Kuwait and india relationship

India-Kuwait relations

kuwait and india relationship

presence of large number of Indian nationals in Kuwait continue to sustain and nurture this long standing relationship. India has been a natural trading partner of . The relationship between India and Kuwait is the perfect definition of such an inter-country relationship. Think about it, there are about 6 to 7. India and Kuwait enjoy traditionally friendly relations, rooted in history and VVIP visits from Kuwait to India: These have included those by the Crown Prince.

Kuwait India Political and economic Relations Warm and friendly contacts between India and Kuwait go back several centuries and our excellent bilateral relations have been consolidated by the continuous intermingling of our peoples and civilizations.

UntilIndian Rupee was the legal tender in Kuwait.

kuwait and india relationship

The Kuwaiti ruling family too has had longstanding ties with India. Cultural affinities, historical trade and other linkages, geographic proximity, and a large presence of Indian expatriates in Kuwait, have sustained and nurtured the close relationship, which encompasses significant political, trade and economic interests.

India, Kuwait to take relationship beyond buyer-seller partnership - The Hindu

Other high level exchanges since Ahamed on May 15,to convey condolences on the demise of HH the Father Amir; as also on a bilateral visit from January Buramaiah, MP, from March Trade and Economic Cooperation: India has consistently been amongst the top few trading partners of Kuwait.

Bilateral trade has been rising steadily in recent years. Major non-oil Indian imports from Kuwait are salt, sulphur, stone, plastic materials, cement; organic chemicals; iron and steel; fertilizers; aluminium; copper, etc.

kuwait and india relationship

Its first meeting took place in Kuwait on November, and second in New Delhi on July Its third meeting is due to be held in Kuwait shortly. Indian companies in Kuwait: India-Kuwait Agreements India and Kuwait have signed various Agreements to provide a framework for the development of bilateral relations.

kuwait and india relationship

During the visit of the Amir to India in Juneit was decided that the Joint Commission for Economic and Commercial Cooperation would hold its first meeting in the last quarter of The meeting was co-chaired by Mr.

It was co-chaired by Mr.

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In order to move forward the process of this JWG, India and Kuwait signed a document on August 17, which aims at further strengthening bilateral cooperation in employment and manpower development by regulating recruitment in a legal and orderly way as also to address the entire range of concerns of Indian domestic sector and private sector workers in Kuwait.

Cultural troupes have also been frequently exchanged. An agreement to cooperate in the field of Science and Technology was also signed during the visit. Kuwaiti Minister of Information inaugurated the event.

India, Kuwait to take relationship beyond buyer-seller partnership

It provided glimpses of performing arts and visual arts from various regions of India. It included cultural performances and exhibitions at multiple venues by a strong contingent from India arranged by the Ministry of Culture. The festival showcased performances by renowned musicians and dancers from India, and included displays of contemporary art, folk art, textiles, photographs, calligraphy, dolls, as well as puppet shows. The Indian community is regarded as the community of first preference among the expatriates in Kuwait.

kuwait and india relationship

Kuwait views India as a fast growing economy and a source of highly qualified professional and technical personnel. A large proportion of the Indian expatriates are unskilled and semi-skilled workers.

kuwait and india relationship

Professionals like engineers, doctors, chartered accountants, scientists, software experts, management consultants, architects; skilled workers like technicians and nurses; semi-skilled workers; retail traders and businessmen are also present in the Indian community.

Of late, there has been an increase in the number of highly qualified Indian experts in hi-tech areas, especially in the software and financial sector in Kuwait.