Kalinda and nick relationship problems

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kalinda and nick relationship problems

The Good Wife's Kalinda Sharma has been called a lot of things: resourceful under wraps, the introduction of Kalinda's estranged husband, Nick (Marc Warren .) whom she's had a very intimate relationship with," Panjabi says. The Resident Sneak Peek: Conrad Is Already Causing Problems for Bell. The Good Wife's Kalinda husband plot needs to go away And if this relationship with Nick is what we get when she does have a deep bond. The intrusion of Nick, Kalinda's ex-husband and played by State of and unhindered by children or a regular relationship, with the added kick.

There is a possibility. I saw that piece too. First of all, I was surprised people are keeping track. Second of all, part of that has been intentional, which is to try and show this relationship, which was a friendship so strong, is now so worse.

And it becomes even more intriguing when last year before the fifth season in an excellent interview with the Daily Beast they were much less close-lipped on the dynamic.

kalinda and nick relationship problems

Much of this season seemed to be moving towards repairing the gulf between Alicia and Kalinda. Given now that they are in competing firms, is that division going to create a wider gulf between them, one that is potentially insurmountable?

kalinda and nick relationship problems

The problem is our people cared for each other and they even care for each other when there is great division between them. People that we want to see getting closer together [are now] having this dividing line drawn between them.

It will play with the reality of people that are just going to be in different places logistically. How do they deal with each other when they are suddenly part of the competition? As much as you might like a former colleague, what happens when it seems like they are trying to undermine your firm? That's what's going to be fun. These are two really key characters to the show, and indifference is something that doesn't play dramatically. What's fun dramatically is either love or hate.

It's very difficult to play somewhere in between. Look, Jules is a collaborator here and actually Archie is too, all the actors are. We don't have a flag planted either way, and we are leaving ourselves open on that. Just to reiterate, you are saying that it is possible that they might continue to have some kind of dynamic.

We leave all options open. We won't get into a public fight with Julianna on this because she knows this character almost better than anyone. When you're playing with a full deck of cards with a lot of characters you'll find that there is a potent mixture that you can create that you didn't expect. We can only say to the fans that we don't close any door at all. Wow, that was three mixed metaphors.

It started with poker and moved to chemicals and now to doors closing and opening. But as we launched into season 5, the Kings' indication that they had not closed any doors seemed to Peter out because, for the entire season, the two never shared a scene, coming closest when Kalinda called Eli to speak to Alicia about Will's death.

But, even death could not get them in a room together. Did something end up on the cutting room floor between the beginning of season 5 and season 6? Did the Kings just change their minds? As is their prerogative? But saying that the Peter affair is the reason for the lack of screen time between the two seems to be an especially flaccid answer.

When have private problems kept people who hate each other from uncomfortably bumping into each other? Especially when they share a common workplace? Surely, there must be a better if more uncomfortable reason? Let it be stated, I love The Good Wife.

It feels like looking a gift horse in the month, and yet the oddness of this single issue continues to confound.

The Good Wife recap: Legitimate Problems

The underground rumblings of behind the scenes drama unnerve me and make me want to bury my head in the sand, because when you like a show, and the people behind it, you'd like to imagine all is great. And, yet, even as I adore The Good Wife, I've always felt a sense of great solidarity for Panjabi and her Kalinda that makes the news of her imminent departure that much more devastating.

kalinda and nick relationship problems

A sense of unfulfilled potential because she's been wasted so much in the recent past. And because the show has been so good this past season, the absence of Kalinda becomes conflated as a weird case of: Ergo, Kalinda's absence is the reason the show is great.

Every main character from Cary, to Diane, to Eli have been allowed to change over time from their original relationship pairs. With Kalinda's arc with Alicia ended, though, Kalinda's role on the show has been curbed. Yes, this will always be The Good Wife not, the friends of The Good Wife but the way Panjabi has faded into the background in the face of newer stars on the show is unfortunate for someone, like me, who finds her contribution to the show inimitable.

The art of stillness. The story line has left fans of the critically acclaimed drama surprisingly split after three seasons of following the seductive and mysterious private investigator's every move. We're adjusting," he tells TVGuide. Find out what's coming up: The last episode ended with a blogger telling Eli Alan Cumming he was going to run a story about the accusations against Peter. What is coming up with the allegations about the affair?

We wanted to follow the trajectory of these pseudo-events in politics, like McCain and his lobbyist in There always seem to be these rumors and then usually, in our research, often what happens is that sometimes it is explored by mainstream press and maybe the mainstream press gets a little gun-shy and how these scandals are pulled into the public eye is through bloggers.

So Eli and Peter and Alicia are going to have deal with how modern scandal is dragged back into the public eye which is usually through bloggers dragging it around. Our people know there's a lot of falsities in this story, but it becomes a story anyway. That will be to put Eli through to the test. The difficulty he'll run into is he did not expect a Democratic contender.

kalinda and nick relationship problems

In many ways, they thought that their real problem would be Mike Kresteva once it went to the general election. But now it's not only having to deal with the scandal, but dealing with an opponent who can use that scandal that causes problems. How far will it go? Eli is a very smart Machiaevellian strategist who uses everything he can to undercut the story.

He's going to burn one or two bridges. What can you say about this new opponent? Well it's not going to be someone out of left field. It's a surprise, but it is someone in our universe. It is someone unfortunately who would have a lot of dirt on Peter through Alicia.

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How will Alicia Julianna Margulies handle being back in the public eye? Season 4 Alicia is a rather different person than Season 1 Alicia. In the same way that we're seeing more sophistication in the courtroom, we're seeing more sophistication on a campaign — that she's just more sure of herself and more comfortable. She's protected herself against emotional shock and bumps. The difficulty is you never know quite where they are going to come from in a campaign.

You can protect yourself against everything you anticipate, but what about the things you don't anticipate? Alicia is much more comfortable in the public eye, much more protective of herself and her children, but she's going to be surprised by where and when the bumps come from.

The Good Wife first-look photos: And why is Will on the stand? How will it affect her relationship with Peter? They've appeared to be in a pretty good place so far this season. I would just say that they're going to be in each other's spheres probably more than they were last year.

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The difficulty is that the two are riding a bit of an emotional roller coaster. They're trying to present a public persona for the voters and meanwhile, how much are their emotions in line with that public persona and how much is it battling with it? That is what I think they're struggling with.

They're doing a great job this year at really suggesting that ambivalence. One thing I don't think TV handles well is ambivalence. So much of what we do is not percent passion, not percent love or hate.