Lion and tiger relationship

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lion and tiger relationship

An international team of scientists have sequenced the genomes of tigers, lions, and snow leopards, with the aim of preserving the iconic. Here's a hint on how to tell how close two animals are genetically: look at the first part of their latin (scientific) name. The scientific name of a lion is Panthera leo. In the circuses of Ancient Rome, exotic beasts were commonly pitted against each other. The contest of the lion against the tiger was a classic.

The biggest lion ever in the wild was around pounds which was shot in Kruger National Park in Siberian tigers outweigh African Lions by to pounds respectively! On the other hand; the biggest tiger ever recorded in the wild was more than pounds. Normally it is very common for the male Siberian Tigers to weigh well over pounds.

Even the female Siberian Tigers sometimes weigh as equal as the lions i. This was typically observed at an animal sanctuary in Slovakia; where female Siberian Tigresses looked bigger in size as compared to a male lion. Therefore; weight advantage goes to the Siberian Tiger. According to the observers; normal length for a tiger is around 9 to 10 feet long. On the other hand; the normal length for a lion is around 8 to 9 feet long.

Therefore; on average the tiger clearly has an advantage of a foot or so over the lion in this regard. The longest recorded length for a tiger is around 13 feet long, whereas; the longest recorded length for a lion is around 11 feet long. Tigers are ahead of lions in terms of their body lengths. A longer body length possibly gives them more muscle power as compared a lion. It is believed that this long length of the tiger allows him to gain more body weight than a lion.

This long length of a tiger also means more muscle power for a tiger as compared to the lion. Please do keep in mind that these lengths have been measured from the tip of their noses to the tip of their tails. The height of the big cat can easily be evaluated; if the big cat sits on its hind legs and stands on its front two paws. The height is measured from the paws to the tip of its ears. Some observers also measure shoulder lengths as well.

A height comparison in between lions vs tigers reveals that a Siberian Tiger is slightly taller than an African Lion. Tigers definitely have an advantage in this regard; as their heights are longer than that of the lions. The average height for a male Siberian tiger can be as long as 5.

Shoulder heights as well as the sitting heights of the Siberian tiger are bigger than the African lion. In speed measurements; female tigresses and lionesses are faster than lions and tiger. The average sprinting speed of a male lion is around 35 miles per hour. On the other; the average sprinting speed of a male tiger is recorded to be around 40 miles per hour.

If a Tiger Fought a Lion, Which Animal Would Win?

Lionesses are even faster than the male tigers. Their sprinting speed is around 43 to 45 miles per hour. But the fastest ones are the tigresses; who have a sprinting speed of nearly 50 miles per hour. A tiger beats a lion when it comes to the speed. Bodies of male lions are not built for speed and their large mane slows them down. It should be noted that the elongated body of the tigers; helps them to gain momentum while speeding. Male lions have a huge mane which restricts them from running at high pace.

Male tigers, lionesses and tigresses all have perfect aerodynamics to sprint faster than a male lion. These sprints are measured over short distance i. National Geographic has mentioned the speed of the tigers to be around 80 kilometers per hour and rated them faster than lions. Tigresses are the fastest among lionesses, tigers and lions.

In this comparison; a lion definitely has an advantage over a tiger; as its skull measurement is bigger than that of a tiger. Bigger skull means bigger impact and in normal cases a bigger bite force as well; especially for the carnivores. An African Lion is bigger than a Siberian Tiger when it comes to the skull measurements.

Normally; a lion has an average skull size of millimeters; whereas; a tiger has an average skull size of around millimeters.

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A lion has a concave skull; whereas; a tiger has a convex skull. Additionally; lion does have a mane near his skull and neck; which further makes his head bigger than that of a tiger. So definitely; the edge goes to lion; when it comes to the skull measurements and its size. Basically; it is the jaw muscles that generate the bite force for the big cats.

lion and tiger relationship

A tiger has a powerful bite force as compared to a lion. But in a lion vs tiger contest which animal has a bigger bite force? According to Christiansen and Wroe, a tiger has a bigger bite force than a lion.

5 Ways Your Tabby Is Just Like Big Cats in the Wild

Their research found that; a lion has a bite force of pounds while a Siberian Tiger has a bite force of about pounds. The bite force of a lion is pounds and bite force of a tiger is Bigger canine teeth also mean bigger impact on the prey. Among the big cats clouded leopards are believed to have longest canine teeth. However; in a comparison between a tiger and a lion; a tiger has longer canine teeth than a lion.

The lengths of canine teeth of tiger are about 78 millimeters while a lion has canine teeth of about 70 millimeters. A tiger also has longer canine teeth as compared to its rival big cat i.

This means that any canine related impact and damage from the tiger will be marginally bigger than that of a lion. The tiger has a double advantage in this regard as it not only has powerful bite force but also longer canine teeth which help big cats in bringing down their preys. Intelligence level among species is measured on the basis of cranial volume.

Therefore; in a comparison of lion vs. Scientific data collection have concluded that the cranial volume for a tiger is around 0. Moreover; among all the big cats a tiger most probably has the biggest cranial volume. A tiger is more brainy than a lion because it has a larger cranial volume as compared to a lion. This further means that tigers should be considered as intelligent of all the other big cats as well.

Therefore; in lion vs tiger comparison; the advantage goes to tiger when it comes to intelligence. This is the key reason that tigers throughout the world has adapted to so many climates, prey options and living condition and that too as a solitary hunter.

A tiger is more intelligent than a lion. Even a tiger who is bigger than a lion can't roar as loud as lion. Lions definitely have a huge edge over tigers when it comes to the roaring power. A lion has a louder roar than a tiger.

According to National Geographic; hearing a roar of a lion is just like having a passenger jet at just an altitude of feet above your head. Tigers just simply lag behind lions, when it comes to the roaring power.

House cats and tigers share percent of DNA, study reveals -

A roar helps a lion to secure its territory and scare off any rival males away. Therefore; there is a possibility that a lion may scare off a tiger because of its loud roar. A lion's roar can be heard 5 miles away while a tiger's roar is heard around 3 miles away. Lions do not like water and try they try to avoid any swimming adventures. Even though lions do swim but they rarely do it under extreme conditions.

Otherwise; lions prefer not to swim. Lions also avoid hunting within water as well. Only Swamp Lion pride in Africa is known to have adaptability with water. Tigers on the other hand love to swim in deep waters and they are fully adept at it. Tigers are excellent swimmers and they are capable of doing hunting in water. Lions do swim but they do not like any swimming adventure. Tigers are even known to swim couple of miles in rivers for their hunting.

Moreover; they are also known to attack fishermen by a surprise pouncing into the boat. Therefore; the advantage goes to tiger when it comes to swimming and any water related encounters.

A tiger is a better swimmer than a lion. Lions avoid swimming and they rarely swim. Usually; lionesses hunt for the whole pride and male lions only make a rare contribution. However; nomadic male lions are specialized hunters and they grow up young while hunting on their own. But still during their nomadic period; they form a coalition of 2 to 3 male lions for hunting.

Tigers on the other hand are solitary hunters and they hunt alone throughout their lives after leaving their mothers. Lions are group hunters, therefore; they are dependent on one another for the hunting. Tigers on the other hand are skilful solitary hunters. This makes them skillful hunters. Tigers are known to single handedly kill gaurs and rhinos on their own; while a lion takes help of the group to bring down the large preys.

Therefore; lions take advantage of hunting by forming coalitions and groups while tigers are skilfull solitary hunters. Male lions rarely hunt; while tigers are solitary hunter. Tigers are more expert hunter than a lion.

lion and tiger relationship

Paws are considered as the main armor in hunting for both of these cats. But whose paws are stronger in between these two big cats? Tigers certainly have edge over lions regarding their paw sizes as well. A tiger has a bigger claw and paws as compared to a lion. This also means that a tiger is capable of inserting powerful blows to a lion in a fight.

This also means that tiger paws will be heavier and will carry more power than that of a lion. Therefore; in the comparison of claws; a tiger is victorious as compared to lion, when it comes to the sizes of their claws. Not only the tigers use their paws and claws more often in their fights but they are experts at it to topple their opponents.

Tigers are known to standing on their back feet and start striking multiple times like a boxer in a ring. This could be a huge advantage. Also, the Tiger is a brutal and fast fighter. The Tiger regularly takes on game that is far larger and stronger than the Lion and does such alone. The Lion requires the help of the pride to take out a large animal. When a Tiger fights, he fights to kill, not just to push aside someone and get better food.

The tiger does not win by intimidation and social challenge, he goes into a fight all or nothing. The lion, being social, tries to win without having to fight if he can and resorts to intimidation, wrestling, and rolling first.

He does not get serious from the beginning. Accidental fights in captivity In historical accounts where lions and tigers have fought in captivity, the tiger often came out the victor.

lion and tiger relationship

The most recent account happened on Marchwhere a tiger at the Ankara Zoo attacked a lion through its enclosure and killed the lion with a single paw swipe. Ina tiger at the Bromwich Zoo broke into the cage of a lion and a fearful scene ensued: At the Coney Island Zoo ina male tiger killed a male lion.

Expert opinions If a lion and tiger got into a fight, who would win? While we would much prefer that people focus their thoughts on saving these magnificent animals than on who would win if a lion and tiger fight, the power of these two largest cats seems to raise this question in people's minds. While it would depend on the size, age and aggressiveness of the specific animals involved, generally tigers have a significant advantage. On average tigers are larger, but more importantly they are more capable of fighting standing on their hind legs.

Some people have argued that the male lion's mane offers some advantage in protecting his neck, but this is disputed. Some reports claim that when lions and tigers were pitted against each other in the Coliseum in ancient Rome, the tigers always won.

In recent centuries there are almost no opportunities for tigers and lions to cross paths in the wild because tigers are found in Asia while Lions are found in Africa except for a very small population in one area in Asia. The lion does occasionally win these battles, but rarely. It would not be hands down either of them who could make such a claim? It makes no difference if this is a captive tiger and lion or wild tigers and lions. When both are captive, they both suffer and benefit from the exact same social pressures.

A captive lion might not be able to practice with his brothers, but a captive tiger can't practice hunting and taking down game either.

They both have an equal handicap in captivity, and yet the Tiger almost always wins. This would not significantly affect the outcome. A stronger, faster, fiercer opponent is a stronger, faster, fiercer opponent no matter if they are both in a zoo or both in the wild. Romans would trap and fight wild tigers and lions together and the lion rarely won.

Here's some video below to sum up the answer with more than just conjecture Just watch both animals and you tell me, who is the more fierce fighter? Although their ranges no longer overlap, they did once and therefore this was a very real scenario a long time ago.

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I am going to specifically answer this in terms of one male tiger going up against one male lion. Although female lions hunt as prides, male lions spend most of their lives alone. They are forced out of the pride when they reach around two years. If they manage to take over a pride of their own they will usually only manage to keep it for a couple of years. During the time they have a pride, they will spend most of their time fighting off potential usurpers.

When they do not have a pride, they frequently fight with other solitary males that they bump into and of course pride males in their attempts to take control of a pride. So, a male lion spends his life fighting. In fact, they spend so much time fighting and not eating properly and stressed out that they only live to about ten years old while females usually live to about fifteen. The reason a male lion has a mane is for defense in fighting.

They fight like wrestlers, facing off, gripping each other and trying to overpower each other.