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I would like to thank Mr. "slow-talker" Feng Shaofeng for taking his time . made similar comments about her attitude towards love and marriage--that Yang Mi in particular often reposts these quotes on her weibo (FSF has. See more ideas about Yang mi, Legends and Drama korea. Busted: Chinese actor Feng Shao Feng was warned by traffic police after posting pictures of. Following Yang Mi and Hawick Lau's dating confession back in January, ruining the FengMi shippers the world over, Feng Shao Feng.

Yang Mi decided to play dumb, pretending to forget about even having made such a post. Meanwhile, FSF first replies that his post was about Raymond Lam also "playing dumb" by referring to his first QiXi postthen later--after it's clear the media aren't fooled--he replies that the post was meant for his fans who always support him Huh, don't know about you guys but the wording of his post really doesn't seem to make sense to me that it was for his fans or himself There is a considerable amount of backstory to this simple weibo post--I'll start from the beginning so please bear with me!

May 20th is another special "holiday for romance" in China. This stems from the fact that "" in Chinese sounds very similar to the phrase for "I love you". Thus, it has been dubbed "biao bai ri" i. In particular, the time of The day before, Yang Mi made 3 posts on her weibo--here are the latter two: Her first post the bottom one is irrelevant to but take note of the cat picture!

He must have been waiting in front of his computer for the special moment because on exactly Also note that the cat picture was directly taken from YM's weibo the day before Leaving no doubt in anyone's mind who this post was meant for! XD I personally think he made this more obvious perhaps due to the fact that in his previous Feb. This led FSF to angrily refute these rumours days later along with a declaration that his Valentine's Day post was meant for "Qingchuan" Cue excited screaming by FengMi fans all across the country.

In fact, many FengMi fans were so touched by this weibo that they came up with the idea of making comments on this post by the time it was Yang Mi's birthday since comments was a bit out of reach What is also worthy of note is that many people thought this goal was impossible over a million comments?? But then, on Aug. Spurred on by FSF's words, the FengMi fans redoubled their efforts and went on to add comments at a blistering pace and made an additionalsome comments within the next month to successfully reach the goal before YM's birthday!

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YM and FSF as well as both their agents, and many others both follow this weibo--in fact, Yang Mi in particular often reposts these quotes on her weibo FSF has also been known to do so every so often. Once the goal of comments was reached, FengMi shippers started anxiously wondering just how they could bring this to FengMi's attention as it was a 4-month-old weibo post by that point.

Well, the idea worked because at exactly 0: YangMi Please take note of the number of comments under the following weibo. Fans were in for even more of a shock when, 24 minutes later, YM herself replied to this post to express her gratitude! Thank you everyone Note: Even though her comment is quite incognito buried under thousands of othersit's still quite easy to find if you know what you're looking for.

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Therefore, I can see why she went back and deleted it later on to avoid having the media hound her about it Faced with being unable to deny that his post was meant for Yang Mi, and also not wanting to admit to anything as silence would be pretty much equivalent to admission in this caseFSF replies rather ingeniously, I think that he indeed was once a "FengMi shipper" himself!!!

He actually sounds pretty convincing but there are some pretty big gaping holes in this excuse. First of all, the post was made in May Yeah, can you blame me for being skeptical Furthermore, if he really doesn't feel the same way as he did on May Well, you can probably argue that those are too vague really to use as any evidence Other general commentary on this interview: Again, I won't squee about all the cute moments in this interview but let's all "awww" at the fact that FSF just said he "will forever love Yang Mi in filming" Your lying skills still need some improvement, FSF!

The drama revolves around an orphan girl Jiang Kaitong with an absolute sense of smell, who dreams of becoming a successful perfume maker. The series follows the struggles she faces on the road to reaching her dreams, during which, of course, she finds love. The show can be viewed here. Fighter of the Destiny is based on a novel by the same name of author Mao Ni, and involves the timetravelling adventures of the young man Chen Changsheng Luhan who leaves his master Eric Tsang in search for a cure to his terminal illness.

Read more about this TV drama at the Cfensi blog. This comical drama focuses on a big rural family and follows their ups and downs. The show is available on YouTube no subtitles. Despite their misunderstandings, their professional relationship eventually is bound to become personal. Urban drama, Romance Directed by Jian Chuanhe, Zhang Kaizhou, 52 episodes This is one of the only shows in this list that has not been broadcasted yet — it is planned to air in May of this year.

It is about five single, independent career women who live in the Ode to Joy apartment building together and try to find the balance between love and career, looking for their personal happiness.