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How amazing is it to receive such kind words from THE William Shatner? Can you remember which episode of #MurdochMysteries he guest starred in and as who? . Jonny Harris, Tom Howell and Martha Chaves take this week's news quiz Obviously Murdoch and Julia are the lead characters but Crabtree is the heart. Julia R.~. The Ultimate Murdoch Mysteries Quiz | Murdoch Mysteries | Alibi . Our MM fan page - William Murdoch Mysteries fan page - has a question for you! Why did Julia refuse to lie about her relationship with Darcy preventing her from. William Murdoch and Julia Ogden have had quite the romance over the years. importance of family to Murdoch, she sacrificed their relationship, freeing him to.

Will the tours of the Murdoch Mysteries set ever return? What was it like to work with twin babies on the set? Do you have any nieces or nephews in real life? How many times do you have to do a scene before it is good with the crackups you must have with Yannick and Jonny on set. I loved the one with the whoopie cushion which stayed in the show. Will we see more bloopers?

Did you move alone to Toronto and was it hard to cope to live in another country? Move with a purpose and not because you need a change of scenery. Do you have a weird secret talent? Do you get a say in which of your lovely outfits you wear?

Do you ever feel like you are two people.?. OMG What do you do then? I was just wondering how you made the decision to pursue your love of acting? Especially to another country. How did you make the leap from acting being a hobby to a career? Hi Helene, I like you sooo much!

Did you like it? Hope to make my way back someday. Hi Helene, do you have favorite episode Murdoch Mysteries? Do you still ride a bike in Toronto or did you breakdown and buy a car? There's just something about excavated human organs that pushes his buttons, we guess. Remember the time Julia got him a romantic gift, and - rather than a bottle of aftershave or a new wallet or something - it turned out to be a contraption for extracting bullets from dead bodies, and Murdoch was as thrilled as a boy on Christmas morning?

How well matched could two people be?

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Sadly, it came to a crushing end when she confessed that she'd had an abortion while at university. This revelation was at odds with Murdoch's strict Catholic faith and moral code, and it looked like things were over forever. He started seeing a single mother called Enid, but his heart was always with Dr Ogden, and it took the intervention of his half-brother Jasper to spur him into action. She replied she was willing to see "which way the wind takes us". Which - given they were on a hot air balloon at the time - was really an unforgivable pun from Julia there.

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It turned out Julia had an extra thing to reveal: Knowing the importance of family to Murdoch, she sacrificed their relationship, freeing him to find a woman who could make him truly happy. Murdoch wasn't having any of this, and decided to propose anyway. But it was too late: Which you might thing sounds like great news, except for the small matter of her tying the knot with someone else. At the time, it was against the rules for a team to pay any of its players, but it seems that Eddie was being paid, and some of his team mates did indeed suspect this.

However, in the end, Eddie was not the killer. At the end of the episode, it was said that Eddie had moved on to a team in the US where it was okay to be paid to play, and was making six dollars a game; he thought he had the potential to one day make ten dollars a game! Pizza In this episode, an Italian man is selling pizza on the street near the station house, for 5 cents a slice.

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George takes a liking to the new-to-him food and even mentions how great it would be if you could just phone up and ask for a pizza, and have it brought right to you. At the end of the episode, he takes Dr. Grace to the pizza man and introduces her to pizza as well. His sister is shown to belong to which profession? Detective William Murdoch click to play it. Nun Susannah Murdoch appears in the season four episode "Voices".

In this episode, Detective Murdoch is called to the convent to investigate the death of a supposed priest, and is surprised to find Susannah is there. They reconnect, and Susannah confesses she is suffering from a terminal illness. She later passes away off-screen.

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Murdoch's estranged father, Harry, and half-brother, Jasper, have also been seen in the series, and Murdoch has mentioned his deceased mother, Mary, once or twice. Which "Murdoch Mysteries" villain is this? In season two's "Big Murderer on Campus", Gillies and his friend Robert Perry orchestrated the murder of their university professor, for no real reason. Gillies turned out to be a complete psychopath, and after Detective Murdoch foiled him, Gillies became obsessed with Murdoch.

The next time Gillies showed up, in season five's "Murdoch in Toyland', he devised a game for Murdoch to solve. Gillies kidnapped Julia and buried her alive in this episode. This time he killed Dr. Darcy Garland, Julia's husband, and framed Julia for the murder. He also trapped Murdoch in an elaborate cage, to stop him from revealing the truth before Julia could be hanged.

Murdoch again foiled Gillies' plan. Gillies was next seen in season seven's "A Midnight Train to Kingston", in which he was being transported to his hanging. He again managed to pull off an elaborate escape, but had to jump off a bridge while handcuffed. While his fate remained a mystery for awhile, Gillies was declared to be well and truly dead in the seventh season finale.

What was being celebrated in Toronto on the night that Robinson was killed? The date was May 24th, Queen Victoria's birthday As Murdoch and Constable Crabtree investigate the crime scene, fireworks can be heard outside and Crabtree asks Murdoch how old the queen is turning this year.