Latika and jamal relationship memes

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latika and jamal relationship memes

Relationship Status in love, but single. Latika meets Salim's brother Jamal after he invites her to take shelter from the rain in his boxcar, and the two of them hit. Aug 22, Brothers Jamal and Salim take refuge from the rain as Latika shivers being the setting for the beginning of Jamal and Latika's relationship. Jamal and Latika from Slumdog Millionaire Movie Subtitles, Film Studies, Movie Couples, Movie. More information . Slumdog Wanderlust Movie, Cinema Quotes, Movie Quotes, Light Film, Danny, Music i'm not looking for a relationship.

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latika and jamal relationship memes

Latika at the train station Latika is the heroine from the Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire. Biography Latika is an orphan girl living in the slums of Mumbai. She first comes across Jamal when he invites her to join him in his shelter from the rain despite his brother Salim's objections.

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This happens after Jamal and Salim are orphaned during the anti-Muslim riots. Like her new friend, Latika suffers unjust mistreatment and abuse. Jamal, Latika, and Salim are all lured to a child labor ring compound ran by local crime boss Maman.

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Jamal and Salim now teenagers discover that Latika now called Cherry was raised by Maman to be a prostitute and rescue her. As soon as they arrive at their hotel room, Salim orders Jamal to leave him and Latika alone.

latika and jamal relationship memes

Jamal refuses and Salim pulls his gun on him. He leaves after Latika convinces him to go away so he wouldn't get hurt. Maman's men track Salim and Latika to the hotel and they are forced to flee. The main character of the movie is Jamal Malik, a young "slumdog" who grew up on the streets of Bombay with his older brother Salim and a young girl they befriended named Latika.

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The host, Prem Kumar, becomes very suspicious of Jamal, wondering how a kid from the slums could possibly know so much—even after he deliberately feeds Jamal an incorrect answer during a commercial break! So after an episode one night, he has Jamal arrested and tortured interrogated by the local police, who review with Jamal each and every answer he's made on the show, basically wondering how he could possibly know each answer.

Jamal responds each time with a story of survival from his childhood in the slums, always revolving around a tragic event wherein he gained the knowledge to the "Millionaire" question.

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For example, one of the questions was who composed a famous Indian song the name of which escapes me. Jamal learned who wrote the song when he was very song, when he, Salim, and Latika were taken under the wing of someone named Maman.

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The song Jamal was questioned about on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" was the one sung by his friend Javed just before he was blinded by Maman and put on the streets to collect beggars money.

Flashbacks like this served as good storytelling devices, but the fact that every answer on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" could be traced back to a gritty story from Jamal's childhood in the slums was just too convenient for me.

latika and jamal relationship memes

But aside of the main plotline about how Jamal progresses on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"there's also a very human story about Jamal's relationships between his brother Salim, with whom he's shared a very rocky relationship, and that with Latika, for whom Jamal has always carried of a torch. Since Jamal and Salim lost their mother in a religious riot when they were both very young, all they had for so many years was each other, though Salim was often very bullying and arrogant.

Having not grown up with a sibling, I often find myself fascinated by the tumultuous relationships between brothers or sisters, and the evolution and disintegration of Jamal and Salim's relationship was the one thing that held my attention the most.

latika and jamal relationship memes

Jamal's lifelong pursuit of Latika, however, struck me as the movie's biggest flaw.