Mahoroba densetsu ending a relationship

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mahoroba densetsu ending a relationship

v c (end) by Hiyoko no GAO over 10 years ago v c by Hiyoko no Angel Densetsu . relationships between protag and 3 personalities within 1 girl. The ending theme song, Excellent Legend (まほろば伝説 Mahoroba Densetsu), was sung by Manami Ishikawa. Both songs had lyrics by Yōko Aki, were. After Ed, Edd n Eddy ended with the movie Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, .. It was established in June with the publication of Hyōryū Densetsu Crystania The series, centering on the relationship between main characters Himeko and Ototachibana Academy in the fictional Japanese town of Mahoroba.

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Because she has been contaminated, she was also marked for death amongst her peers. She later finds out that she's actually not related to Mikazuchi, but a little girl taken away from her real mother. Mikazuchi however never knew about this and after being possessed by Orochi he used the dark energies of Orochi to corrupt Oto's soul. It was not until Orochi broken the psionic bind between Mikazuchi and his mech that her mind was free from dark influence.

Towards the end of the series she now lives in the village along with Yamato. There was no epilogue to speak of her fate, but it is assumed that she will eventually have a real romantic relationship with Yamato and marry him. When Shuranoo attacks the village, she is kidnapped and taken to Tsukiyomi who then reveals that it is a parasite that had latched on to her mum's body. She is then absorbed by Tsukiyomi while her mum is released.

Yamato follows but is hesitant at attacking because Oto was a part of it. In the end Yamato realises that to defeat Tsukiyomi they need to fly her into the sun so he grabs her and heads towards the sun but before they reach the sun Mikazuchi appears and tells them to live their lives full and tells them that he approves of them causing tears to run down Oto's face. Mikazuchi frees them and sends them back towards the Dragon Carrier as Susanoo and Tsukiyomi meet their ends.

Roka[ edit ] He's the best friend to Yamato and in many ways his second conscience. Roka was always afraid of the things Yamato would do because it tends to be dangerous or morally conflicting. When Yamato chose to leave their village, Roka tagged along for the journey. Through their adventures together between battling Sky Warriors and avoiding danger, he learned to become a stronger person.

By the time they returned to their home village, Roka has become wiser and braver than he used to. He returns in After War as a scholar and wears glasses now. These robots are bio-mechanized with their own personalities, feelings, and unique powers.

All the pilots of these fantastic machines are actually kidnapped children that were trained to be obedient, skillful, and murderous agents of their dark priestess. Though robotic in form, they are made through bio-mechanical incubation and have the ability to evolve over time to take even more powerful forms. All "Demon Air War Gods" recharge through special bacta-like pods which repairs and recharges their energies, but because they are also living machines they can eat as well.

All their internal cockpits have crystal orbs which act as an interface with their pilot and also respond to human emotions to react accordingly to the pilots feelings. In After War, when Susanoo's arm is cut off it reveals a beating body of flesh underneath that further proves that the Sky Warriors are indeed alive.

Susanoo Susanoo once belonged to a merciless unnamed pilot that used Susanoo's powers to destroy seven worlds. Susanoo's pilot for unexplained reasons landed upon the green planet and died there leaving his sword behind along with his remains. Yamato would eventually stumble upon Susanoo and used its destructive powers for good, but never once realizing that inside Susanoo also lies the dark spirit of the one of eight-headed dragon.

Through combat, Susanoo eventually evolved into a larger and more powerful form to defeat his enemies. The dark dragon spirit that once resided in Susanoo left when the very energies that bound him were used to revive Yamato. In time the dark energies that resided in Susanoo were cleansed through Yamato's journey. Susanoo would eventually develop a psychic link with Yamato and respond to his every thought and intention.

In the After War OVA Susanoo is once again called upon against a revived Shuranoo but because of Yamato's unwillingness to destroy Mikazuchi, Susanoo is beaten and loses an arm in the process.

mahoroba densetsu ending a relationship

Shuranoo pushes Susanoo into the Yakumo lake where it was healed by the Dragon Carrier and subsequently evolve into his 3rd form which is a red samurai-themed armor. In the end, Yamato takes Susanoo towards the sun taking Tsukiyomi and Oto with it, but Mikazuchi intervenes and takes control of Susanoo and sends Yamato and Oto back to Earth as he sacrifices himself to kill Tsukiyomi and approving Yamato and Oto being together.

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Shuranoo Amon pilots "the strongest demon air war God. Its fate was left an answered until After War where it is revealed that it had survived the "Dark Sky Carriage"'s destruction. Horu escapes to heal himself. Bocca and Kurofune meets once again, Bocca wants Kurofune to leave the maze, he tells him that Sayoko is waiting for him. But Kurofune wants Bocca to leave instead and let him finish Horu himself. They both exchange 'arrow fire', and Bocca loses.

Kurofune seeks out Horu, and finds him healed. Kurofune tells Horu that he has already killed him and that he will never be able to leave the maze.

Kurofune fires a bolt of arrow into the walls of the maze, and runs through the walls. Bocca who was trapped in the maze finally escapes the maze and is pulled out of the sea waters onto a boat, into the waiting arms of Sayoko.

They learn that the island had sunk a long time ago. Episode 15 - Fortune River Bocca and Sayoko arrives at a tourist spot. Sayoko's investigation into the place reveals that several tourists have gone missing there.

They spot the body of Tone's Aibar machine, Skyblue, the blue eyed boy, lying close to the waters. Bocca revives him with the aid of his Aibar machine. They learn that Tone has been taken prisoner at a castle managed by a member of the Monster Union known as Lucky Thoroughbred.

Skyblue suddenly warns them that they had been spotted and that the enemy was headed their way. Flying Bunny, a girl in a bunny costume riding a flying board, arrives. Bocca, Sayoko and Skyblue are spotted by her. She goes on an aerial attack.

In the battle against Flying Bunny, Bocca's Aibar machine attempts to fly but is unsuccessful. Bocca successfully wounds Flying Bunny, and she retreats to the castle to heal herself.

She meets with Lucky Thoroughbred and they exchange some harsh words. Lucky Thoroughbred reveals his intent to set bombs all over the world and then visits his captive, Tone. Skyblue meanwhile, meets up with another Airbar machine, the one who uses boomerangs as weapons. They fight each other. Sayoko meanwhile tries to kiss Bocca, but Bocca hesitates. Sayoko learns why, she realizes that Melody is watching them.

Sayoko runs off feeling hurt. She is suddenly greeted by Lucky Thoroughbred in his monster machine. Sayoko however, looks more surprised than afraid. And instead calls him, "brother". While on the way in, the two get more than a bit comfortable with each other, and Coco tells her story to the boy. Within the castle, a helpless Sayako is reminded of her old family, and of her brother's "achievement" to become a Monster Union agent.

Meanwhile, the two Melos Warriors go separate ways. Bocca eventually meets up with Lucky Thoroughbred, agreeing to a race with his robot monster over a lake of water, since if Bocca wins, his friends would be released.

At the same time, Koko in off saving Toune, when met up with Flying Bunny, where trouble starts to occur. And can Bocca win the race with his flightless Aibar-Machine? Episode 17 - Having wings even though one is not an angel Tone and Sayako are held hostage in the tower. And Coco and Bocca have gone in to rescue them.

However, Shuuma has explosives planted all over the castle and he will not hesitate to set them off.

mahoroba densetsu ending a relationship

Episode 18 - Tokyo Station Sayako receives a message to return home. But she wants to know where her relationship with Bocca is going first.

The prime minister reveals his intended deal with the Monster Union. He also mentions about his lost daughter. The origin of the new Monster King is also revealed. The warriors must defeat Electric Sheep. And Bocca and Sayako may have to split.

But the space port is guarded by the monster union and they intend to stop them. Episode 22 - Mitranome A new unicorn series is discovered in the ship, but he is not on the side of the Meros Warriors. The battle in the Mitranome goes on.

Child Dragon utilises a weapon that can immobilise the Aibar Machines. Media related to Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto at Wikimedia Commons 7. Originally a visual kei band, the group shifted to less dramatic attire through the years.

mahoroba densetsu ending a relationship

As ofGlay had sold an estimated 51 million records,28 million singles and 23 million albums, Glay formed in as a high school band when Takuro asked Teru, a schoolmate, to play the drums. They found a bassist but had difficulty finding a vocalist, when Teru made a tape of his singing and gave it to Takuro he was immediately recruited for the part, leaving the drums part to be filled by another person. Hisashi eventually accepted Takuros offer and became Glays lead guitarist after Ari disbanded, by the time of Takuro and Terus graduation, Glay were enjoying some popularity in their hometown of Hakodate and were playing full live houses.

Following Hisashis high school graduation inthe three moved to Tokyo to try to expand their musical career. The bassist and the drummer chose to stay in Hakodate, in Tokyo, they found a completely different situation, although they had been relatively popular in their hometown, it was not easy to begin a career in Tokyo.

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Their concerts attracted few people, and sometimes none at all, the band had to conciliate their music career to part-time jobs, and faced financial problems during their first years in Tokyo. During this time, members were joining and leaving the band. When their bassist quit, Takuro knew that Jiro, who was also from Hakodate and had played with the indie band Pierrot, had moved to Tokyo and he too, declined the offer, insisting that he was already heading in the right direction for himself.

It wasnt until Takuro asked him to play at just one show to fill in for their missing bassist that he decided to go. Following that show, Jiro continued to receive invitations to play with Glay and they promoted the band by handing out flyers on the street and giving out demo tapes.

Eventually they became known on the Tokyo live house circuit. Eventually, hide of X Japan gave one of Glays demos to his band mate Yoshiki, during an October show, Yoshiki and his entourage came to watch and offered the band a contract to his record label Extasy Records. Their debut single, Rain, and their first album, Hai to Diamond, were released on May 25, After the time of their debut, Glay steadily became more popular and their 4th single Freeze My Love made it onto the Oricon Top 20, debuting at No.

Two months later their second album, Speed Pop, peaked at No. Which was marked as a turning point in Glays career 8.

mahoroba densetsu ending a relationship

Nippon Animation — Nippon Animation is a Japanese animation studio. Nippon Animation is famous for producing numerous anime series based on works of such as Anne of Green Gables. Zuiyo Eizo soon found itself in trouble because of the high production costs of a series it was attempting to sell to the European market.

InZuiyo Eizo was split into two entities, Zuiyo, which absorbed the debt and the rights to the Heidi anime, and Nippon Animation, officially, Nippon Animation Co. July 1, - TBS ch.

mahoroba densetsu ending a relationship

October 13, - Rakuten Inc. After over a month and a half of worries over a hostile takeover, Rakuten withdraw its bid for TBS on December 1. He is also considered to be ruler of Neno-Katasu-Kuni, in Japanese mythology, Susanoo, the powerful storm god of Summer, is the brother of Amaterasu, the goddess of the Sun, and of Tsukuyomi, the god of the Moon.

All three were born from Izanagi, when he washed his face clean of the pollutants of Yomi, Amaterasu was born when Izanagi washed out his left eye, Tsukuyomi was born from the washing of the right eye, and Susanoo from the washing of the nose. Susanoo used Totsuka-no-Tsurugi as his weapon, the oldest sources for Susanoo myths are the ca.

They tell of a rivalry between Susanoo and his sister. When he was to leave Heaven by orders of Izanagi, he went to bid his sister goodbye, Amaterasu was suspicious, but when Susanoo proposed a challenge to prove his sincerity, she accepted.

Each of them took an object of the others and from it birthed gods, Amaterasu birthed three women from Susanoos Totsuka-no-Tsurugi while he birthed five men from her necklace. Claiming the gods were hers because they were born of her necklace, the two were content for a time, but Susanoo, the Storm God, became restless.

In a fit of rage, he destroyed his sisters rice fields, hurled a flayed pony at her loom, Amaterasu, who was in fury and grief, hid inside the Ama-no-Iwato, thus effectively hiding the sun for a long period of time.

Though she was persuaded to leave the cave, Susano-o was punished by being banished from Heaven, the Nihon Shoki, here translated by William George Aston in Nihongi, gives the most detailed account of Susanoo and Amaterasu slaying Yamata no Orochi. At this time he heard a sound of weeping at the head-waters of the river and he found there an old man and an old woman. Between them was set a young girl, whom they were caressing and lamenting over, Susanoo no Mikoto asked them, saying, -Who are ye, and why do ye lament thus.

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The answer was, -I am an Earthly Deity, and my name is Ashi-nadzuchi and this girl is our daughter, and her name is Kushi-nada-hime. The reason of our weeping is that formerly we had eight children, but they have been devoured year after year by an eight-forked serpent and now the time approaches for this girl to be devoured. There is no means of escape for her, and therefore do we grieve. Therefore Sosa no wo no Mikoto on the spot changed Kushi-nada-hime into a many-toothed close-comb which he stuck in the august knot of his hair.

Then he made Ashi-nadzuchi and Te-nadzuchi to brew sake, to make eight cupboards, in each of them to set a tub filled with sake.