Rocket and groot relationship quiz

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rocket and groot relationship quiz

2nd quiz I will make for the day. (And Purple Guy is on here for some reason). I am Rocket Raccoon! CONTACT · POLICY · TERMS. Quiz Info. Which of the MCU's Guardians of the Galaxy are you? Take the quiz to find out! Begin Quiz. Test your knowledge on this movies quiz to see how you do and compare What character besides Rocket is shown to understand Groot at the end of the movie? How does Quill describe his relationship with Gamora?.

It makes sense when military buddies or friends who survived dire circumstances seems so incredibly close. They might have had to think about protecting their friend more often than most. Marvel We admit it. We all cried a little when Groot sacrificed himself, but it only felt harsher to continue watching Rocket go it alone.

He had to brace himself and continue the fight to save the universe. Marvel Rocket and Groot have a friendship that transcends their physical forms. And when Groot returns as a tiny sapling, Rocket only sees the soul inside the growing little bundle of roots and vines.

rocket and groot relationship quiz

No matter what kinds of changes they go through, Groot and Rocket are friends for life. Life is all about change. Your friends are going to change in more ways than just physical. New jobs, new relationships, new career paths can all lead to completely different goals, beliefs, and even ways of life.

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But a true friendship goal is being right there with them, accepting their changes and loving them for whoever they are. Marvel Through thick and thin these two have been through more than we fully know.

When did Drax's father tell the story of impregnating his mother? When Rocket says 'I love this song', he's referring to which track? Where were the Guardians originally going to after leaving the Sovereign?

rocket and groot relationship quiz

What 80's toy does the device Quill use to track the Abilisk closely resemble? On which planet does Howard the Duck appear? What kind of tape does Drax ask Quill if 'will do'? During Quill's flashback, there was a take from the first movie involving which other character?

Which character from the first movie is mentioned several times but doesn't appear? How many things does Baby Groot fetch before coming back with the fin? What did Gamora think David Hasselhoff was called? Who is Rocket referring to? Questions Who inherits Yondu's Yaka Arrow at the end of the movie? Who's the 'guy' Rocket sees in outer space after all the Sovereign ships are destroyed?

Who takes the decision to take off without Quill at the end of the movie? What are the beings who appeared beside Stan Lee called? Who is the first character to suspect something's wrong with Ego? During the credits, only one character refuses to dance.

What is the first thing Peter Quill makes with the celestial light? Who stops Taserface from killing Yondu and Rocket? Who is the only character to use the 'F' word? Which TV show does Quill mention when describing his relationship with Gamora? What is the full name of the character Ayesha is creating on the third post-credits scene? What kind of asteroid field do the Guardians need to go through to escape the Sovereign?

What does Peter Quill see when his eyes are filled with stars?

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At which establishment did Ego and Meredith park the car during the prologue? When Gamora and Nebula were children, Gamora 'wanted to win'. What did Nebula want? How many times does Mantis use her empathic abilities? How many songs does the Zune have? Who listens to the Zune for the first time alongside Peter Quill?

Which character has the last line in the movie before credits scenes? Who played Rocket on-set, before the voice and CGI were added? What was Drax's wife called? Who was the only character to be knocked out during the battle with Ego? What's the name of the band that performed 'Guardians Inferno'? Who says the line 'We are Groot'? According to Gamora, either Rocket or Quill could have flown through the asteroid field, had they flown with what? In order to destroy the Sovereign fleet after the generator blows, which character provides energy?

The movie is set in which calendar year? How many times did Baby Groot nearly press the wrong button on the bomb? Which actor played young Peter Quill? What does Drax call the Anulax batteries?

How many jumps did Rocket and Yondu do to arrive at Ego? Who did the motion capture for Baby Groot's opening dance?

rocket and groot relationship quiz

Questions What does Quill call Nebula when they reunite?