Zuko and iroh relationship memes

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zuko and iroh relationship memes

Zuko, you must look within yourself to save yourself from your other self, only then will nightmare Avatar Airbender, Avatar The Last Airbender Funny, Avatar Funny, Iroh, Team "I love how much their relationship changed from the first season. . The Last Airbender the Greatest Show Ever - Memebase - Funny Memes. Zuko and Iroh's relationship was jeopardized during the events that eventually occurred. Azula captured Zuko and asked him to help her conquer the city, which . Explore anna jackson's board "iroh and zuko" on Pinterest. | See more See more 'Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra' images on Know Your Meme! .. Zuko and Iroh have the best relationship in the series.

Despite not having any bending skills whatsoever, he continued to put himself on the front lines of every battle that was fought.

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Sokka was extremely intelligent regarding military matters and would regularly shock Team Avatar with his good ideas and strategy. In trying to surprise Aang while blindfolded, Sokka sneaks up behind him — but shouts sneak attack before making his move. Aang responds by Earthbending which promptly takes Sokka out in a heartbeat.

Despite being goofy and loud, Sokka drove the surrounding girls mad with passion and was a loyal friend to everyone in Team Avatar. He would give the shirt off his back without hesitation to anyone who needed it.


The Last Airbender series. Iroh took responsibility for Zuko after Lu Ten his biological son passed away. He tried to teach and mentor him while also letting him make his own mistakes to learn the hard way. No matter how close you are to someone, there are some things better left unseen. Iroh getting out of a hot spring without bathing trunks is one of those moments. He believed the world could find equality by getting rid of all benders. Having him supposedly telling jokes about Toph while on stage as suggested by this meme is beyond hilarious.

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And if you watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, then you know how lighthearted Toph is about her blindness. To her, being disabled strengthened her more so than those around her — allowing her to become the strongest Earthbender in the world. Toph would crack a joke like anyone else because she was comfortable with her identity. You could even tap into his insecurities as to why bending was the root of all the pain he felt in life.

He would take jabs at her all the time, but then be sweet and kind when called for. The scene in this Avatar: The Last Airbender meme shows how Sokka can be sweet and cunning at the same time. This is how they rolled together. For Toph, it was a new experience. Having someone treat her as an equal was what she had always wanted and craved from her parents. Many of these volcanos are active, providing a constant source of power for Firebenders.

They even built their capital city directly in the crater of a large volcano.

zuko and iroh relationship memes

The weather is hot and humid year round with a landscape of rough plains which is home to a tiny amount of wildlife. Using slaves in the mines to gather coal, the Fire Nation thrived on industrialization and war machines. His contribution to Avatar: This hilarious meme shows the irony in Mark playing Luke and then voicing Ozai. Despite achieving fame through playing a hero, Mark Hamill has created a legacy out of voicing evil characters.

He makes evil sound enticing, entertaining, and attractive. And the infamous cactus juice turned into edibles which could be sold through mass distribution is brilliant. Despite his common comical antics shown in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sokka became a public speaker in his later years. Sokka would also become a student of the sword under the tutelage of sword master Piandao.

His teacher claimed his creativity, versatility, and intelligence were traits that defined a great swordsman. When asked to stamp his identity on paper without writing his name, Sokka put ink on his face and smashed it onto the sheet. Iroh offered Zuko advice on how to defeat Zhao when the two faced off in an Agni Kai. At the end of the fight, Iroh stopped Zhao from harming Zuko from behind, declaring that his nephew had more honor than the commander despite being exiled.

He showed great sadness when he thought Zuko had died [10] and later confessed his fatherly nature to Zuko by telling him he thought of Zuko as his own. Despite Zuko's claims that he would be fine on his quest to capture the Avatar, Iroh still looked genuinely worried.

zuko and iroh relationship memes

Even though they were all each other had left, Zuko left Iroh for a short time. He went so far as to encourage Zuko to find a nice "lady friend" and prompted Zuko to go on his date with Jin. When Zuko tried to capture AppaIroh stopped him and insisted that he had to stop letting others control his destiny, namely his father.

This encouraged Zuko to instead free Appa and abandon his identity as the Blue Spirit, whom he was dressed as during the capture. Through his sickness, Iroh was by Zuko's side day and night to comfort him and care for him, knowing that his spirit would be cleansed as a result of his better decisions. Zuko started taking on a more positive attitude after he regained his health and the two were happy to work in their new tea shop in the Upper Ring.

Azula captured Zuko and asked him to help her conquer the citywhich would earn Zuko his father's respect and possibly restore his honor.