Taurus and pisces relationship 2012 presidential election

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taurus and pisces relationship 2012 presidential election

When the Dreamer of the zodiac gets together with the archetypal Lover, what ensues is a beautiful, gentle, tender romance. Pisces and Taurus compatibility is . Mercury Retrograde occurred during the election and, as you There were two leading candidates for the United States presidential election. On March 12, , Mercury went retrograde in Aries, but went direct in Pisces on 8 Ways to Show Your Capricorn Partner the Love Today articles. Astrology for: Romney for GOP convention, and comparison of Romney My prediction for the winner of the U.S. presiential election was wrong. .. 7th houses and are indexes of our relationships with marriage partners, .. Progressed c10 jupiter at 29 Pisces 23 is in the same set with pc moon.

Following all astrology for Obama and Romney comes a longer section—new—called Further Examples. It includes the election astrology for seven earlier presidents and one vice president in chronological order to their occurrence. Paying attention to the their astrology—which is given without much discussion since the necessary discussion has preceded these examples—could be tiresome.

But it is the part that is truly convincing. To reduce number of items shown, results for only their 3rd and 10th charts are shown.

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In fact, all three charts 3rd, 7th, 10th should be examined before deciding election results. They may not all be necessary each election, but they all contain relevant material which should be part of the evaluation. As occurred with Obama insometimes it is the 3rd chart, and not the 10th, which shows the win.

But the 3rd chart astrology for all winners of elections has to be positive. Depending on which is more benevolent, in Further Examples I show the partial chart drawing of some times the 3rd, and sometimes the 10th chart. But their significant progressed and return astrology for the election is always shown. The latter includes further exploration on the revelation of the importance of the 3rd chart in determining winners and losers.

This combined paper likely contains some redundancy. Because this astrological method is so different from traditional, I found redundancy preferable to too little information.

US Presidents in the Age of Aquarius (Revised for ) | Demystifying the Aquarian Age

Recognized redundancy can, of course, be skipped over rapidly. They are worth repeating because they cannot be repeated—as they should be—in the body of each example. That kind of preciseness occurred rarely in recording past birth times.

Even now accuracy differs from state to state and country to country. So much variation in dependability greatly hampers good research.

But rectification, also, is a skill that not only varies from astrologer to astrologer, but within the work of each individual astrologer. It is a skill, and not every good astrologer has it. And even good ones err. Consulting the Data Source in a number of Astrodatabank birth examples readily shows that astrologers, too, differ in rectification results.

So, nothing is better for arriving at dependable results than knowing that the birth time was recorded accurately. So, we also want it to be accurate. But its accuracy is also a function of correct birth time. Moreover, we need to know where the subject lives at the time of the return there are nine of them per year.

Although the planets in the return remain the same no matter where on earth the individual is, the Angles vary with locality. This is a problem with presidential candidates. One can, of course, use Washington, D.

Sometimes presidents spend a considerable time during their tenure in a favorite home which is not Washington. There can be several of these. Nonetheless, I think it best to always use Washington, D. With challengers the problem is worse. Or should it be Washington D. All candidates spend so much time on the road in the year preceding the elections it is difficult to feel confident about any return location.

Accordingly, I have often used Washington D. Their return Angles often play a strong role in showing their life outcomes. It makes no appreciable difference in the results presented which day is used. I just did it that way so I could match it to concession times. So I have not worried about consistency in this area. I mention this so no one will see that the progressions for the election are one day off and think the results are wrong.

They are acceptable from either day. It is useful to know the time of concession of the losing candidate, but we rarely know that ahead of time. In this era of such minute analysis of likely results, however, we are getting closer and closer to knowing that at least for typical elections not Bush v.

Gorethat time will be some time between 10 p. If we actually know concession time, we can even use transits for the time. Transits show where planets in the sky are at any the given time. I found several slightly differing concession times on the Internet for Obama versus Romney.

Longer research on the Internet can produce more concession times, but it is also time consuming. Known concession times, however, have proved that the actual time of concession often adds pertinent planetary placements for the astrology of both the winner and loser.

So, when I can, I have included it. It is, however, hard to find dependable birth data on both, especially for earlier elections. It is hard enough just getting it on the fellow who won. So, such comparisons, while preferable, are rare in this paper. I include them I can. Now we return to the Introduction of the original paper. Introduction I begin with a statement. I have political preferences. They are not in this paper. This paper is comprised strictly of astrology for Obama and Romney for the presidential election--that is, the astrology for winning a two-person contest.

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In that sense, it has nothing to do with what kind of contest it is. The focus is on the better astrology of the winner of a contest. For this contest we have several valuable pieces of information which make trying to make a prediction a reasonable thing to do, at least for an astrologer. First, we already know Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee. Even more important, we have what appears his correct time of birth, from his own memory of what was on his birth certificate.

That it is correct is crucial. It may have been intentionally falsified because some people feel their time of birth is no one else's business. Or it may have been remembered incorrectly. It could have been recorded in error—plus or minus the actual time—in the delivery room. A lot can happen in the delivery room that makes up-to-the-minute recording of time of birth less important.

It is given to the minute. That is usually a good sign some one was actually looking at the clock when delivery occurred. We have at hand, then, the material absolutely necessary for an astrological analysis.

Second, we have the dates of both the GOP convention and the national election. It is not as if these are variable and floating—they are fixed. It would be hard to do any predicting if the dates were not fixed. And we have seen his chart's validity for other events in his life.

taurus and pisces relationship 2012 presidential election

Given that we also have a copy of his birth certificate, we can be nearly certain we will be working with his true astrology. We are also going to look, below, at his 3rd chart astrology for that first presidential win. Astrology has a method for checking accuracy of birth time. It is called rectifying the birth chart. To do that, we need dates of events in the individual's life. Biographies of Romney are not great in providing actual dates for events beyond the year. Month and day are necessary.

For instance, for most of his children only the year of birth is readily available. One cannot test the correctness of the time of any one's birth knowing just the year something happened to him. Fortunately, however, we do have several distinct dates for Romney. We have the date of his marriage to Ann, the dates of death of his mother and father, and the date he was elected governor of Massachusetts. Recently I also found the birth date of his oldest son, Tagg.

These are enough to use to test his chart to see if the given time works with the events of his life. If they don't, then that time has to be incorrect.

Then we must work with the chart to see what time of birth does fit the events of his life. It can be a lot of work. And one can still be wrong. Rectification works best when the error in the given time of birth is close—plus or minus ten minutes—of the actual time of birth.

taurus and pisces relationship 2012 presidential election

I did the rectification work on Romney's stated time. Most readers are not interested in this material, so I have not included it in this paper. The time reported below in Data Acknowledgments used for this paper, then, works with all five Romney life events mentioned above.

Now that we are reasonably certain of Romney's time of birth, we can do his astrology for the GOP convention. We already know he is the nominee, so we can use examining that date to make sure his astrology supports that result, helping confirm his time of birth. At the same time, it will give us a view of what such winning astrology looks like with his chart.

We will also look, below, at his 3rd chart astrology for this winning event. A few other things can go wrong in predicting outcomes of contests. United States' history has given us a previously unimagined election snafu. It happened in in the race between George W. Bush and then Vice-President Al Gore.

I remember being puzzled looking at their astrology. And the loser doesn't. Those transits of the moment represent his sense of elation and good fortune caused by winning.

taurus and pisces relationship 2012 presidential election

In the presidential race I not only did not see a winner, I did not see any applicable transits signifying any sense of winning. There was no winner on that date. Or even around that date. It was not until December 12, that the citizens of the United States knew the name of their next President. That could happen again, but that, too, is highly unlikely. Candidates could die or otherwise withdraw between nomination and election day.

It seems highly unlikely. A third party candidate could emerge late and win. So far as I know, no late emerging third party candidate has won election to the Presidency of the United States or come anywhere near it. Before we look at election results--I refer to the astrology, not the votes--I need to make available information on this particular astrological method.

Astrological Method This method is not traditional. It uses birth and conception planets and their harmonics and houses, all of which share the same axis: Here is the link to my paper which discusses the practical differences between sidereal Eastern and tropical Western zodiacs: Paper on Tropical vs.

When mercury rules one or two Angles, it also acts like a light and has the same orb as the other lights. This method uses only conjunctions, applying and separating squares, and oppositions. Sets without Angles are more active when they contain a light, and less active without one. Because this approach uses both a birth and conception chart and they share the same axis, birth houses usually overlap different houses of the conception chart.

The convention used when writing about house overlaps is to put the birth house first, then the conception house. Birth planets including their harmonics rule only birth houses. Conception planets including their harmonics rule only conception houses.

For a more thorough explanation of this astrological approach, refer to the following papers: Empirically-Derived Rules for Reading These Charts Because returns prior to the event in question play such a vital part in assessing the outcome, more should be said about them. Like the astrology itself, the returns of this method are different from those of traditional astrology. So, year after year, each individual has one solar return per year.

US Presidents in the Age of Aquarius (Revised for 2012)

That one solar return which occurred before the election would be the one traditional astrologers would look at. Lunar returns occur when the moon's position in the sky matches that of the individual's moon at birth. Each individual, then, has twelve lunar returns per year. The one used by the astrologer would be the one which encompasses the date of the event. Nine of these returns occur per year per individual throughout his lifetime. All work together to demonstrate the astrology of an event.

These returns are also solar returns, but they are harmonic solar returns. Nine returns per year provide much more, and more current, information than just one. This method also can use lunar returns, but they are for the moons of both birth and conception.

taurus and pisces relationship 2012 presidential election

Here we are not using them because they add more data than we need. Unlike traditional astrology, with this method houses within returns are not interpreted. What falls on all Angles is primary. Influence to birth and conception houses through rulers on Angles may be used to infer meaning. Each candidate will have one solar return prior to the election. Since we are also examining Romney's astrology for the convention, he will have an additional solar return for that period.

Both also have returns which occur prior to the date of the inauguration. Our 7th charts are harmonic expansions of our 7th houses and are indexes of our relationships with marriage partners, close friends, and business partners. But, the 7th chart is the main chart of this method.

The information it contains transcends those subject areas. Our 10th charts are harmonic expansions of our 10th houses.

taurus and pisces relationship 2012 presidential election

They show our social status and careers. They also contain significant information on our relationship to our mothers—not who she was, but how we experienced her. This identity of interests in the 10th chart helps explain why most people who are very successful in their careers also had excellent relationships to their mothers. He is, after all, mentally uplifted by winning. This will also be a very difficult period for Vice President Joe Biden.

During this time the Administration may seriously think of replacing him with a new Candidate for the elections. In nutshell President Obama will not be able to accomplish much in his first term. There will be no improvement in the economy and the unemployment rate will continue to stay high.

Saturn is a very good planet for President Obama. This will be excellent time for Obama when luck will be on his side once again. Obama will win elections very easily and will get re-elected as the President of United States for the second term.

The economy will be doing better in US, and President Obama will solve many domestic and international problems during this time. Obama will be able to end the two wars and bring troops home during this period. Obama may even win another Nobel Prize or some kind of award during this time.

President Obama will run out of luck between Oct and Dec when transit Saturn will be in Scorpio. Transit Saturn in Scorpio will aspect the natal position of ascendant lord Saturn and 12th lord Jupiter in Capricorn by its third aspect, the natal position of the 7th house lord Moon in Taurus sign by its 7th aspect, and the natal position of Rahu and 10th house lord Mars in Leo sign by its 10th aspect.

During this time President Obama will find it very difficult to complete his second term. When Saturn goes to 10 degrees in Scorpio which will happen three times between Oct and Dec will be a very sensitive time for President Obama and the United States. So the period from August 10th to August 20th will be a challenging period when Saturn will afflict its own nakshatra lord Mars, as Saturn is transiting Mars nakshatra Chitra between 23 degrees 20 minutes in Virgo and 6 degrees 40 minutes in Libra.

So technically the period after August 20th will be an excellent period for President Obama. Gurmeet Singh Astrologer May 8, Vice President Joe Biden walked into the Oval Office and apologized to President Obama a few hours before the president announced that he supports same-sex marriage yesterday.

Joe Biden is a Scorpio ascendant and is going through Jupiter main period and Mercury sub period. Jupiter rules his second house of speech as well. Vice President Biden is prone to making some more mistakes in the coming months according to his astrology chart, and may put President Obama in more embarrassing situations.

That is why I predicted in my earlier analysis that Biden will not be there in the second term, and will eventually be replaced by Hillary Clinton as Hillary will be in a very auspicious period after September this year.

Joe Biden is in good main period and sub periods but transits are highly unfavorable for Joe Biden now and in the coming months especially during the election time in November this year. The stunning ruling was a huge victory for President Obama who staked much of his term on passing the national plan. Gurmeet Singh Astrologer June 28, First debate was won by Romney as his mahadasha lord Sun was transiting in Virgo sign and received benefic aspect from transit Jupiter in Taurus.