Touka and kaneki relationship test

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touka and kaneki relationship test

Does anyone else feel like Touka and Kaneki's relationship is really fuckin weird ??? I mean I remember that one time where when Touka was. The simple act of leaving Anteiku with Kaneki would change his life By that I mean I want Kaneki x Touka to get married, for him to prove his words that didn't involve actual struggles that would test them. . younger brother relationship between the two) Touka saying bye to Yoriko, and them leaving. Like ▻ ▻Share ▻ ▻ Subscriber Plsss Love you Anime:Tokyo Ghoul Song: GLASSY SKY - やまだ豊 Video Studios:Sony Pictures Song.

Kaneki in turn viewed her as someone important to him and tries to put her out of harm's way. He responded aggressively to anyone who had hurt her, shown when he broke half of Ayato's bones for hurting Touka and held back from killing him because doing so would only hurt Touka more.

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Upon leaving Anteiku, Kaneki stayed true to his intent to preserve her safety and protect her, shown when he refused to allow her to come with him and avoided her during the months he was away. He believed that she was better off not getting involved in the world he chose to become a part of and their first reunion however, concluded in an argument and Touka beating him up.

The taste of her coffee had brought him to tears and he thought that she was very beautiful. From then, Sasaki developed an infatuation for Touka and would visit: Touka noted that at the time, he looked at her with the same gaze he looked at Rize in the past.

After regaining his memories, Kaneki met Touka in Cochlea and he remarked internally that she's cruel and was brought to tears once again. As the One-Eyed King, he reverts back to his post-Aogiri treatment towards her, continuing his distance from her and would repeatedly exclude her from combat and operations of Goat, much to her disappointment and confusion.

Some time later during a private talk between the two, she asks about this and his virginity — causing him some obvious nervousness and discomfort. Together, they discover their fears of losing the other were mutual. And in the conversation Touka brought up the look he gave her as Sasaki, a look that Touka admitted made her happy, indicating the romantic feelings between them. After escaping from the onslaught by Mutsuki, Aura and the Oggai, Touka kisses Kaneki which leads to the two of them consummating their relationship.

Shuu Tsukiyama When they meet at Anteiku, Kaneki's first impression of Tsukiyama is that he looks like a model. Even though the others try to convince him that Tsukiyama is bad news, Kaneki still thinks that he seems like a person who he can trust.

He goes along with him to have coffee, then plays a game of squash with him without realizing that Tsukiyama is priming him as a meal. After Tsukiyama's plot is exposed, he feels betrayed by him and becomes wary of him. After escaping from the Aogiri hideout, Kaneki accepts him into his group, believing that Tsukiyama would make for a powerful ally.

His advanced strength makes him stronger than Tsukiyama, so he uses that to threaten him into knowing his place. He is still aware that Tsukiyama wishes to eat him even if he tries to hide it, but Kaneki never shows concern for his own safety, trusting that his strength will intimidate Tsukiyama and keep him in check. In order to prepare himself for upcoming confrontations, he asks Tsukiyama to help him train and develops a tentatively friendly relationship with him, though he is always careful to maintain his distance.

He would later see Tsukiyama as a friend, recognizing the latter's attempt to kill him during the Owl Suppression Operation was Tsukiyama trying to protect him. He does not remember him, although meeting him a few times.

Later he asks Tsukiyama to tell him everything about his past as he could not stand avoiding "fate" anymore, having figured that he was one of Kaneki's friends.

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During the Tsukiyama Operation, he was reluctant to fight Tsukiyama and hesitated killing him when his inner "Kaneki" repeatedly yells at him not to do it. Shortly after his reawakening, he stabs Tsukiyama in the chest, in order for him to appear seriously wounded and in danger of dying. When Ui arrives at the scene, he decides to give Shuu a chance to escape or die by hurling him off the building, glancing at Kanae in order for her to go save him.

Through this, it can be assumed he still holds some regard for Tsukiyama as an individual, but not enough as to actually care about what happens to him ultimately.

It is implied further by Chie Hori that Kaneki does seem to still care about him, as she stated that if he really wanted to kill Tsukiyama, he would have done it already. A new Kaneki, but still Kaneki.

That wasn't supposed to happen. It was supposed to be the other way around. And yet here they were, standing on a hill with the wind gently blowing all around them, Kaneki saying some crap about leaving Anteiku. Hey, thanks for saving me bye. Of course she knew this was important to him, that was obvious to her and everyone around, the look in his eyes held nothing but determination.

But, still, he couldn't wait? He couldn't ask them all for help? Then, to make things worse, he told her that he didn't want her to go with him, wherever the hell that idiot was going. Oh sure, he tried to do it nicely, kinda like the old Kaneki would, going on about exams and shit but the meaning was the same. Whatever the hell he planned on doing she knew it was gonna be dangerous and stupid. Did he really think that she was gonna leave his back to someone else but her?

Let alone that weak gorilla of a ghoul Banjou? She didn't even want to get started on Tsukiyama. It was obvious to anyone who knew the freak that he was just waiting for a chance to eat him.

Who would stop that food-pervert from doing it?

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And the other ghouls that were in Banjou's group didn't seem like they could do much either. Did he really think she was gonna leave him with no one reliable to watch his back, especially after what just happened? The last ten days had been hell for her. The feeling of pure anxiety that settled in the pit of her stomach was agony. She couldn't sleep, she couldn't keep her coffee down, she had to always be doing something because if she didn't her mind would begin to stray.

And if it strayed it never failed to go towards Kaneki and what might've happened to him. She was NOT going through that again, and that's exactly what would happen if she let him go without her.

That's why she was happy that Kaneki seemed to feel bad about his rejection of her, forcing him avert his eyes, something else the old Kaneki would do.

With his eyes averted it gave Touka the opportunity to leap forward and throw a face shattering punch. He'd be fine, his healing ability was something else. Touka's only concern at the moment was giving that dumbass a piece of her mind. In all honesty, Kaneki should've saw that punch coming. As long as he knew Touka she always had a quick temper and was rash enough to let it control her actions. Yeah, that was his mistake. But, despite being punched off his feet, that action was a relief and reassuring.

After ten days of hell and eye-opening experiences, the last thing he wanted to see was the beat and broken Touka he saw when he saved her. Ayato was lucky Touka still cared for him. If she hadn't, he wouldn't have gotten off so easily, but his death would've hurt her and he couldn't do that. Shaking the stars from his vision, Kaneki could feel the bones in his face mending themselves together.

He couldn't really say the punch hurt, not after his time with Yamori, but it definitely made Touka's feelings known. Unfortunately for him, she wasn't done. As he tried to stand up from his slumped position against the tree Touka punch him into, yes she hit him that hard, he felt her hand clench around his throat, lift him in the air, before slamming him into the tree.


He really should've saw this coming. Don't get so full of yourself! You're really gonna leave your back to Tsukiyama?! The fucker that tried to EAT you?! You trust him over ME?! Are you fucking kidding me?! Everyone who was watching by the sidelines easily picked up on it but said nothing as they continued to watch the scene play out. It was best to steer clear of a pissed Touka. I just don't want you getting hur-" "Save it! I'm not some little girl, I can protect myself!

touka and kaneki relationship test

I'm coming with your dumbass and I dare you to try to say no! Kaneki didn't try to catch himself as his body slumped to the floor once again. He merely let out a sigh along with a tight, sad smile as he watched Touka stalk off.

Her words were like a punch to the gut, and hearing the hurt in her voice was like having his insides gently scrambled. Crack Kaneki didn't mean to hurt her, he would never hurt Touka if he could help it. His decision to leave her out was to protect her. He didn't want his selfish actions hurting her or anyone from Anteiku in any way shape or form.

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It wasn't an easy decision for him to come to. Kaneki had felt a huge sense of relief when Touka began to volunteer herself to come along. Having Touka by his side felt similar to when he was a kid and used a nightlight to go to sleep. There was this reassuring feeling that he got from knowing she was there at his side. But, he proceeded to twist and cut that feeling apart so he could push her away. Touka was right though.

She wasn't a girl who needed to be protected nor did she want to be. She was fighter and would be the second strongest in the group right after him. But, her strength didn't compare to the reassurance her very presence alone brought him.

With another tight smile, Kaneki took his hand and stoop up. You all risked so much to rescue me and the first thing I do is leave. On top of that I'm apparently taking Touka with me as well. The rest being the manager, Kaya, Hinami, and Banjou's group.

The moment Hinami's eyes set upon the half-ghoul she considered an older brother, they lit up with pure joy. He trusted the manager's judgement. His heart almost broke when she began to wail, tears soaking his shirt. It didn't take decades of earthly experience to noticed the look in Kaneki's eyes and the change that had overcome him.

touka and kaneki relationship test

Kaya who was a few steps behind the manager gave a sad smile at the scene.