Sulli and minho relationship tips

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sulli and minho relationship tips

Minho has revealed in interviews that he is not in a relationship. It is said that Minho was dating with Sulli, an ex-member of the girl group, f(x). But one thing is remarkable about Sulli and Minho. either got incredible chemistry or the relationship has taken another step too intimate for. SHiNee's Choi Minho (21) talked about the difficulties of shooting romantic scenes with f(x)'s Sulli, who is under the same company roof as he is.

sulli and minho relationship tips

Many discussions already has been posted and yet here I am adding my thoughts once more! But she kept on ignoring him.

sulli and minho relationship tips

If we were to analyse the whole scene, Just to summarize Minho with all the girls surrounding him did not decide to stay with them or chat with them which I think he would normally do if some more vids were to be scrutinized. He stayed with his hyungs. This we already knew how he seized the opportunity to be near beside Sulli at the ending part of the song and pushed taemin to his right to secure that place beside her.: The way he looked at her, as if gauging her mood.

It was very subtle. But the point is, she made that gesture which is usually done by couples.

Who is Minho’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Minho of SHINee

Very discreet but the camera captured the moment. I think that this little scene tells something of their true relationship with each other. And I realized Minho is a little afraid of our Giant baby!

sulli and minho relationship tips

He would do anything to make Sulli notice him. Watching this made me see that they were not joking around or smiling like they used to do. Thanks for posting this pic. He even put his arm around her right arm for a moment. Seemed he liked to walk with her that way but decided to let go. And there were boys, [his buddies or hyungs with him] but still he could not resist Sulli.

This show of affection and craving attention from Sulli is something he can't do without. No question about it. It is how I see and interpreted. I could have scouted for more but that's for my next post.: As I am a new Sulli fan and Minho fan, I am ignorant of their preferences. So thank you to anyone who shared this information.

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Facts that somehow connects my MinSul. Sulli dislikes tight clothes.

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She is more likely to prefer box t-shirt and hotpants with leggings under it. What kind of girl in terms of fashion do you like? Wondering what kind of female appears to be the most dazzling ones to them? A person that is able to get along with him well. A person that laughs a lot.

sulli and minho relationship tips

You said sulli is smiling angel who laughs a lot even tired right? A person he would have a lot of fun hanging out with. You always say Sulli is cute. She belongs to your pretty hoobaes right?

A person with long legs. A person with long hair. A person that would look good in a feminine one piece dress. She is very feminine dresser! The charisma guy smiled bitterly. They joined their respective group very early, Minho in his middle school while Sulli was still a grader. Both SHINee and f xtheir group are already familiar with each other.

Who is Minho's Girlfriend? Lovelife about Minho of SHINee | MIJ Miner8

They of course practice maybe in the same studio, bumped into each other in hallways, attend meetings when summoned by the company and of course when there are events inside the agency.

They do a lot of events together, TV shows, guesting and we can see from fancams and videos that both group are close like they are siblings. Minho once addressed Sulli as his dongsaeng. Not just dongsaeng but his favorite among f x. He said this during a radio interview. Said Sulli is cute.

While Sulli is one of the youngest in SM, almost all her hyungs even in Super Junior, treated her like a precious sister. You can see how some of them always seemed protective of her during concerts.

SHINee's Minho Likes Sulli! :)

Because Sulli is such a sweet, beautiful girl. From dongsaeng to leading lady To The Beautiful You came and the roles were given to Sulli and Minho to act as the leads playing a romantic role Sure there would be awkwardness between these two young actors.

sulli and minho relationship tips

Although they are already familiar with each other, acting in love is very different. Roles have to be learned, characters have to be absorbed to be acted perfectly and also to understand the character. Skinship can not be avoided. Holding each others hands, back hugging, piggy back and the intimate part, kissing. Emotions can not be stopped or controlled like a machine. I think that Sulli and Minho were given the drama because everyone see the chemistry between them even in simple photo shoots.

I saw how they look good on their previous works. There's something about them that makes you smile and say, They look good together!. How could I know that maybe both of them feels something more towards each other even before the drama. Fan accounts were posted on how Minho was so sweet to Sulli, even they had a spat or something like that and Minho tried to cheer up Sulli.