directed Super Robot Wars Impact, where Excellen is the female protagonist.

super robot taisen og the inspector ending a relationship

Endless Frontier features Kaguya Nanbua woman of nobility, who shares the same carefree and cheerful mannerisms Excellen has and Haken Browningknown to make lighthearted passes at every female the party encounters due to his flirtatious personality.

Excellen's character design is based off Mizuki Tachibana, sharing many personality traits as well love of alcohol, flirtatous [1] [2] [3] [4] In Original Generation 2, if Excellen lands the final blow on Lemon Browning 's unit in the last battle against the Shadow-Mirror inside the White Starshe revises her comment about having children, during the ending dialogue. She tells Kyosuke that she'd like to have twin girls instead, with the oldest of the two named Lemon, during which Kyosuke correctly guessed the younger would be named Alfimi.

Furthermore, release of Super Robot Wars OG Gaiden seems to have rectonned the fading of the Einst technology on the Rein Weiss Ritter, as it appears fully playable in its first sortie. Therefore, it is possible Excellen is still part-Einst. There are warriors who have wings made out of steel They are just about to take off for the last battle that determines the fate of the world These warriors will never give up, because they've got tenacious and strong hearts, that are filled with great love They are ready to sacrifice their own lives to blaze a new trail for the future, for new hopes Now imagine a threat it would take to bring them all together, and imagine them pounding it flat.

The first Super Robot Wars was released on the Nintendo Game Boyand featured mecha from Mazinger ZGundam various series and Getter Robo referred to as the "Holy Trio" of the franchise and would star in nearly every game from then on.

As the franchise grew, more series were added, as well as their characters. Each game would take the storylines of all the series and merge them into one mostly coherent whole. This often required some creative interpretation, particularly in the case of Gundam, as characters, mecha and events that took place decades apart in the original stories will now occur within a matter of weeks of each other, if not at the same time.

The usual setup for your average Super Robot Wars game is simple: The player usually sees the story through the eyes of an original character and their mechapossibly through different protagonists and different story routes. As the story begins to wind down, an additional threat makes itself known, and the gathered heroes come together to beat the unholy hell out of it.

Of course, the interactions can sometimes have an interesting effect on various characters.

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The Super Robot Wars Alpha games, for example, are highly regarded by many fans for making Shinji Ikari much less of a wuss. Starting from the second game, entirely new mecha and characters were introduced.

super robot taisen og the inspector ending a relationship

InBanpresto released Super Robot Wars Original Generation for the Game Boy Advancewhich consisted entirely of the original characters and mecha created for the series over the years; a sequel was released in Both titles, including Spin-Off Endless Frontierare the only Super Robot Wars games to be officially released outside of Japan, due to the obvious lack of licensing problems. However, by The New '10sfranchise publisher Bandai Namco began a new international push via its licensed installments and the realities of modern Internet commerce see "International Era" folder more.

The series is occasionally referred to by English speakers as Super Robot Taisen, the original Japanese name.

super robot taisen og the inspector ending a relationship

Strangely, "Super Robot Wars" is a Japanese invention: The game that started it all. Released in April for the Nintendo Game Boyit contains mecha only and no pilots; essentially has an Excuse Plot and isn't counted in any timeline. The game plays nothing like its successorsbeing more of a traditional Turn-Based Tactics game where players capture enemy bases to clear the map.

Unlike its successors, it features a multiplayer option, a feature not seen again until Super Robot Wars XO. See here for more details. The first game to have an overarching story and Banpresto Originals, the plot follows a Civil War between The Federation and the separatist Divine Crusaders.

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector (TV)

Important Banpresto Original characters debuting here: Released in Julyit revolves around the attack of the "Inspectors" of the intergalactic Zuvorg Alliance. This installment is often considered by fans to be one of the most difficult SRWs ever released. War in the PocketMobile Suit Gundam A sequel, of sortsto the third game, it was released in March for the Super Famicom. EX features a "Multiple Scenario" system, where the plot is determined by the order the player selects the scenarios they play; it is also the first game to allow weapon upgrades.

The proper sequel to 3 and the final story of the Classic Timeline, 4 deals with the invasion of the "Guests" paramilitary force from the Zuvorg Alliance. Released in March on the Super Famicom, this is the first SRW allowing players to choose from eight Banpresto Originals, each with staple personalities, to be the protagonist. Additionally, certain scenarios may contain hidden items or credits on the map, which can be collected by moving a unit onto its location.

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Finally, 4 allowed players to manually decide whether to counterattack during enemy turns. Gilliam Yeager from Hero Senki: Project Olympus makes an appearance here, and it is also the debut appearance of the super robot Shin Getter Robo in 4 and Mazinkaiser in F Final. Masou Kishin - The Lord of Elemental: The first official SRW Gaiden Gamewith its events occurring on the fringes of the Classic Timeline before the start of 2 and after the end of 4.

This is actually the first Original Generation game, as it includes only Masou Kishin characters. It is also the first game in the franchise where a unit's elevation and the direction it is facing at the end of its turn are important for combat calculations; this would be repeated in future Masou Kishin installments. The first SRW to feature a complex storyline, centered on the invasion of Earth by the Ze Balmary Empire and, to some extent, on the terrestrial Choukijin plot in actuality, the story is simply an upgraded form of the story in Shin Super Robot Wars.

Released in May on the PlayStation, it's the first game to allow customization of pilot skills, statistics and terrain ratings.

super robot taisen og the inspector ending a relationship

Alpha also introduces the "Skill Point" later localized as "Battle Mastery" in Super Robot Wars Original Generation system, where decisions made in and out of scenarios can affect game difficulty and chances of unlocking secret characters, parts and units. A remake was released on the Sega Dreamcast infeaturing 3D visuals, increased difficulty, secret boss characters and a cameo of the G-Breaker, a robot from Bandai's Sunrise Eiyuutan.

Do You Remember Love? Released in March on the PlayStation, Alpha Gaiden introduces simultaneous weapon upgrades for units and brings back Masou Kishin characters for their final appearance before the Original Generation sub-series, which was a source of speculations that Banpresto got sued by Winkysoft for using their characters in reality, the team wanted a break from the recent spate of Masou Kishin-centric stories.

The proper sequel to Alpha, released on the PlayStation 2 in March The game also marks the promotion of Sanger Zonvolt, formerly The Dragon in Alpha Gaiden, into a protagonist, and confirmation the canon heroes of the Alpha games are Kusuha Mizuha and Brooklyn Luckfield.

Super Robot Wars Alpha 3: The most crowded SRW at its time 33 individual series! The sequel to Alpha 2, the game concludes the Balmar War saga and the Alpha series. It's also famous for introducing Virtual-ON characters, the first time another company 's video game series is brought into the franchise.