Spiderman 2 train scene ending a relationship

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spiderman 2 train scene ending a relationship

In addition to the positive payoffs at the end of the film, Spider-Man 2 is . This is especially true during the train fight, which remains my favourite Spider-Man Two: The Impossible Demand in Ingmar Bergman's 'Scenes from a Marriage'. Apr 28, For being more than a decade old, the subway fight in Spider-Man 2 holds Dashboard Confessional's “Vindicated,” which played over the film's end credits, As opposed to other movies, Peter's relationship with MJ plays a. Jun 30, Spider-Man 2 is the best comic-book movie ever, hands down, full stop. that there's a lot of stuff going on in his life between relationships, jobs, and more. Peter is the one who ends up stopping the train that nearly crashes and kills Doc Ock is also at the center of some of the best action scenes in any.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is one of the biggest offenders, cramming so many Easter eggs into an already bloated sequel that audiences didn't really care if the story continued. On the other hand, Spider-Man 2 strikes a perfect harmony between providing a narrative the audience can get invested in while wetting our appetites for a continuation later on. That would just feel out of place.

spiderman 2 train scene ending a relationship

Homecoming is the 16th film in the MCU franchise, and for those of you keeping track at home, it will mark the second major reboot of the character in just under 15 years. This was a time when the golden age of comic book movies had only just begun. There were so many possibilities as to where to take the franchise, and it was exciting for moviegoers to enter the theater not knowing what to expect next.

spiderman 2 train scene ending a relationship

It merely set out to be a thrilling, entertaining ride, and in that regard, it certainly succeeded. A once noble and brilliant scientist, Doctor Octavius is transformed into a supervillain after a fusion experiment goes horribly wrong.

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His wife dies in the accident, and as a result, the doctor's personality is taken over by the artificial intelligence of the mechanical arms that have been implanted on his back. Sure, that might sound like a generic supervillain origin story, but actor Alfred Molina takes the character to new heights by making him surprisingly relatable with his complex performance. Like Norman Osborn, Otto Octavius' undoing is his one tragic character flaw: His transition from a friendly mentor to Peter to a deranged criminal is about as dynamic as they come.

As a character, we understand Doc Ock's motivations, which makes his self-sacrifice at the end of the movie feel earned rather than like just a cheap gimmick.

Oh, and can we talk about how cool those mechanical arms look?

spiderman 2 train scene ending a relationship

The sense of movement and the thrill of swinging through New York City is exhilarating, capturing the freedom and awe of what it must be like to be the superhero. But it is the conflicts, both large-scale and personal that truly drive the experience, making this one of the most critically-acclaimed and celebrated films in the genre. The relationship between these two men is given more weight as the two were friends prior to the incident something Parker has in common with several enemies.

There is a hesitancy to Spider-Man as he knows the true man behind the villainy and wants to rescue him.

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As their battles escalate among the tops of skyscrapers, they end up falling atop a speeding rapid transit R Train heading through city. He then escapes, leaving Spider-Man the choice of following him or saving the passengers. Spider-Man naturally stays with the elevated train and leaps up to the front car where he first tries to stop it with his feet, plowing through the planks on the track with no effect.

When that fails, and the conductor snidely asks if he has any more ideas, Spider-Man starts using his web-slingers to act as brakes, using them to latch onto buildings like a net. With great effort, his plan works, slowing the train enough so that it screeches to a halt just as it breaks through the barrier on the end of the raised track.

Spiderman 2 train scene ending : Spiderman

Exhausted by the ordeal, he collapses, but before he can fall, the passengers—through the broken front windows of the engine car—reach out and hold him in place, pulling him into safety. The thing about Peter Parker is he is young and inexperienced, a boy thrust into his role as hero by an accident. Doc Ock represents the greatest threat to the city Spider-Man has faced yet, a monstrous villain with plans for destruction that must be stopped. When lives are in immediate danger, Spider-Man acts selflessly to protect them, his battle with Doctor Octopus one that is entirely crafted around suppressing the man from harming others.

spiderman 2 train scene ending a relationship

At great cost, Spider-Man commits himself to the battle, even when he is hit, full force, by an oncoming train that rips him from the fight. Often the hero must choose between saving one or saving many, a friend or partner or even a lover.

It is framed and scripted to be traumatizing as possible, and we are meant to wonder how the hero can save everyone.