Karev and addison relationship questions

Can You Match The Dirty Deeds To The Grey's Anatomy Couple?

karev and addison relationship questions

Alex Karev Kevin Nelson Pete Wilder · Sam Bennett. Children, Henry Montgomery (son) Angela Reilly (step-daughter via Jake). Dr. Addison Adrianne Forbes Montgomery (formerly Montgomery-Shepherd) is a fictional Addison briefly attempted to have a relationship with Mark, which resulted in her becoming pregnant. Alex Karev was a ladies man, where he was constantly making snarky remarks Their relationship sees definite rough patches, and although Jo was constantly . 11Why did Derek Shepherd and his first wife Addison split?. Grey's Anatomy- Episode Addison Alex Moment. Teddy Altman & Henry Burton: The Kiss, Finally! - Duration: ephramk ,

She was too busy trying to keep everyone else's scrubs on. Attendings were sleeping with interns, interns with interns, and interns with nurses.

karev and addison relationship questions

Things got so bad that there was a syphilis outbreak and George got it, even though he was only with one person. One of the most awkward sexual experiences on Grey's Anatomy happened when one intern was in love with a second intern, who was clueless about the first intern's feelings. The first intern spent an entire day, just building up the nerve to tell the second intern how they felt.

Meanwhile, the second intern had a long, awful day, and by the time they met up they ended up having sex.


The second intern cried during the exchange. This left the first intern hurt, making things very awkward between them. Which couple was this? Alex Karev and Izzie Stevens had sex, Izzie cried.

karev and addison relationship questions

Erica Hahn and Callie Torres had sex, Erica cried. The couples of Grey's Anatomy have a habit of doing it where and when they get the chance. Aside from that, they're all kind of close. It seems like everyone has lived at Meredith's house at some point.

karev and addison relationship questions

Living so close to one another, doesn't leave much room for privacy. In fact, that's where this couple was when they got busted doing their dirty deed on the stairs just for fun. He asks for a relationship, but she rejects him.

GREY'S ANATOMY 3X23 Addison&Pete kiss

However, by season three, she begins to feel an attraction towards Alex and eventually sleeps with him, only to discover that he is not interested in a relationship with her. Addison is attracted to Pete Wilderthe practice's alternative medicine specialist. Before she leaves, Addison advises Meredith not to let Derek get away. Addison reassures him, [5] but it causes them to break up later.

Addison also dates a man who is later revealed to be married. Also during this time, it is revealed that Addison's mother Bizzy is a lesbian who has been in a long term affair with her best friend.

Addison is angry because she always blamed her father for his many affairs and was angry at how he treated Bizzy, not realizing that her mother was the one in a serious extramarital relationship. Addison's father is aware of her mother's affair, but they decided a long time ago that they would stay married to one another because Bizzy is not comfortable with others knowing about her sexuality. Although the relationship with her parents is strained from this, in the end they make peace.

It is revealed that, back in college, Sam wanted to ask Addison out but was too nervous, and he ended up with Naomi.

They share a kiss after a terrifying ordeal when they tried to save a married couple who got into a devastating car accident. They kiss again when Addison decides to sleep over at Sam's. Addison and Sam grow close, but she decides to put a halt on their developing relationship, worried about the consequences in her friendship with Naomi. Addison revealed that she was in love with Sam and Pete, but she decided to begin a relationship with Pete instead, while Sam was with another doctor.

Despite them being with other people, they still show they harbor feelings for each other, including jealousy when they see the other with their current significant others. After Sam becomes single again, he kisses Addison again. Although she was with Pete, she kisses Sam back and Pete catches them. Despite this, they stay together. Naomi ends her friendship with Addison after she finds about Sam and Addison.

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In the season finale, Addison has to operate on Maya Bennett, her godchild, who got in a car accident on her way to the hospital to give birth. She and Naomi then make up. Addison breaks up with Pete, and she and Sam finally become a couple. Although Addison wants to have children, Sam tells her he's not ready to have more children, as he wants to take time in their romance. Sam and Addison end their relationship and Addison goes on a date with a man named Jake played by Benjamin Bratt.


He invites her to Fiji, and although she initially agrees, in the end she chooses to get back together with Sam. At the beginning of season 5, Sam and Addison are back together, although they break up again as he is still not ready to commit to marriage and a family with her.

Jake is hired at the practice, which at first makes Addison uncomfortable. Jake is a very gifted doctor whose speciality is helping women with fertility issues become pregnant. He becomes Addison's doctor and helps her attempt to conceive using IVF.

karev and addison relationship questions

Throughout the season, Addison and Jake grow closer. It is revealed that Jake had a wife, Lily, who was a drug addict and died from an overdose.

He adopted her daughter Angela, who is featured in the final 2 seasons of the show. She is often shown advising her father and encourages him to pursue a relationship with Addison, whom he clearly has feelings for.

Although Addison still has feelings for Sam, she also has feelings for Jake, the latter of whom wants to get married and have kids.