Natsu and erza relationship poems

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natsu and erza relationship poems

that's his girlfriend, the beautiful erza Fairy Tail Quotes, Fairy Tail Funny, Fairy attract, Jellal and Erza Erza will ALWAYS wear the pants in their relationship!. After Gray and Lucy started getting closer to each other, their guildmates cheered tail and how will it affect relationships between certain members of the guild. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Friendship - [Erza S., Natsu D.] - Words: In that letter, a magic enchantment releases a beautiful rose followed by a lovely poem. . "Will we ever tell anybody about our relationship?.

In another location in Magnolia Town, Erza was meeting her loved one at one of Magnolia's known park. She was beautifully dressed, wearing a dress that matched her hair, same for her high heels.

She had tied her hair into a ponytail. She still had her natural beauty, no cosmetics of some sort near her face. She waited, sitting at a bench, facing forward overlooking a small pond. The sky was no longer blue, but instead a beautiful orange color. Its reflection faced over the pond, where a duck family swam on. She smiled, enjoying the bright colors. Suddenly, her smile instantly was turned to that of a serious one when she heard multiple footsteps behind her. Due to her reflexes, she was able to instantaneously smack him hard on the face, breaking the old man's nose and making him bleed.

Erza was in a defensive stance. They were closing the distance between them and her. Don't make me use them.

The other men then joined in on the laugh. It wasn't until one of the men suddenly flew from where the group was to the pond in seconds, startling the other men and Erza. The one in the pond was then conscious once more, but then fled when Erza and Natsu glared at him. After several minutes, the commotion finally receded leaving a well-dressed, handsome Natsu and the beautiful, dashing Erza. He sat down next to her, taking off her hands off her face.

The sky was now darker, but the sun was still alive, providing the light needed for both Natsu and Erza to look each other in the eyes.

natsu and erza relationship poems

She then notice that his tie was improperly made. He looked at his tie, to him, it looked fine.

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She instantly smacked him for that. I mean this is something we can control, something that we both can cherish. She then placed her hand over his and wrapped them together.

Natsu x Erza

I want our friends to know of our happiness, to be happy for us. No more lying to our friends and no more secrets.

He responded, he moved his hand under her chin, moving her and himself closer, puckering up for a kiss. Rise of the Crimson Dragon by Strikefreedom10 reviews A story is a wonderful thing.

Change one small thing and the entire story can become something new. What if one night Natsu sees Igneel being killed by Acnologia in the future and this sparks a new drive to become strong enough to beat Acolognia and save his father. Natsu and Erza find some time to spend time with another after all that has happened, when an explosion occurs at the guild!

Bringing back an old familiar face.

natsu and erza relationship poems

Can an unpredictable burst of flames prevent the darkness from creeping forward once more? Slight AU post Tower of Heaven. T - English - Romance - Chapters: The past, present, future, all the events of their lives led to this. The Hero of humanity, the general, and the First God of Ishgar At the final showdown, I foolishly accepted Natsu's bet and lost.

Now, I've been held captive as his maid!

natsu and erza relationship poems

But as I live this dreadful life under his rule, I discover something dangerously incredible. If only I had seen it long time ago What lies, when the flame that burns her soul has faded? That's why life is so interesting and a story after the final words have so much more possibilities.

This is a tale of how an act of kindness, a romance and one more enemy could dramatically change the fate of everyone. I really didn't know. And who do they call? MiraJane and any partner of her choice of course who happens to be Natsu! But turns out she can't go The photo shot is only days away with tension rising between the two. Will Natsu cope with Erza's rash behavior? Will Jason ever shut up? What's Erza's Punishment All About?

What she discovers is the last thing she thought was happening in reality.

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Eventually they managed to escape this fate. They made a new life elsewhere. What will happen when they meet the others again?

natsu and erza relationship poems

How much have the three former mages change?