Call of duty ghost extinction exodus ending a relationship

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call of duty ghost extinction exodus ending a relationship

Throttled Escape is an achievement/trophy in the Call of Duty: Ghosts gamemode Extinction. It requires the player to escape while using a Relic. Gallery. A guide helping players learn about the Extinction gamemode. as "Cryptids", connected through a web of symbiotic relationships. . When you hit a cryptid, it will light the victim aflame, leaving them .. Next, navigate to "C:\Program Files ( x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Ghosts\players2". A description of tropes appearing in Call of Duty: Ghosts. However, the game ended up selling way less than Call of Duty: Black Ops II and its included a new multiplayer mode in Ghosts titled "Extinction" where teams of players a fully independent game with no storyline connection to any other Call of Duty games.

Throttled Escape

The source of their power was the large fungal colonies they cultivated and protected, which emitted pheromones stimulating the creatures' cold-blooded metabolism. Due to rapid cellular regeneration and the reliance on geothermal heat rather than sunlight, the colonies were nearly invincible to any forms of attack, further contributing to the Cryptids' survivability.

Despite inhabiting fragile bodies compared to their armored minions, the Cryptid warlords were a deadly force, capable of creating gravimetric fields to protect themselves and even levitating.

With these capacities, the Ancestor race rose above the ranks and achieved dominion over the Cryptids, leading them to establish an empire spanning across the globe. The reign of the Ancestors was short-lived, however, when a comet impacted the Earth and incinerated the atmosphere, leaving the planet devoid of life. Determined to endure the disaster, the Ancestors migrated their forces beneath the surface of the dying Earth, cultivating large-scale underground colonies in a frightening display of Natural Selection.

While the Cryptids adapted to their new subterranean environment, the Ancestors oversaw the construction of dozens of large-scale geothermal reactors, one to each underground colony, to ensure their survival. The reactors, referred to as Arks, drew heat from the active volcanoes that occupied each colony, and were each protected by a series of gravimetric force fields fueled by obsidian structures encrypted with their language of algorithmic code known as Obelisks. Under the impression of serene protection and sworn devotion from their Cryptid army, the Ancestors froze themselves into cryogenic slumber within their Arks, patiently waiting to rise above the surface once more.

Over a period of five thousand years, as new life emerged on the desolate world, the Ancestors hypnotically took control of dozens of humans capable of translating their language through a mimetic virus, allowing them to observe the perfect time to awaken the Arks and reclaim their planet.

For one hundred and fifty million more years, only few became truly aware of the Cryptid ecosystem living below their feet, while the majority of humanity remained oblivious. Instead, their operator denied in order to avoid diplomatic incidents with the country, leaving Archer and his men stranded in a series of caves for six weeks. Before being rescued through unknown means, Archer came into contact with a colony of Cryptids, and since became obsessed with discovering their secrets.

Following his return to the United States and psychological evaluation, it was believed Archer's head wound in combat lead him to imagine meeting with what he described as "aliens", but he nonetheless continued his hunt to find the truth behind the creatures.

Having gathered a large group of elite scientists, Archer founded the Nightfall Program based out of Point Barrow, Alaskaplanning on locating and capturing samples of Cryptid life forms. The project's generous benefactors believed Nightfall invested in biochemical weaponry, and the Cryptid samples they acquired were the resulting products.

In reality, Archer sought a means to sever the control of the Ancestors and take command of the creatures themselves, fearing the power of the Cryptid puppet-masters themselves. During an archaeological dig of a Cryptid meteor in Yucatan, Mexicothe hieroglpyhic language of the creatures was revealed, Archer realizing complicated translations would have to be made in order to uncover the secrets.

Samantha Cross became a rising star at Harvard College due to her neurological condition that allowed her to easily translate languages in minutes, allowing her to speak 28 different languages. Following an interview airing on her unique abilities in paleolinguistics, Archer quickly found Cross to be a necessary addition to his team, finally granting the ancient language of the Cryptids easy translation.

Just a week later, Cross was brought to the head Nightfall facility, where she was employed by Archer to assist in his research. While the surviving astronauts aboard the station managed to keep the rest of the missiles at bay and leave the remaining United States mostly unscathed, a stray missile hit the volcanic site of Caldera Peak in Colorado, revealing a colony of Cryptids living beneath the nearby Colorado Rockies. Seeing the seething conflict between humanity's largest superpowers and the crippling of the United States as the opportunity to emerge on the Earth once again, the Ancestors commanded the Cryptid colony to begin a massacre of the town, with the military deeming the mass-murder to be the work of a mystery virus.

Dispatching the CIF Team 4, a squad of the Rapid Reaction Force, to investigate the quarantined zone, the government learned of the strange new breed, and dubbed them aliens after the disappearance of the squad. To ensure the outbreak was contained, a Task Force codenamed Spectre was sent to exterminate the Cryptid presence via a nuclear explosion authorized by the Presidentunder the command of Defense Intelligence Agency's General "Godfather" Castle.

As the operation was organized, the rumors of an alien threat floated to the Nightfall Program, prompting Archer to investigate Caldera Peak for himself.

At the site of the missile impact, he and his men located a large colony of Cryptids as well as one of their protective Obelisks, all of which were smuggled out to Point Barrow to be conducted in research. While Nightfall pondered over their newfound data, Task Force Spectre began the eradication of the invading Cryptids, using an automated drill to target their fungal colonies and eventually obliterate the remaining creatures with the nuclear strike.

With the mission complete and an Ark unknowingly destroyed, the government assumed the threat was pacified, and focused their attentions on the Federation War.

Extinction Mode

Edit Covertly, Nightfall began using its recovered specimens from the Colorado site and breeding Cryptid species to allow for experimentation, while Archer worked with Cross in the deciphering of the glyphs inscribed within the Obelisk.

From the Cryptid samples, scientists of the Program discovered the creatures' origins from Earth, as well as their xenobiology and biological interactions. Using the information, Archer oversaw the project to genetically hatch a Cryptid capable of producing more specimens for research, as well as procuring the toxic biolum used by Cryptid Scorpions to produce the projectile-based weapon the Venom-X.

Meanwhile, despite her inquiries, Archer refused to reveal the originations of the Obelisk to Cross or the other items he discovered, making her suspicious of what her employer was hiding. After witnessing Archer's project reach fruition by creating the Breedera monstrous Cryptid of enormous size, Cross began to question the benefit of Nightfall's work, fearful of Archer's sanity and his intentions.

Complete "Struck Down" on any difficulty. Waste Not 10 points: Every shot with the remote sniper kills a person or vehicle. Complete "Homecoming" on any difficulty. Go Ugly Early 10 points: A strafe 50 enemies. Legends Never Die 10 points: Complete "Legends Never Die" on any difficulty. It Came from Below! Kill 6 enemies with the knife while underwater in "Legends Never Die". Federation Day 10 points: Gather intel on Rorke.

Complete "Federation Day" on any difficulty. Sleeping Beauty 10 points: Kill sleeping enemy in face down rappel section Carbon Faceprint 10 points: Catch the photocopier with your face.

Birds of Prey 10 points: Capture Rorke Complete "Birds of Prey" on any difficulty. Burn Baby Burn 25 points: Destroy 80 fuel containers. The Hunted 25 points: Make it out alive Complete "The Hunted" on any difficulty.

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Jungle Ghosts 25 points: Finish the mission without breaking stealth. Hack the system Complete "Clockwork" on any difficulty. Deep Freeze 25 points: Drop 8 vehicles into ice holes. Atlas Falls 25 points: Distract the Federation Fleet.

Complete "Atlas Falls" on any difficulty. Blow the pressure valves on your first attempt. Piece of cake points: Storm the common room and kill everyone without taking damage on Veteran. Into the Deep 20 points: Destroy the enemy ship Complete "Into The Deep" on any difficulty. Take down the LCS on the first go. End of the Line 20 points: Storm the factory Complete "End of the Line" on any difficulty.

Cog in the machine 35 points: Kill 5 enemies without being detected before infiltrating Black Zone. Sin City 20 points: Plan your next move. Complete "Sin City" on any difficulty. Destroy 21 slot machines. All or nothing 20 points: Complete "All or Nothing" on any difficulty. End of your rope 20 points: Cut a grappling hook rope with an enemy on it. Severed Ties 20 points: Destroy the Federation's satellite array. Complete "Severed Ties" on any difficulty. Take out 3 out of 3 helicopters with the remote missile.

Exodus is worst map ever - Activision Community

Commandeer the enemy space station. Complete "Loki" on any difficulty. They look like ants 20 points: Destroy all enemy ground targets and kill no allies with the rods. The Ghost Killer 20 points: Tickets please 20 points: Shoot the grapple guys off the side of the train. Collect all 18 Rorke files.

call of duty ghost extinction exodus ending a relationship

Reach round 20 in Safeguard. You've earned it 40 points: Finish the campaign on Veteran. Additionally, there are nine secret achievements: No Man Left 20 points: Escape with all four players. Reach the exfil chopper with 1 minute and 30 seconds or more remaining on the clock.

call of duty ghost extinction exodus ending a relationship

Made it Out Alive 20 points: Complete all Extinction challenges and escape. Cabin Fever 10 points: Make it to the cabin. City Dweller 20 points: Made it to the city. Any Means necessary 40 points: Get 50 kills with the electric fence and fire traps in a single game. Trash Picker 20 points: Scavenge 40 items in a single game. Throttled Escape 10 points: Escape using a relic.

The following achievements require the "Onslaught" bonus downloadable content: Pushing Ahead 20 points: Gain access to the Compound area in Nightfall. Weapon Facility 20 points: Gain access to the Facility in Nightfall. Survived Nightfall 20 points: Kill the Breeder for the first time in Nightfall. Speed Slayer 20 points: Kill the Breeder in less than 5 minutes in Nightfall.

Turnabout is Fair Play 20 points: Kill 50 Cryptids with the Venom-X weapon in Nightfall. The antagonists of the game are a coalition of South American states who devastated the U. Ajax and Kick, two of the Ghosts who have no real personality or anything notable about them. While Ajax gets a death scene, Kick is even less important and you'd be forgiven for not even remembering he existed.

Perhaps unintentional; "HESH" was the designation for the "High-Explosive Squash Head" cannon round, a projectile which flattened itself on the outside hull of a tank before exploding, causing the inner surface to peel off as shrapnel and killing the crew inside.

Logan's brother is so badass he is capable of killing tanks. The Shuttle that brings the Federation forces to ODIN at the start of the game is called Daedalus which is possibly in reference to the ODIN satellite bringing misfortune onto its creator, much like Daedalus' invention did to him. Mooks but No Bosses: While Call of Duty has always been generally conservative when it comes to enemy variety, Ghosts is by far the most extreme example in the modern series, with the only enemy type in the single player campaign being basic enemy soldiers, without even the snipers, Shield-Bearing Mookor Heavily Armored Mook enemies seen in other games in the series.

Ghosts and Black Ops 2 both take place in roughly the same future time period. However, while Black Ops 2 had many explicitly Sci-Fi technologies, almost all of the weapons and equipment seen in Ghosts are modern real-world gear, with the major exception of the orbital kinetic strike satellites.

Justified in that being bombed into the stone age has restricted U. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! During the defense of Santa Monica, Logan takes control of drone A attack aircraft at several points in order to keep attacking Federation soldiers at bay. However, on one run, the drone he's controlling gets shot down and it crashes into drone control, effectively causing Santa Monica's defenses to collapse.

At the end of the game, Hesh decides to go after Rorke alone instead of waiting for the rest of the Ghosts to catch up to them. Not only does this not accomplish anything, but it also gets Logan captured by Rorke and set up to be brainwashed. It turns out that 12 years ago, the Ghosts assassinated the leader of the Federation, General Almagro. Obviously, this did not cause the Federation to collapse like they thought it would.

Only Known by Their Nickname: The cataclysm that wrecked the United States was caused by the Federation hacking a kinetic weapons satellite and having it fire at major cities. If Hesh and Logan had simply obeyed Merrick's orders and not chased after Rorke, the entire final mission wouldn't have happened, and Logan wouldn't be captured by the Federation. All over the place, just to drive home the nature of the Crapsack World the Ghosts live in. Also, very conspicously, after someone calls in a K.

The main campaign is pretty standard Call of Duty difficulty, but the Safeguard co-op game mode is significantly more difficult than the similar Survival Mode from Call of Duty: You can survive much less damage in Safeguard compared to Survival Mode, while enemies have much more health and are super aggressive. The Federation is forced into full retreat, but Rorke is still alive and has managed to capture Logan, and plans to brainwash him the exact same way the Federation had done to him.

The shotguns have an effective range of about 20 feet; anything further than that, and you won't even hit the target, let alone kill it. The Ghost mask in the briefings look like Darth Nihilus's mask.

call of duty ghost extinction exodus ending a relationship

The "Devastation" DLC pits the player up against - and lets them play as - the iconic extraterrestrial hunter with an invisibility cloak and a clicking growl. The main characters, Hesh and Logan, are brothers that kick ass together. According to the Ghosts' origin story, they were originally part of a team of 60 Tier 1 operatives drawn from various different branches of the military that was sent against a vastly numerically superior enemy force in the Middle East.

Most of the operatives were wiped out, but a handful of survivors regrouped, slaughtered the enemy force in a Roaring Rampage of Revengeand became the Ghosts. Both the United States and the Federation employ the use of armed astronauts in this game. The US astronauts are specially-trained United States Air Force enlisted men and officers who are tasked with operating and defending the ODIN space station, while the Federation uses their astronauts as a strike team to seize control of the station.

At the end of the game the United States launches their own assault against the Federation's own kinetic weapons satellite to turn it against the Federation. After getting captured by Rorke, the last thing shown after the credits is of Logan being imprisoned in a hole in the Amazon.

You end up almost being drowned an astonishing number of times throughout the game. It may be that the writers are trying to use water as a motif for the game or its Big Badsimilar to the use of fire in Black Ops 2. At the end of the game, Hesh calls down a freakin' rod strike for the sole purpose of killing Rourke, and not even it manages to succeed.

It's mentioned in passing during the prologue that the entire Middle East was utterly incinerated, presumably in some sort of nuclear incident. Specifics are not given although it's implied this may have been the same conflict where the Ghosts were first createdwhat's important is that the loss of Middle Eastern oil leads to the collapse of the world's superpowers and the rise of the oil-rich Federation.

Ajax is the only black member of the Ghosts. And he is promptly killed off early in the game. The United States as a whole, in spades. First, a kinetic weapons satellite is used against the United States by Federation forces, then the said Federation use their global superpower and military to invade United States. And it is highly implied they are trying to establish a puppet state in the said United States and make it an Oppressive States of America.

Rorke pulls this in Mexico, leaking his location so the Ghosts will come for him, and give the Federation a chance to hit them all at once. You just made my job a helluva lot easier! Besides the obligatory vehicle sections, Ghosts mixes things up a bit with an underwater scuba level and a final battle in outer space, apparently drawing inspiration from the James Bond films Thunderball and Moonraker respectively.

Elias, when talking about the mission to assassinate Almagro, claims that Rorke was totally obsessed with killing him. When we play the actual level, the only implication that he's obsessed is when he shoots down Merrick's suggestion to abandon the mission entirely. Considering Merrick's reasoning for abandoning the mission is flimsy at best if anything, the town being flooded would make their mission easier due to the Federation destroying most of their own men and the survivors in disarrayRorke's decision comes off as fairly rational.

Neither Ajax or Elias say a word in support of Merrick, either. Not only is this a downright pathetic and borderline offensive attempt at trying to make the Americans look like the oppressed minority, Rorke is obviously an American citizen who has not been killed, and in fact works for the Federation.

Video Game Cruelty Potential: Some players have found it is possible to summon their dogs and force them to fight each other in impromptu dog fighting rings. What Happened to the Mouse? Riley the dog is seen alive and well onboard the U. Liberator in the mission "All or Nothing", however near the end of the mission the main characters are forced to evacuate the now sinking ship via helicopter with Riley nowhere to be seen.

He neither appears nor is mentioned in any of the subsequent missions. The prologue mentions that fifteen Ghosts survived against the Arab Coalition. Invoked by the Federation, who are depicted as so incompetent that they need to kidnap a white guy to lead their forces to even stand a chance against the Ghosts. Charismatic antagonist who gets captured, put on a plane, is mocking the protagonists' attempts at doing a High-Altitude Interrogation and breaks free with the help of his own plane, wires and cuts the plane in half causing the pieces to fall?

The entire endgame and Elias Walker's death could have been averted if, when Rorke is first captured, you weren't taking him alive. Justified in that he was needed alive by one group and wanted alive by the Ghosts at the time.

call of duty ghost extinction exodus ending a relationship

The game focuses on a team of soldiers sent to investigate 'hives' near the ODIN impact site, and starts a series of DLC episodes that completes the story. In truth, Archer's project was to use the aliens, sorry, Cryptids to bio-engineer a new breed of Cryptid and learn how they operated. However, the captive Cryptids escaped, killing almost all that were present, except for Archer, Cross, and a few surviving soldiers.

Mayday After securing Cross, Archer was able to obtain a Chinese decommissioned Destroyer, the Stormbreaker, which he planned on using to reach an 'Ark' containing the Cryptid leaders, and planned on using Cross as a beacon due to her unique gifts. However, Cross became too powerful, and after almost 3 weeks captive, attacked the ship using the Cryptids.

Awakening Archer led the charge towards the Pyramid, but his team were ambushed. With most of his team dead, Archer is approached by Cross, who wants to make a deal with him and Godfather.

Archer and Cross head to the main chamber, where they meet the Ancestors, the Cryptid commanders. CIF-1 fought off wave after wave of Cryptid soldiers, decrypting obelisks and scouring the maze-like pyramid, before finding Archer and Cross in the command room.

Cross leaves Archer to die in the pyramid as retribution for his actions towards her, and the five escape the pyramid with the Cortex. However, their victory pales in comparison to what they have unleashed. In firing up the Cortex, they activated every beacon in every Ark across the planet, and in doing so, have inadvertently caused the Extinction of the human race.

Exodus As the extinction of humanity commences, CIF-1 fights their way to the Exodus launch site, fending off attacks from Cryptids and even facing off against the Ancestors themselves. Fighting through the obliterated streets of San Francisco, they must recover the 'Cortex' prototype and defend the shuttle from the aerial Cryptids, before it reaches low Earth Orbit. As the team re-power the generators left by the astronauts in order to power up their superweapon, they learn of the fate of Samantha Cross, and watch as she heads off into space, leaving CIF-1 to die on the Earth.

This game mode provides examples of: The Ancestors are not pleased that a new civilization evolved up top while they were sleeping, and they're going to do something about it.

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