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peggy and don relationship

It's been months since I finished the series but if I remember correctly at the beginning of the show Peggy was a loyal to Don and looked up to. Peggy Olson's Strangest Love Interests on Mad Men, Ranked with him—and Peggy became pregnant and got a Don Draper-size secret of her own. This relationship never was going to work: He didn't treat her with respect. Don and Peggy's relationship goes way beyond these thematic echoes, though; it's the definitive relationship of the series, one that reflects and.

Nonetheless, she joins Don and others in forming a new ad agency after Don reassures her that he values her work. Peggy's relationship with Duck is complicated by his chronic alcoholismand their relationship completely collapses after he gets into a drunken brawl with Don in the SCDP offices.

Her affair with Duck has ended and she has begun dating a man named Mark. However, the relationship becomes strained as Peggy led Mark to believe he was her first lover. Mark breaks up with her following a fiasco on Peggy's birthday in which Mark planned a surprise birthday dinner, inviting Peggy's family, and she canceled last minute due to work.

Peggy then becomes friends with Joyce Ramsay portrayed by Zosia Mameta photo editor for Life magazine and a lesbian.

peggy and don relationship

Peggy develops feelings for one of Joyce's beatnik friends, Abe Drexler played by Charlie Hofheimer ; their relationship is almost derailed because of his subtle and pernicious sexism and criticisms of advertising, but their relationship eventually develops into a romance.

Despite friction over Peggy's work life, she accepts Abe's proposal to live together in her apartment. The relationship causes strain between Peggy and her mother, who is concerned that her daughter is "living in sin" with a Jewish man.

peggy and don relationship

In the episode "Far Away Places" her behavior appears to mirror Don's behaviour in the first episode: However, Peggy's relationship with Abe develops when they move in with each other in " At the Codfish Ball ".

When she tells Don, he kisses her on the hand before she disappears into an elevator. Her secretary recommends she try a little positive reinforcement along with her criticism, which gets mixed results. Peggy frequently works late, sharing gossip and news with Stan Rizzo by phone.

peggy and don relationship

At one point, Ted kisses Peggy, and later, she reveals she has romantic feelings for him, as well. The evening is interrupted by news of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

When Don and Ted join forces to pitch Chevroletleading the two firms to merge, they turn to Peggy to draft the press release. Both are oblivious to Peggy's distress.

Peggy has been unanimously declared Copy Chief but finds it very difficult to serve two masters, as she is almost continually put in the middle of Don and Ted's leadership squabbles. In "The Better Half", Peggy finally admits to Abe how much she dislikes her new apartment and its dangerous neighborhood, announcing her intention to sell, even if she takes a loss.

That night, she hears a noise and goes to check it out, armed with a homemade bayonet with which she accidentally stabs Abe. In the ambulance, Abe labels her an enemy to his beliefs, and they break up. In "A Tale of Two Cities", Joan recruits Peggy to assist her in securing Avon as a client, but Peggy is distressed to discover that Joan has excluded Pete whom Ted has ordered to handle that prospect from the proceedings and is managing things on her own. Peggy and Joan have a heated discussion about their different paths to power.

When Pete and Ted confront Joan, Peggy realizes Joan needs support from someone who believes in her, and so improvises a fake phone call to save Joan. Their clear affection for each other is apparent and problematic to everyone in the office.

Don criticizes Ted for allowing Peggy to exceed the budget on an overly expensive but brilliant television ad. In a client meeting, Don soothes the client's worries about the expense which could clearly jeopardize the accountbut attributes the ad concept to the late Frank Gleason.

After this, Ted backs off from his and Peggy's romantic relationship. As Don is undermining both her professional and personal life, Peggy calls him a monster.

When she returns, Ted is waiting at her apartment; he states that he loves her and plans to leave his wife, and he and Peggy consummate their relationship. Don eventually concedes, and Ted informs Peggy of his plans. Peggy is angered by Ted's unilateral decision and says, "Well, aren't you lucky, to have decisions?

Peggy, again working late, takes over Don's office. Both developments echo Freddy Rumsen's placement on a "six month leave" and Peggy's taking over his office and accounts. In Season 7, Peggy is seen competently managing the apartment building she owns and has developed a close friendship with Julio, a little boy who lives upstairs and comes over to watch television.

When Don takes off after coming back to work Peggy is angry, and he later calls her, saying a heartfelt goodbye. Afterward she engages in yet another argument with Stan that culminates in both of them admitting they are in love with each other. Peggy is last seen working, with Stan embracing her lovingly.

Peggy's relationship with Don Draper[ edit ] Peggy is Don's secretary until she is promoted, thanks to Freddy Rumsen's telling Don about how she acted during the Belle Jolie focus group. Don allows Peggy to work on accounts but tells her that she is still his secretary. Peggy is often openly resentful of Don's demanding requirements and his refusal to express appreciation for her work, but is also conscious that he is the only one in the firm who views her as an equal to her fellow copywriters, notwithstanding her gender.

At the end of Season 1, Don gives her a raise and promotes her, meaning she will no longer work as his secretary. As the series progresses, they develop a work spouse type of relationship. During Season 2, Peggy and Don's relationship deepens after Don drives while intoxicated and gets into a car accident. Having no one else to call and under arrest for drunk driving, he calls Peggy, who bails him and Bobbie Barret with whom Don was having an affair out of jail.

Bobbie stays at Peggy's apartment for a few days and constantly asks Peggy why she is helping Don so much. It is revealed that at the end of Season 1, Peggy gave birth to a son, which she gave up for adoption. Traumatized by the experience, Peggy is forced to stay in the hospital for a long time, and Don was the only one who cared enough to investigate her whereabouts and is also the only one who visits her in the hospital, besides her mother.

Peggy and Don have an intense conversation in the hospital, and he encourages her to do what the doctors are telling her to do. Draper", which she has been doing since the beginning of the series.

When in " Maidenform " Season 2 Peggy questions her male colleagues' categorizations of women as " Marilyns " or " Jackies ", and asks which she is, Ken quips that she's Gertrude Steinand the younger men laugh. However, their relationship becomes strained due to Don's anger and seemingly lack of appreciation for Peggy and her work. When Don decides to start his own advertising agency, Peggy is one of the first people he talks to. He assumes she will quit Sterling Cooper and follow him to his new agency, but is surprised and hurt when she declines, stating that she's tired of being on the receiving end of his anger when something doesn't work out for him.

Don later goes to Peggy's apartment, and the two have an emotional conversation, in which Don asks her to go with him to his new agency.

The ups & downs of Peggy and Don on ‘Mad Men’

When Peggy continues to express reluctance, Don tells her that if she doesn't go with him, he will spend the rest of his life trying to hire her. Matthew Weiner, the series' creator, head writer, and showrunner, has stated that this conversation is essentially Don telling Peggy that he loves her.

Though she is initially angry at Don for having to cancel dinner plans with her boyfriend to accommodate Don's work demands, Peggy and Don eventually make up and go to dinner.

They spend the night talking, and each reveals personal details about their life to the other. Peggy tells Don that her mother hates him because she thinks he fathered her baby.

They also discuss the fact that everyone in the office assumes the two are either sleeping together or have slept together in the past.

Peggy asks him in a roundabout way why he never attempted to have an affair with her. He tells her that he has rules that he cannot break, to which she makes a snide remark and refers to his previous affairs.

Peggy complains about dating, and Don responds that she's "cute as hell" and will find someone. Peggy and Don return to the office building, where Peggy helps Don get through his drunken stupor. Duck unexpectedly shows up, also extremely drunk. He believes that Peggy and Don are romantically involved and calls her a whore. In response, Don attacks Duck, and the two drunkenly brawl.

peggy and don relationship

Peggy eventually gets Duck to leave and then returns to Don's office, where she finds him drinking again. Don apologizes to Peggy for embarrassing her, and the two fall asleep on his office couch with his head on Peggy's lap.

Later that morning, a distraught Don weeps in Peggy's presence after he learns of Anna's death over the telephone. When Don tells Peggy that he has lost the only one in the world who truly knew him, Peggy tenderly places a consoling hand on his shoulder and replies, "That's not true. Later that morning, a sober Don calls Peggy into his office to talk about the ad they had been struggling with. Don abruptly stops the work related conversation by holding Peggy's hand, as a sign of gratitude for everything she did the night before.

Peggy appears surprised and disappointed when Don announces his engagement to Megan Calvethis secretary. Peggy congratulates Don, and Don replies that Megan admires her and that Megan reminds him a lot of Peggy. Peggy interprets the gesture as a backhanded complimentand in a private chat with Joan remarks indignantly that Don seems more excited about marrying his secretary than about her own success. Joan tells Peggy that Don is no less superficial and shallow than any of their other male superiors, and his engagement to Megan should come as no surprise.

Peggy takes on the role of Megan's mentor and attempts to nurture her apparent talent although it later turns out Megan is dissatisfied with being a copywriter. Don also gives Peggy more responsibility, as he has begun spending more time at home than at work. Peggy is often frustrated by her new workload, and matters do not improve when the agency hires another male copywriter - Michael Ginsberg - who seems to receive more credit than his supervisor Peggy does for the same amount of work.

This is Peggy's breaking point, and she realizes she can no longer stay at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Following Freddy Rumsen's advice, Peggy takes meetings with other agencies, ultimately choosing to go with Don's rival Ted Chaough at Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough, where she will receive more money and the title of Copy Chief.

Don mistakenly assumes she is asking for a raise and is shocked when she tells him that she's actually quitting. Don tells her to state the amount of money she is being offered at the other agency, and he will pay her more, but Peggy holds her ground. After using several failed tactics to get her to stay, Don gets increasingly emotional and angry, but finally accepts her two weeks' notice of resignation.

'Mad Men': The 11 Key Moments in Don and Peggy's Relationship

He cruelly tells Peggy that she can leave that day instead of waiting the customary two weeks. When Peggy holds out her hand for a handshake, Don takes her hand and kisses it, and refuses to let go until Peggy forcefully removes it. An emotional Peggy walks out, leaving Don in tears in his office. Don and Peggy's relationship is at this point extremely strained, cemented by Don's excessive drinking and his jealousy of Ted. Most of Don and Peggy's interactions during this season comprises their fighting over the fact that Don constantly puts her in the middle of arguments between him and Ted, which makes her uncomfortable.

Don confronts Peggy after she refuses to pick a side, telling her that it's her job to pick the best idea. Peggy argues that he only gets angry when she refuses to pick a side or when she sides with Ted.

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She tells him that both he and Ted are similar, except that Ted never hurts her like Don does. Don replies, "He doesn't know you," and walks out, leaving Peggy shaken. In the Season 6 finale " In Care Of "Don is set to move to California with Megan, but puts his marriage on the line by allowing Ted to take his place, in order to save Ted's marriage after Ted has slept with Peggy. That night, Pete shows up at Peggy's door, drunk.

Without a moment of hesitation, she lets him in.

peggy and don relationship

Feeling guilty, Pete brings Peggy into a meeting with the creative team. Before joining Harry CranePaul Kinseyand Salvatore Romanohe tries to explain that their relationship can not happen. Peggy appears disappointed, but understands. Betty Hofstadt arrives with the kids and Peggy attempts to stall them, believing that Don is currently with another woman. Peggy asks Joan to help; Joan covers for Don to Betty. Joan later tells Peggy that she is not happy that Peggy confided in her that Don may be sleeping with other women and that keeping Don's confidences is part of the job.

Pete and Peggy once again become involved, this time as they both end up being the first people to arrive at work. Once they have finished, Peggy sees that her collar is ripped. Pete then offers to take a look at her Belle Jolie copy. Peggy soon begins to gain weight. She splits one of her dresses one day, forcing her to borrow one of Joan's more form fitting dresses. She tests it one day, and discovers that it does little for weight loss, but causes a great deal of stimulation.

Pete is not impressed with Peggy's work, and complains to Don; Don retaliates by telling Peggy that she has been promoted to junior copywriter and that Clearasil is her first project. Soon after the promotion, Peggy who had no idea that she was pregnant gives birth to Pete Campbell 's child. Don visits her in the hospital and gives her advice; this advice bolsters Peggy and ultimately enables her to leave the hospital and resume life.

She returns to work with renewed determination. Co-workers speculate that Peggy spent her leave of absence at a fat camp. A New Company When rumors of the purchase of parent company of Sterling Cooper reach Don Draper, he pushes the senior partners to attempt a purchase of the company. When that fails, they secretly round up a list of clients loyal to them and steal important documentation that will smooth the transition. One morning Peggy meets Joyce Ramsay on an elevator ride. Peggy sees that Joyce has a pile of rejected photographs and inquires about them.

The Evolution of Peggy Olson

Joyce invites Peggy to a party that her photographer friend is holding downtown. At the party, she offers Peggy a joint and begins to hit on her. She is then introduced to the photographer Davey Kelloggwho is less than impressed with Peggy's suggestion that he sell his talent so that he can have money to pursue his art. When the cops raid the event, Davey's friend, the journalist Abe Drexler, helps Peggy hide in a closet where they share a kiss.

Abe had not wanted to visit her at work and thought looking up her home address was odd, so he had Joyce help arrange a second meeting. At the bar Abe criticizes corporations and Peggy's work, not understanding that patronizing and belittling a young career woman does not work as flirting. Peggy later pretends she would not have been interested in working on the Barry Goldwater campaign.

After being through being insulted, she leaves. He reveals he wrote her a story called "Nuremberg on Madison Avenue.