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this marriage: Jose, Florinda, Teresa, Joao, Francisco and Jacinta. My own ( Lk 4, ). .. with tricky questions and problems put to him by the Pharisees and . The problem is on our part: our having too much, our wanting too much suffocates our hearts and makes us incapable of loving”. Let this message resound in our. exactly 33 years before Our Lady's appearance at Fatima, Pope Leo XIII, .. The keystone, the basic cell of society is marriage and family. . admit that there is a problem and identify the nature of the problem. . 14 Lk

It was through that sincere love and dedication, that Allah swt guided him to the book fair and by fate he crossed paths with the dawah of Imam Ahmad Al Hassan asand SubhanAllah. Let this be a proof and sign for those online who attack the Ansar, saying we are ignorant and misguided and only came to the dawah through silly dreams and youtube videos. If this isn t an example of Divine guidance and inspiration to the truth, then surely we come from different clays, and Allah swt does what He wills, and Alhamdulillah Rub alamin!

But what does all this mean? And how does it affect us today? Here is one of the Qur an passages relating it: So when I have fashioned him completely and breathed into him Adam the soul which I created for him then fall you down prostrating yourselves unto him.

So the angels prostrated themselves all of them together, except Iblis, he refused to be among the prostrators. It is for thy sake that I have been hurled from that place. When thou wast formed, I was hurled out of the presence of God and banished from the company of angels. When God blew into thee the breath of life and thy face and likeness was made in the image of God, Michael also brought thee and made us worship thee in the sight of God; and God the Lord spake: I have made him in our image and likeness.

Worship the image of God the Lord. And I answered, I have no need to worship Adam. I will not worship an inferior and younger being than I. I am his senior in the Creation, before he was made was I already made.

It is his duty to worship me. And I said, If He be wroth with me, I will set my seat above the stars of heaven and will be like the Highest.

And straightway we were overcome with grief, since we had been spoiled of such great glory.

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And we were grieved when we saw thee in such joy and luxury. And with guile I cheated thy wife and caused thee to be expelled through her doing from thy joy and luxury, as I have been driven out of my glory. From the Greek word the translations are adore, love, worship, kneel. The meaning of this prostration to Adam a. That prostration was not intended to Adam personally. It was a sign of their obedience to God and love to Adam a.

Thus, Jacob the prophet and his sons including Joseph prostrated themselves as a sign of showing gratitude to God for their reunion.

At that very time, Joseph the Prophet a. You are the Creator of the heavens and the earth. You are my Guardian in this world and in the life to come. Make me die as one who has submitted to the Will of God and unite me with the righteous ones. Does this affect us today? Indeed the way that Allah swt presents trials and tests at any time and place never changes: Then as the Angels a.

Hence the prostration continues to this day and forever, to the righteous appointed leaders of Allah swt. Peace be upon you righteous Leaders! We will prostrate towards the Kaaba for the love of everything you have done for us so that the truth might prevail, and the truth is none other than the Supremacy and appointment of Leadership by Allah Al-Mighty. The Prophets who submitted [to Allah] judged by it to those who calmed and for the Jews, as did the lordly ones and scholars by that with which they were entrusted of the Scripture of Allah, and they were witnesses thereto.

So do not fear the people but fear Me, and do not exchange My verses for a small price. And whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed then it is those who are the disbelievers.

Not only the prophets are those who rule according to the commands and provisions of Allah swtbut the lordly people and the scholars as well. I neither set out as an oppressor nor a corruptor. I rather set out to request reformation in the nation of my grandfather the Messenger of Allah sawso I command good and forbid evil.

Al-Hussain asin his situation here, was addressing the belief of people. So working by the system of divine supremacy and not considering that which the people want was always the center of the divine calls, rather almost the entire religion.

And Allah will protect you from the people.

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Indeed, Allah does not guide the disbelieving people. Then to Me is your return, and I will judge between you concerning that in which you used to differ. And the matter of the confrontation is repeated among the people once again - "And I will judge between you concerning that in which you used to differ", but this time the verses say that there is a divine trial which will happen between the hands of Allah swt on Judgement Day to judge in that which the people differed in from the matter of Allah swt and obeying His successors.

And the judgement will be among you in that which you differed about and this recalls that both opponents step forward between the hands of the court owner and present their complaints, so He Rules among them in that which they disagreed about.

Let us take a pause at the matter of this trial and its nature. This case must represent the weight of the divine assignment. Verily it does, as it is the case of the Supremacy of Allah swt.

This is why the Qur an called them the ones who calmed, "the prophets who submitted [to Allah] judged by it to those who calmed". A well-known burden that seems to make people disbelieve that Imam AlMahdi a. This is because they cannot accept that Imam Al-Mahdi a. Personally, I also had a hard time believing and accepting that Imam AlMahdi a. The fundamental reason for us Muslims having a hard time believing that Imam Al-Mahdi a. However when we were acquainted, we were shocked.

But the truth is there is nothing wrong with Imam Al-Mahdi a. In fact, if we carefully study the narrations and Qur an, it would not seem normal if Imam AlMahdi a. Some people might say that Imam Al-Mahdi a. Firstly, all successors of Allah s. For example, narrations state that a prayer accomplished by a married man is better than 72 prayers accomplished by an unmarried man. Furthermore, there are a lot of Quranic verses which encourage Muslims to get married.

If they are poor, Allah will enrich them out of His grace. Allah is AllEncompassing, AllKnowing. In fact, Allah s.

Embasedor messenger to bring a verse without the will of Allah. For every age there are some rules prescribed. In addition to all this the Prophet s. By Allah, I am more submissive to Allah and more afraid of Him than you; yet I fast and break my fast, I do sleep and I also marry women. So he who does not follow my tradition in religion, is not from me not one of my followers.

Break free from The Labyrinth By: All praises are to Allah swt who guided us to the Ahlul Bayt a. May He swt allow us to overcome ourselves and protect us from it, and guide us to that which is most pleasing for Him swtand away from disobedience and that which displeases Him.

And Alhamduli llah for everything Allah swt has blessed us with, and He has brought us together out of the darkness, and has given us a great beacon of light which is Sayyid Ahmed Al Hassan a.

Praise be to Allah, the fear of whom rumbles the sky and it s inhabitants, trembles the earth and it s inhabitants, and the undulation of the seas and who swims in it s darkness.

O Allah, send your prayers upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, the safely shipping arks in the most overwhelming of darkness. Safe is he who boards it and sinks he who forsakes it. Whoever faces them off is an apostate and whoever is dated from them is left behind, vanished, and who sticks to them follows up saved. MashaAllah the Ansar Allah are working so hard in order to share this wisdom to the world and may Allah swt reward them for every letter they work with. One of the latest translations to be released and one that I believe to be very important, and I seek refuge in Allah swt from the "I", is The Labyrinth or Path to Knowing Allah.

This is a book of Islamic history, a book of guidance, a book of Jurisprudence, a book of morals and ethics, a book of signs, a book in which the Imam a.

This is a book of Divine planning, and many of those who have read it agree, that it is a book that should be known and understood and implemented into our individual lives and into our community. Here is an excerpt from this blessed book by Sayyid Ahmed Al Hassan a. Excerpt from First Chapter of The Labyrinth: And it is worth mentioning that love of the self and arrogance are both a moral scourge that doomed the children of Adam and casted many of them into the pits of hell, and how much did the satan accomplish by luring the son of Adam through arrogance.

The Mahdi Times Issue 9 March 2012

Or do they envy people for what Allah has given them of His bounty? But We had already given the family of Abraham the Scripture and wisdom and conferred upon them a great kingdom. And some among them believed in it, and some among them were averse to it. Therefore the Labyrinth with which they were punished by God for refusing to enter into the holy land was necessary; to cleanse their souls and bring them back to the sound instincts of monotheism and goodness.

And perhaps the miracles that they saw in The Labyrinth had a great impact on their upbringing, one of high faith and spirituality. This has always taken place due to our arrogance, which stems back greatly to the "I" or the ego, and the Imam a. The 40 years in the Desert protected them from corruption, and weak faith, and they grew up with Godwariness, strong remembrance and faith, and they became the best of their nation and behind Joshua a.

Truth of it is, one can and wants to write pages about every single paragraph of this book, it is that important, it is that mind-blowing, so please Bismillah. It is known that the sin is the dot of darkness that exists in the page of existence. The page consists of light and darkness, and each page varies from another. The darkness is the source of sins and disobedience, and those with a small amount of it, that are overcome by light, refers to the dedicated servants of Allah s.

Their page of existence is all light except a small amount of darkness, as if you had a page of paper of white and it had a small dot of ink upon it. The Ahlul Bayt a. So when he says the sinful, he is referring to this dot of darkness, because Ahmed Al Hassan a. For in regards to us and other than us, the darkness is much more than that of the preferred and close, and this encompasses the apparent and inner acts.

In regards to him as writing "short-comer", he is testifying against himself that he, Ahmad a. So the degree that is the ultimate highest, it was achieved by Prophet Muhammad s. It is required of all of us that we reach that same status, because what Allah swt gave Muhammad s. Not only in this world but in the Atom world and in the veils. As for everyone else coming after Muhammad s. And this noticing or looking that way, means looking towards the "I" or the ego the great idol within and this means the "sinful short-comer".

Joseph "Gowen The 13th Sign By: May the eternal Blessings of Allah swt be upon Muhammad s. You alone we worship, and to You alone we pray for help. Guide us to the straight path, The path of those whom You have favored, Not of those who have incurred Your wrath, Nor of those who have gone astray.

But there is a way to approach the inner sanctum of a thing, the pristine core, and that is through the proper entry. Allah says in Surah Baqarah: So enter houses through their proper doors, and fear Allah that you may be successful. This increases the depth of our faith and trust in the Divine Plan of Allah swt. We begin to become more Godcentric.

Calaméo - The Mahdi Times Issue 9 March

God is the circle and each messenger is a radius that leads back into the center; we cannot exist outside the parameters of the sacred circle because from the physical to the atomic levels, we are in an ocean of atoms. Our smallest physical level is your atom and it submits to Allah swt. Within its nucleus all the electrons are circumbulating. This is the circle of life and there is no escaping it. Allah swt created everything in creation only for the love of the Ahlul Bayt a. They deliver the message as they are the only creations who can handle and ground these energies into the tangible world, the inner secrets of creation and the knowledge, if it were not for the Imams a.

Even the mountains would crumble in the presence of the Power and Might of the Secret Names of Allah swt lettersit could not carry the heaviness and burden of this responsibility. This is also the esoteric movement embodied in the pilgrimage of Hajj. And in the event of the Cloak Hadith e Kisa Allah swt spoke: Then said Almighty Allah, the Lord: And inmates of heaven listen well-To what I am about to tell: In the midst of the drama in the skies, is an unassuming star formation, a stargate, a cystal clear correlation can be witnessed between a 13th constellation known as Ophiuchus or AlHawwaand the Yamani, Ahmad a.

All of the Imams and the Progeny of Muhammad a. Their souls are spirits of pure light, with only a small dot of darkness, and they are from the highest heavens, sent down to earth before their destined births in a form of concentrated light to enter the body of their fathers.

They enter the world in full remembrance of their Lord, transmitting the names and bounties of Allah swt. They resonate perfectly with truth and knowledge, a complete transmission. This is the frontier of our knowing of Allah swtour Ibadat and fully developing the Ruh Insaani, as such, only with the mediation of the Ahlul Bayt a. How are we able to conceive any of His titles and to begin to know them? It is only through sincere seeking to know Allah swt through the Ahlul Bayt a. We are completely incapable of conceiving who is Allah swtwho is "Hu" or "He", the greater, greater, greater name!

Allah the light which there is no darkness, the absolute beginning and end, the complete Godhood. So the secret of Allah swt in creation is the Ahlul Bayt asand Muhammad sawastheir secret is the Divine Essence, understanding what Allah described Himself with, that no one will understand but a close angel, prophet messenger or tested believer, and that secret is the "He", beyond the attributes, that no one will understand but Allah swt.

This is what Imam Ahmad s. And He manifested for His creation with Lordship, so He poured upon their shortcomings perfections so that they may know Him and worship Him, for worship with Knowing is empty without meaning. Divine attributes in their perfection brought fourth into the world, without whom, our vision of reality would be severely fragmented and the truth so far obscured that we would never come to grasp it.

We have come to understand the connection between them via a deeper study into ilm u nujoob. In summary, the constellations were created in honor of the Imams a. What are they showing us through practice and by example, is to embark on the noble path and in accordance with our level of sincerity and understanding, Allah swt will raise our status and transform our unfortunate conditions from forgetfulness to mindfulness.

From dense to sensitive and from doubt to insight-fulness. Prophet Mohammad saws said: In a Hadith Imam Ali a. Inquire of me about the paths of the skies because, verily, I know more about those paths than the paths of the earth. The brightly lit constellation, is found inhabiting the space located between scorpio, which symbolizes, Imam Muhammad Al Mahdi a. A synchronicity with the role of Imam Jafar As Sadiq a. This 13th constellation was never absent in the sky, just like the knowledge about the Yamani a.

From the beginning Allah swt created the time for the completion of the lower world, where justice would be served on this earth, and where true believers will be sorted from the deniers, it was part of the greater plan, a transformative event, where each believing microcosmic inner heart resounds throughout the macrocosm universein anticipation of the return of the riser.

His status has been raised in its divine purpose from the beginning, and just like the 13th constellation unbeknown to us, was merely hidden in a blind spot from the earth until its time. Thus the Imams a. Each sacred body resonates the Names of Allah swt and represented in each of our 12 Imams a.

Hakeem, Fatima recap BBA experience

Principle creations of the pure essence of each archetype. The phases of the Moon symbolize each one of the Imams a. Today we await the appearance of our hidden 12th Imam a. However there are 13 lunar cycles in one solar year, thus representing the 12 sons that came from his progenyand the 1st one that was Imam Ali a.

This clearly illustrates the symbology of the It is universally known that the Moon creates events as powerful as the tides in the ocean. What then of its effect on something as delicate as the psyche? Holy Qu ran The Hour of Completion According to astronomers, the lost constellation resides between scorpio and sagittarius and is larger and brighter then scorpio and is known as Ophiuchus or Al-Hawwa.

To make things even more mind boggling I found out that AlHawwais the name of a village in east-central Yemen, which is completely inline with everything else coming to light in this search!

Number 13, is the numerical expression of completion or perfection. There are 13 moons in a calendar year. The Moon is associated with the Spiral of Life — birth, death, and rebirth — as it moves through the phases from dark to full. The scorpion and serpent symbolizes the antidote and cure. Also the snake s unique ability to shed its skin embodies the concept of healing and regeneration.

Nando, he has an amazing sense of humour especially when he changes accents. He always knows when to say what, which makes his jokes always appropriate. What is the silliest thing you did while in the house? When I acted like a woman. I wore a wig and imitated women in speech, the way they walk and other things. It was so silly. What was the silliest task you were given by Big Brother? The task where we were asked to act as wild animals, Maria and I were monkeys.

But no, may be it was the puppet show. Both were really silly and hilarious. I am real and I say it as it is. Elikem was close to me before I switched houses and when I came back I found that there was a love thing going on between him and Pokello.

I expected us to continue as close friends like before but Pokello thought I was after him. Were you attracted to Elikem? Everyone thinks I am attracted to Elikem but I am not, not in that way. I love him and he loves me but as friends. As friends, Elikem and I confided in each other. When he had a problem he would come and talk to me about it. He asked for my opinion about Pokello and as his friend, I am supposed to give him my honest opinion and not what he wants to hear.

So I told him that he has to be careful. This is because their foundation was shaky.

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