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Seifer Almasy is a temporary playable character and one of the main antagonists The cross is Seifer's symbol as much as the angel wings are Rinoa's and the. Card playing and modification is also important to getting Quistis's Limit Even at the final battle with Seifer, Rinoa still tries to save him. .. was in love with Seifer, not Squall, and that the budding relationship with Squall is. In disc 2, when (SPOILER)you fight Seifer in Galbadia garden, and u hav Rinoa in the party, he says, "u too? There are also several hints that suggest Seifer and Rinoa were a couple before Squall met her. It's a pretty well established fact that Seifer and Rinoa were romantically.

I fricking love this forum. Man I wish I could send this info back in time to my 18 year old self! I might not have been badmouthing FF8 for the last ten years, too. By the way, look up meteor wing. Much as I hate Rinoa, it's insanely effective. Much as I loved the card game, I didn't abuse it to the degree everyone else here did. The advice you've gotten on cards beats what I had. Just one thing I can add to what you've been told about it: One thing I'm surprised no one has mentioned: None and start walking around hitting X.

Both islands are completely covered in invisible Draw points of all the game's most powerful spells. The method I used and submitted to some guides When you do level, keep one character dead at the time to break the enemies' average levels. I ended up with one character at 65 with everyone else atand crushed everything in my way. If you do want to level for whatever reason, go to the Island Closest to Heaven, give Quistis low HP and the Initiative ability, and immediately fire off Degenerator at the start of every fight.

The enemies on the Island are always leveland appear one at a time. If the enemy does manage to attack you before you insta-kill them, just run. Keep clicking on it, and it'll give you a Rosetta Stone. Lastly, Evasion is overpowered. James the Dark The Islands closest to heaven and hell are not at the corners of the map, but rather, are the farthest west island on the 2D map, and the farthest east. In one corner, there's Bahamut's island, but that's a whole other thing.

Junction as many Death magicks as possible to Squall's attack, thus meaning his atacks are insta-kill most of the time. Give someone else Diablo that is Lvl the grind is a git. For anything immune to this tactic it came down to weakening Squall and then spamming his Limit Breaks. Walked through the game, which was awesome because my housemate was playing at the same time and he was just awful.

So even more satisfaction was had. Blind is great if you've already berserked the target. Makes them completely harmless.

It seems the only winning movie is to not play. How about a nice game of chess instead? JadedDM, I don't know if anyone else got this, but you have threadwin here as far as I'm concerned.

I had no idea this game could be this much fun. I've just earned my SeeD rank and have been assigned the mission to Timber, so I'm still near the beginning but it has been so awesome. The Awesome So Far I scored probably AP off the spider robot in Dollet and I wasn't even good at destroying it. I could've gotten probably or more if I had restarted from the save point and really concentrated on it.

I'm actually enjoying the card game. I read a guide, learned some strategy and feel I can reliably beat most players or get a draw in a worst case scenario with the good ones. I'm refining like mad. I can't believe I never understood the relative value of the GF abilities before. Instead now it's Ref and Stat-J abilities for the win.

It's ridiculous how strong you can be in this game. I still hate all the characters. I just want to vent about this publicly to ease my mind. Feel free to disregard, but here's the cast so far: The Worst Cast Eva -Squall.

Squall doesn't like to answer people's questions or talk to people. This makes him antisocial, and a jerk.

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I can forgive someone being a jerk. But only to a point. When Quistis takes him to the secret spot in the training center after his SeeD inauguration, she tells him that as of midnight she's been fired.

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She says she was told she has no leadership qualities. She asks if he'll say anything. He then insults her by saying he doesn't need to talk to her. She asks if he'll at least listen. He does, and after she unburdens herself he turns away from her and says, "People need to take care of themselves. The 18 year old teacher who hits on male students "Boys always get nervous when I'm assigned to this test with them.

Maybe it's my charms? No, I won't tell you why She mostly seems likeable just because Squall and Seifer treat her like dirt and it makes you feel bad for her. This guy chooses to fight unarmed in battle zones where the enemy has guns and man-eating robots. That's enough to make me hate him. One of the better characters, only because there is so little substance there, so she looks nice compared to the other characters who have LOTS of substance that just makes them look like JERKS.

Also her Garden Festival page is kind of cute. Dammit Selphie, why does the school spirit captain have to be the most likeable character? Seifer would actually be a better hero. I was thinking about his character after the Dollet mission. Really the reason he is a jerk to the other students is just defensive.

He's been on the SeeD test like 5 times and failed every time. He watches kids who hate battle and are filled with fear pass. He loves battle, it's the thing he does best, yet he can't pass. There's a good reason he can't pass won't follow orders so it's not like he's perfect. But he is so understandable. If I failed the bar exam 5 times I would make fun of lawyers and give first-year law students a hard time about how hard it will be.

Seifer Almasy

Unfortunately they choose to make him the bad guy. Not just at Balamb but as I recall he'll end up working for the sorceress. So the most sympathetic character here though he has his bad qualities like cheating or running off on his own - a classic antihero is the one we have to hate. While the one who is inferior to him in every way worse gunblademan, less experienced in battle, less sympathetic motivations, scared to fight, can't speak up for himself is the hero we're supposed to take through the whole game.

Only "good" character I really like so far. She was so forward at the dance that I just can't help respecting her. Of course in Japan that would make her antisocial as well, and cause embarassment to Squall, so really she is also a jerk. His hair color is light, as opposed to Squall's brown. His chin is square whereas Squall's is oval. The color scheme of their clothing is opposite, as well as their coat lengths.

Both have a facial scar inflicted during a duel; the scars are mirror images with Seifer's pointing up-left from his point of view while Squall's points down-right. His choice of attire of a white coat with a red cross may allude to the real world Knights Templar. In Kingdom Hearts II, Seifer wears a gray long sleeveless coat with a short blue vest that shows his lower abs, brown baggy trousers with a matching brown tie and black combat boots.

Personality Edit Seifer and his dream. There are many parallels between Seifer and Squall. Even though they are rivals battling to prove their superiority, they have an unspoken respect for each other's prowess. Seifer is a loud and outspoken rebel, while Squall is a silent, strict rule follower.

Both are nigh-equally skilled in using the gunblade, but Seifer's temper often leaves him losing to Squall. Seifer's friends, Raijin and Fujincall themselves a "posse", whereas Squall is a loner.

Although he is belligerent and rude with delusions of grandeur, Seifer is troubled rather than bad. He is twisted by the sorceress's power, and pursues a warped version of his dream, although the degree to which he is controlled or influenced by her power is left ambiguous. He has been bullying other kids since he was young, and is considered a "problem child" by the Garden staff. He defies authority figures and considers that others should defer to taking orders from him.

He acts impulsively and his rash decisions get him into trouble until he feels he can no longer back out. Seifer displays some positive traits, as he's the first to clap in congratulation for the new SeeDs despite not making SeeD himself. He also becomes angry upon hearing that only three rookie SeeDs were sent off on an unreasonable mission with a vague time limit, and rushes to help. Skip section Seifer as a child in Edea's Orphanage.

Seifer is an year-old orphan who was born during the Sorceress War and sent to Edea's Orphanage. From a young age he bullied the other orphans, especially Zell. He was enrolled in Balamb Garden where he studied to become a SeeD. Seifer would forget his past in the orphanage due to the memory loss using Guardian Forces causes. Final Fantasy VIII Ultimania reveals that a popular movie was released about a sorceress who defended her country, and the knight who protected her.

At Balamb Garden, Seifer would form the Disciplinary Committee with his friends Fujin and Raijin, abusing their power to give fellow students punishment and detention. Seifer became a rival to Squall Leonhart, who had also grown up in Edea's Orphanage before being enrolled in Balamb Garden, although neither remembers this. Of all the Garden students only Seifer and Squall chose a gunblade as their specialized weapon.

Squall and Seifer sparring. Even though Seifer had great potential to become a SeeD, his behavior made him fail the exams, and he was labeled a "problem child". Seifer's "romantic dream" is to become a sorceress' knight and he has borrowed books from the Balamb Garden library related to the subject. Quistis berates her thinking that Rinoa's plan is only contrived to oppose her father.

Left to her own devices, Rinoa carries out her plan alone, infiltrating the Presidential Residence, and offers the bangle to Edea as a gift. Edea renders Rinoa under her control and like a puppet, Rinoa placidly follows Edea out onto the balcony where she is designated as a sacrifice for Edea's coronation ceremony. Edea summons two Iguion statues to attack Rinoa, but Squall and Irvine infiltrate the Presidential Residence in time to save her.

In return she stays and fights beside Squall when he attacks Edea. The attack proves unsuccessful and the group is captured and imprisoned in the D-District Prison, barred by Irvine who escaped. Irvine returns, acting on orders from presumably Rinoa's father, to retrieve Rinoa from imprisonment and, with tenacious convincing from Rinoa, the pair assists the rest of the group's escape from the compound. During their capture the group collectively learns that in retaliation for the attack on Sorceress Edea, Galbadia has targeted Balamb and Trabia Gardens in a missile attack.

Splitting into two groups the party attempts to prevent the attack. Selphie's plan is to sabotage the missiles aimed at Balamb, and Squall proceeds to warn Balamb Garden of the missiles. It is up to the player's decision to place Rinoa in either group.

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The party is reunited in Fishermans Horizon where the unharmed but now mobile Balamb Garden crashes. Squall is ordered to act as an ambassador and enact a formal apology, but Mayor Dobe, the leader of the pacifist city, tells them to leave immediately, as their presence can only cause destruction. From this point onward, Rinoa can be found wandering the Garden library when she is not in the party. Galbadian soldiers invade the town, and Dobe heads off to discuss peacefully with the soldiers.

The soldiers do not listen, and Dobe is rescued by Squall and his team. Grudgingly, the mayor accepts their apology, and orders the city's technicians to restore Balamb Garden to full functionality.

During this the participants of Selphie's group reunite with Squall and for a moment Squall is almost elated, something that does not go unnoticed by Rinoa. RinoateasingSquall Rinoa and Squall sit down and talk. With the mobile Balamb Garden Squall is appointed commander of the Garden and SeeD, and to celebrate his friends organize a concert for his honor. During the concert Squall and Rinoa have a moment together, the dialogue depending on which instruments the player assigns to the band.

In the bad dialogue option Rinoa and Squall argue and Rinoa runs away. In the better dialogue option Rinoa convinces Squall to trust in his friends more. As his first command Squall liberates Balamb from Galbadian occupation. The next order is to head to Trabia Garden, Selphie's home Garden, and the target for the missile attacks.

He offers the Trabia students Balamb Garden's support and while waiting for Selphie to regroup, Rinoa voices her worries about being a burden within the group and what would happen in the future.

The rest of the group recollects their pasts and discovers they were raised in the same orphanage and that Edea is the Matron of the orphanage who used to look after them. The Garden embarks to the old orphanage in search of clues, but is intercepted by a similarly mobile Galbadia Garden. The Battle of the Gardens ensues, which results in Sorceress Edea's defeat and Rinoa becoming comatose.

Rinoa Heartilly

It is revealed that during the whole time Edea had been possessed by another sorceress from the future known as Ultimecia, but being defeated by SeeD snaps Edea out of it and she becomes the SeeDs' ally. Rinoa's condition is of great concern to Squall, driving him to great lengths to find a cure.

He knows Ellone can send people's consciousnesses back in time and searches for her to ask her to send him in Rinoa's past to discover what happened to her. Aboard the space station Rinoa awakens under the control of Ultimecia, as after being defeated Edea unknowingly passed on her sorceress power to Rinoa.

Ultimecia uses Rinoa to unlock Adel's Tomb and leaves Rinoa to die in space. Squall ditches his escape pod from the Lunar Base that is being destroyed by the Lunar Cry and intercepts Rinoa as she floats away. By sheer fortune, the two discover and board the derelict Ragnarok airship which was floating aimlessly in space near them. On board the Ragnarok Squall communicates their current situation to Esthar, and enables the ship's autopilot to return to the planet.

During the trip, Squall confesses many things to Rinoa about himself and Rinoa tells him he is the one to give her the most comfort and happiness. The land base tells the two Rinoa will be seized by the Esthar government upon landing. Sorceress memorial Squall prevents Rinoa from cryogenically freezing herself. Upon landing back in Esthar, Esthar officials arrive to take Rinoa to contain her sorceress powers in a new tomb on Sorceress Memorial.