Sex and relationship education resources primary

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sex and relationship education resources primary

Find resources to support you with delivering your sex and relationships education curriculum, including lesson plans and activities. Sex and relationships education (SRE) is part of lifelong learning about the emotional, social and physical Teaching SRE in primary school - sample pack. pdf. DO provides quality RSE teaching resources that meet statutory requirements.

This curriculum resource is a free-to-download document outlining how the Programme of Study for PSHE education covers — and goes beyond the draft statutory guidance for RSE, relationships education and health education guidance. Please download and use the statement to make your own commitment to good quality RSE.

Whether the school's RSE is already well established, or needs further improvement, the poster can be displayed, shared with parents, staff and governors and used as a springboard to develop the quality of RSE provision the school is working towards.

A4 and A3 versions of both versions of the poster are available to download from the SEF website link opens in new window.

sex and relationship education resources primary

This one-day training equips participants with the skills and confidence to deliver an RSE curriculum that is positively inclusive of LGBT identities and relationships. The site also includes resources for s link opens in new windows link opens in new window and parents and carers link opens in new window. Making sense of relationships - free resources for key stages The NSPCC has developed a new free resource for teachers: Making sense of relationships link opens in new window.

The resource includes lesson plans and guidance for teachers spanning key stages 2, 3 and 4 age These aim to reinforce and embed learning as children grow and develop, using a spiral approach to introduce and revisit topics in an age and stage appropriate way.

Topics covered range from friendships and coping with change in KS2, to healthy relationships, consent and sexual exploitation in secondary school. Guidance on age appropriate sex and relationships.

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Sensitivity to the experience and needs of all participants. Opportunities to give feedback. It is assumed that line managers have the authority to act on behalf of their employer in authorising applications where applicable and complying with these terms and conditions.

Where authorisation is not required you must have had the relevant discussion and have obtained the authorisation of your manager and organisation before booking a course.

sex and relationship education resources primary

After you have made an application the course organiser will provide you with relevant course information, primarily using IslingtonCS. The delegate and their line manager are both able to logon to IslingtonCS and see the progress of applications.

Where courses are offered on a first come first served basis, we ask that organisations do not bulk book places. We reserve the right to cancel any confirmed places in such circumstances.

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It is essential that users maintain their personal details and keep their profile up to date, for example, if you change your email address or employer.

We cannot accept responsibility for information that is sent but fails to arrive. Line managers should also inform IslingtonCS when staff leave their organisation. Delegates are responsible for downloading any course materials and, if applicable, bringing them to the course. We are committed to challenging discrimination and negative stereotyping of minority groups. We expect all of our staff and trainers to meet this commitment and provide an inclusive and safe learning environment.

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Challenge behaviour and language that is discriminatory; Avoid discriminatory language and stereotyping. If this is used, it must be justifiable in terms of facilitating learning, and not gratuitous; Promote positive images of traditionally excluded groups; Be open to criticism and learn from this; Make reasonable adjustments to meet special requirements; Involve people who use services in development; Include examples in learning interventions of good practice in supporting people from minority groups; Use positive shortlisting for people who identify as having a disability.

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Initially they will try and resolve this with the individual concerned. If this is not possible then the issue will be referred to the course organiser. Any such matters will be dealt with in a timely, factual way with the delegate being informed of the course of action to be taken.

We ask you to: Notify us of any special requirements Challenge behaviour or language that you feel is discriminatory Ensure that all staff are given opportunities to access learning If delegates have concerns about any issues they experience during the learning event they should discuss this with the trainer in the first instance.

If this is not appropriate or unresolved then they should talk to their line manager who will contact the learning and development manager. We welcome feedback as part of monitoring the quality of our learning and development activities. Attendance charges and payments Charges: You will be informed of any charge that might apply either at the time of requesting a place via islingtonCS, or separately via email or telephone contact.

Course charges may vary dependent on the course provider, the sector you work within or your employer. Any charges that apply will be confirmed to the applicant when the booking is made.

sex and relationship education resources primary

Any charges will be issued against a team budget code for internal staff or where invoiced this will be to the organisation or invoice name and address entered on the personal profile. Delegate cancellation, late arrival and substitution Delegate cancellation: