Bambino drama ending relationship

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bambino drama ending relationship

To such a headstrong, fledgling chef is given the nickname, "Bambino" which means "baby" in Italian. The drama "Bambino!" unfolds in the. Jun Matsumoto often called by the portmanteau nickname MatsuJun (松潤), is a Japanese In , Matsumoto was cast in his first stage play, which was based on the American coming of age film Stand by In , he re-united with Bambino! co-star Karina for the drama special Myū no Anyo Papa ni Ageru ( みゅうの足. [Bambino!] or somethin' like that that MatsuJun was in, but it's a completely different topic. Bambino is about Italian cuisine. 'nuff said. Drama Wiki: Binbo Danshi Her romantic relationship for Kasumi is extremely subtle, and I didn't even.

But with these difficulties that are placed on him, he can gain more experience and see cooking in different perspectives.

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Also, it also gives you a realization that cooking is not everything. Bambino teaches us that serving great food also requires great service. This includes from how you serve your customers to how you leave a strong impression that goes beyond the food. While the initial story puts Ban in a series of challenges that tests his determination, it slightly devolves later into a set of predicaments that you can predict that he will overcome. The stakes are still there, but you no longer feel that sense of uncertainty of whether you get a pass or not.

It could be due to how he has accumulated experience over time that tempered his character, but I find myself relaxing that he can hurdle through any obstacles thrown at him with guarantee.

bambino drama ending relationship

However, I can see the effort put into drawing them into gorgeous and savory meals. The character designs are alright, albeit I get the impression that they are inspired from the shounen demographic despite the manga being a seinen.

The paneling is impressive, I had no difficulty at all devouring every page of every chapter. They seem to flow very efficiently although very chaotic at times, just like the atmosphere of a cucina. I could practically smell the aroma in the kitchen. Every dish just looked delicious.

I agree with some people on here who said that Yonamine Tsukasa is creepy. It's just something about his smile. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I don't want them to suffer through it like I did.

Reviewed by whatever on 28 April 2. Kudos to Matsu Jun for his performance in this one and yet it lacks a certain human element to it.

bambino drama ending relationship

The main characters all seem preoccupied with the restaurant or cooking to the extent that they go around visiting other restaurants in their spare time to the detriment of everything else and unfortunately the human relationship element is sorely lacking. It does a good job of showing the industrial like preparation of food of the kitchen and also the view from the waiter's point of view. In terms of all the other food dramas I found this the most convincing drama.

I really enjoyed Sato Ryuta's performance.

bambino drama ending relationship

Sasaki Kuranosuke and Uchida Yuki who just stood around looking absolutely stunning are both pretty good actors but sadly didn't do much in this drama. It dig up a major concern of young guns dream: On 1st episode, it taught me to stop for being megalomaniac person.

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Sometimes the dream for higher, slump your life sense's of others dream. Second episode, show the necessity of trust values. You have to pained a lot, for knowing who you're. There's no secret spell on your life. No needs to get explain. Clearly there's no more secrets, no more cheat's code to win your life. The rest episode, still watching.

But, so much promises with this drama. Jun Matsumoto, are the shine as young baka. Let's tastes what the chef serves. Reviewed by Riged on 12 July 4. Uhm yeah, it was actually okay.

It's just that at many times it moved painfully slow and boring.

bambino drama ending relationship

I liked a lot of the characters in the story, but I think my favorite is the head waiter, Segawa. He has a very nice charisma and he has a strong sense of responsibility willing to sacrifice himself for the restaurant.

bambino drama ending relationship

You can tell that he is one of the few people that Ezaki respected from the very beginning while everyone else was called unprofessional. Ezaki is that typical character in j-dramas that is eccentric and hard to get along with, but in the end everyone likes.

Even though Ezaki says that he doesn't do things for the restaurant, I'm pretty sure deep down inside he does care and it's also his responsibility as a chef to do certain things. For instance in the tenth episode when Ezaki refuses to lower the spending on ingredients when the restaurant is suffering, it was Ezaki's duty as a chef to provide his customers with the best and not sacrifice the quality of the dish for the sake of earning more money.

In the end, they see it through that the true value lies not in the money earned from work, but dedication as a chef that earned a promising amount of new customers. It stays true to today's society where many businesses choose to sacrifice quality in order to earn quantity.

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The moral of the story goes, if you serve good food people will come back. Each episode gives a very positive outlook on the various issues given. You have Imai the sous chef who is actually talented, but lacked confidence and leadership skills to become a head chef.

Ezaki realizes his potential and pushes him further as he does with the other chefs. Hazuki is also just as talented, but gives herself a lot of pressure due to the fact there's very few female chefs in the industry and the gender issues surrounding women in the workforce. Later she deals with her father whom she hated so much at first, but in the end rekindles that relationship.