Ncis la kensi and callen relationship goals

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ncis la kensi and callen relationship goals

In a beach town on the Black Sea in Romania, G, Sam, Kensi, and Deeks who describes a connection to G. The team shoot their way into a house and save Hetty. . confirmed; the team, using extreme tact and discretion, achieve their goal. Did anyone else have their eyes widen at that kiss? In Season 1, we saw Callen and Kensi go undercover a few times. In Random on Purpose (E09), they entered a law firm acting as if they were both filing for divorce. G. Callen (born: Grisha Aleksandrovich Nikolaev) is a Russian-Romani NCIS: Los Angeles Season 1 Edit Stanhope's goal was to conceal his treasonous actions and prevent any adverse disclosures that would have harmed his business ventures. . Callen's relationship with Kensi is one seen between siblings. Callen.

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They move on, one way or another. We want growth, development and expanding of horizons that create previously unimagined possibilities. Like maybe they DO get married! A successful and long-lived series requires new sources of interest and drama each season.

ncis la kensi and callen relationship goals

Is there an established adult relationship that we have seen well and regularly depicted on NCIS: Sam and Michelle are great, but we have rarely seen them together.

Is the fact that Deeks and Kensi are together together going to fade away into the background, or are these writers capable of showing the next steps forward in their relationship? Do they have a plan for what happens next? It is a fair question whether action writers will be interested in writing the romantic relationship stuff.

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I would hope there would be at least one person within this group who had that comfort level with romantic writing, and if not, that the ratings bump would give them incentive to go find one! The advantage of fan fiction, though, is that the writers can tell and retell the same basic story in different ways over and over.

Well, hopefully it only happens once- another path the writers could choose is repeated break-ups a la Ross and Rachel on Friends or Sam and Diane on Cheers. The longer they drag things out between these two, the more romantic it becomes. Keep in mind that NCIS: Los Angeles could run for another six seasons.

Its storylines need to take a different trajectory from your average show. I agree with the need to plan for relationship and series longevity. This is another reality with long-running series: Viewers were stunned last year when Will Gardner was killed off The Good Wife and only then did fans learn that the actor wanted to pursue other endeavors.

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A Densi pairing achieves the best of both worlds for the fan base. No one is expecting an action show to turn into a soap.

ncis la kensi and callen relationship goals

My only non-CBS favorite show, Bones, is a great example. We rarely see Booth and Brennan in their bedroom, but the episode usually ends at their house, often with their daughter and sometimes a romantic innuendo thrown in. They clearly have a hot and solid relationship but the show remains focused on forensic pathology. All the fans are happy and the writers move on to new sources of drama.

Could Kensi ever get pregnant like Brennan on Bones?

Callen’s Corner: Callen and Kensi – Undercover

Callen had an opportunity to find out who was behind his shooting, in Pushback E In Random on Purpose E09they entered a law firm acting as if they were both filing for divorce. The tension was high between them and they performed this act brilliantly, in order to rescue Abby Scuito from a psycho killer. She entered an abandoned hospital with Callen, to help rescue Dom. Callen, Sam and Kensi were trying to stop a Turkish ship from leaving port with a terrorist onboard, in Hunted E They pretended to be drunk, to knock the guard out, so they can enter the ship and find their target.

Kensi kissed Callen on the cheek and undid a button, revealing more flesh for the performance. Not knowing who he was at the time, Callen knocked on the door, dressed as a taxi driver to take her somewhere. Deeks arranged with his contact to help the team get inside an elite club, in Fame E They were looking for a missing socialite, who was the last to see a dead Naval Officer, whose body was found in her vehicle.

Callen entered dressed as some rich guy named Ivan, with Kensi as his date.

ncis la kensi and callen relationship goals

They found the girl and those who killed the Naval Officer.