Total drama action duncan and gwen relationship

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total drama action duncan and gwen relationship

Contents[show] Total Drama Island Gwen and Duncan got along moderately not to break up Gwen and Trent, a romantic relation between her and Duncan will . MY frist ever Duncan and Gwen Story. As this take place at Total Drama Action Season 2. Would it ruin Courtney and Duncan's fragile relationship? Or will it. We love Gwen and Duncan together? Do you?:D The fan base have more on our channel!.

Please review and comment on what I need to improve it, it will be much appreciated. Thank you for reading, and enjoy! I can't believe that this show is at some stupid summer camp.

total drama action duncan and gwen relationship

I already tried to go home but that didn't work. I only signed up for this show for two reasons, it was at some nice resort, and thedollars. Since the first reason turned out to be a sham, I might as well try and win the cash.

That money will let me get into any University I want after all. I'm standing on this dock next to a nerdy looking girl in pink pants named Beth and a pretty big dude in a white hat named DJ.

At least they seem nice.

total drama action duncan and gwen relationship

Then the party guy Geoff arrives. Now everyone will think I'm some weird goth loner. Oh well, they would've came to that conclusion at some point anyway. Next Lindsay, the painfully typical dumb blonde arrives. After some stimulating conversation, Heather shows up. She seems like the nasty mean girl type, but we'll see what happens. Punk Rock music starts playing Whoa, who's that dude? Duncan's POV "I don't like surprises" I threaten "Yeah your parole officer warned me about that man, he also told me to give him a holler anytime and have you returned to Juvie" He replied.

This is gonna suck. These people all look like uptight losers. At least there's some hot girls. That tall dark-haired girl is really hot, seems kinda bitchy though. The blonde looks like an idiot. The goth girl is pretty cool I guess.

Duncan and Gwen

Gwen's POV After watching our resident criminal Duncan have a "nice" conversation with super annoying host Chris I can definitely say that he is probably insane. I mean Juvie, for real? He is pretty good looking, I guess. After Tyler the not so athletic jock and the geeky Harold arrive to camp, Trent gets of his boat.

He seems really cool and is very cute. But I bet he's just playing me, but that smile is super cute The homeschooled kid is a loser, and that Eva chick is a hothead. Gwen and Duncan come to respect each other. After Duncan is eliminated, Gwen tells him that he played the game well, and that she was sorry he had to lose over something as trivial as sticky buns which was actually Owen's fault. They bump knuckles as a sign of their friendship. Even though they spent most of this episode playing tricks on each other due to being on different teamsit appears that it was this episode that Duncan and Gwen officially respected each other as contestants and decent people.

Gwen was the only one of the three remaining contestants who parted with Duncan on a good note. The Very Last Episode, Really! Despite becoming friends with him, Gwen did not consider Duncan as one of the sane people, calling Duncan psychotic in the confessional. Duncan was on Owen's side from the beginning rather than Gwen's, even before Owen announced his plans for the party. Also, when Gwen was crossing the beam and the eagle attacked her, Duncan laughed and said that Gwen's near death was awesome TV action, which irritates Courtney.

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However, Duncan still cheers for her when she announced that she will be throwing a party in Gwen's ending. Gwen tells Duncan that he is skinny in his own way and tells him that he could use some carbs when he tries to offer Gwen his toast.

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A jealous Trent grows to hate Duncan, and attempts to fit in with the two by joining in on their conversations about obscure alien movies, to no avail. The two also team-up to take down Mama Alien together with Trent. When Duncan is eliminated, Gwen pokes fun at him for losing and Duncan laughs it off. When choosing teams, Gwen chooses Duncan first, which upsets Trent and pleases Duncan. Throughout the episode, Gwen and Duncan have positive interactions that border on flirtatious, such as when Duncan catches Gwen when she falls.

On the set of the challenge, Gwen motivates Duncan to do the challenge by telling him that he is 'hot, sexy, and stud-like', which disturbs Trent when he overhears. At the end of the episode, Gwen tells Trent not to worry about Duncan, assuring him that Duncan is "no Trent. Beach Blanket Bogus At the beginning of the episode, Duncan laughs after his successful prank in which Trent's saltshaker spills onto his eggs.

Gwen then angrily slaps him, calling him a third-grader. Later, at the surfboard balance challenge, the two share a laugh over Harold's rant about his butt.

When Duncan wins the challenge for the Screaming Gaffers, they slap fists and hug, which makes Trent call the team a "ticking time bomb of betrayal. Gwen and Duncan hug each other. Later while Gwen is stressing over Trent's sudden odd behavior and blames herself, Duncan tells her that she is giving herself too much credit.

So what did people actually think of Gwen X Duncan? : Totaldrama

He also points out that Trent's mild insanity over his obsession with the number nine could very well be the fact that the four letters in Gwen's name plus five in Trent's equal nine overall, which horrifies Gwen.

While this later turns out to not be the case, Gwen still comes to believe Duncan's word. Gwen angrily says that she heard that while getting ready to jump.

The Chefshank Redemption Duncan tries to "interfere" after Gwen is eliminated, but it almost backfires on him. While most of the Screaming Gaffers are suspicious of Gwen's behavior due to her guilt over the nature of Trent's elimination and subtly trying to throw the challenge for her team in this episodeDuncan is one of the few who is not suspicious of her at all and stands up for her.

At the end of the episode, Gwen is eliminated, but Duncan is one of the two, along with DJwho did not vote her off. As she is handcuffed by Chef Hatchet and taken to the Lame-o-sineDuncan stops them to offer himself in her place, as a way of saying that he really wants to be out of the competition this may also be interpreted as his standing up for her and sacrificing himself for herbut quickly assures them that he was kidding as soon as Chef attempts to actually take Duncan instead.

Gwen tells him that he won't get out of the competition that easily and wishes him good luck. Duncan smiles while he watches her leave. One Flu Over the Cuckoos When the team is talking about the side-deal Gwen had with the Killer GripsDuncan said he still couldn't believe it and he "didn't know she had it in her," appearing to be more amused or impressed by her actions rather than embittered or betrayed.

II Gwen making fun of Duncan for gushing over Courtney. Gwen and Duncan's relationship was one of the major topics in this episode when Gwen appeared as a guest speaker.


When Geoff told Gwen that her former teammates may not like her anymore, Gwen points out that Duncan didn't vote her off, after which Courtney exclaims that it was only because "she had her goth girl hooks into him. After Gwen made fun of Duncan for openly gushing over Courtney, Duncan compensated with friendly roughhousing, which resulted in Duncan accidentally knocking Gwen to the ground, with Duncan soon landing on top of her and he said 'ooh' in a way that may have meant he liked it or that he had won.

The two laugh, but then awkwardly pause and stare at each other as the video is paused and no further footage is shown.