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Possible outcomes: Jamal, Salim, Mamahn, Javed, Latika Quiz. character are you? Possible outcomes: Jamal, Salim, Mamahn, Javed, Latika. personality test. Early on in the film, we see Jamal and Salim as youngsters arriving late to school, where their classmates are reading Three Musketeers. Their teacher. Relationship Status in love, but single. Latika meets Salim's brother Jamal after he invites her to take shelter from the rain in his boxcar, and the two of them hit.

Yet in the end, Salim, the brother who shot a man for his own security is himself shot. Salim, the brother who raped Latika, is left by her. Jamal, the brother who loved her, ends up with her. Salim, the brother who took criminal jobs in pursuit of wealth dies with his money stuffed in a bath tub around him, while Jamal becomes fabulously rich. The brother who aggressively pursued all things ends up with nothing.

The brother who aggressively pursued only love ends up with love — AND everything else. Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me.

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Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it. And I will also give you wealth, possessions and honor, such as no king who was before you ever had and none after you will have.

This is where the rubber really hits the road in life. Humility, vulnerability, risk, meekness, honesty, and putting the needs of others above ourselves are simply terrible ways to get what you want in the world. Fairness is a big deal to me. I always want things to be fair. The movie begins and ends with a question — how did Jamal win all this money? Is he a genius? Is he a cheater? And the answer the movie gives?

jamal and salim relationship quizzes

God IS in control. Be Jamal, not Salim. Pursue love, not self. It may not be wealth, power, fame, or even a spouse. Jamal grew up as a street kid in the Dharavi slum of Mumbai. His earliest memories are of kids playing on Mumbai s streets and being chased by the police.

Later he remembers the day when his brother Salim locked him in the outhouse while Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan was visiting Dharavi. In order to get himself out and ask the famous actor for an autograph, Jamal jumps into the stinking sewer. When Hindi and Muslims clash violently in the Bombay riots, Jamals mother is killed and Jamal and his brother Salim have to flee the city. During their escape they meet the third musketeer, Latika, a young girl who is alone on the streets as well.

jamal and salim relationship quizzes

The children stick together and later fall into the hands of Maman, a ruthless gangster who picks up orphans and sends them to beg in the street.

To increase business he teaches them to sing, sends them begging with a baby in their arms, and even blinds them. When they realize what is going to happen to them, Jamal and Salim escape from Maman, but Latika is left behind. While Salim believes that Jamal should move on, Jamal can t forget Latika.

The brothers start to make a living by pretending to be tourist guides to the Taj Mahal. Using several tricks, they play tourists for their money. At the tourist sites, Jamal also witnesses a performance of the Opera Orphee et Eurydice.

He is reminded of his yearning to be with Latika, who is lost in another kind of underworld. On a street corner he encounters Arvind, a boy who had been blinded by Maman. Arvind tells him that Latika is now called Cherry and is about to become a child prostitute for Maman. Jamal and Salim set out to rescue Latika. When Maman tries to stop them Salim suddenly draws a gun and kills the gangster. The three youngsters escape. While Jamal and Latika dream of a better life together, Salim aspires to become a gangster himself.

He finds Javed, one of the big bosses, and offers his services.

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When he returns home later heavily drunk he claims Latika for himself and kicks Jamal out onto the street. Latika tells Jamal to go because she realizes that it is not in their power to resist Salim and his new gangster friends.

Jamal is now working in a call center making his living as a chai wallah. One day, when he steps in for one of the call center clerks, he manages to locate Salim. They meet on top of one of the new highrises that are built where their old slum used to be.

Salim, who has become an important gangster, had hoped that Jamal would have forgotten Latika by now, but Jamal is unforgiving.


Pretending to be the new cook he manages to speak to her and begs her to run away with him He is going to wait for her at the train station each day at five o clock. He tries to contact her in the only way he can think of: By pure chance he is able to answer all questions correctly, he even survives an attempt by the devious quiz show host Prem Kumar to feed him the wrong answer. After Jamal has reached the final round Prem turns him over for questioning believing that he is a fraud.

When the police interrogation comes to an end Jamal is released the films jumps back to the present. While Jamal is rushed to the studio, Salim and Latika watch the prequiz coverage on television. Salim finally decides to help Latika escape even though he knows that this will result in his own death. He hands her the keys to his car and his mobile and locks himself into the bathroom waiting for Javed to find out and kill him. While Salim meets his death and Latika drives towards the studio, the show begins.

Prem poses the last question: Jamal doesn t know the answer but when he uses the opportunity to phone a friend and dials Salim s number he reaches his beloved Latika.

She doesn t know the answer either but Jamal knows now that he has reached his goal. He guesses the answer and is right. Jamal and Latika meet at the station and walk away together.

Characters Jamal Malik Jamal is call center assistant in Mumbai who is suspected of cheating on the TV-show Who wants to be a millionaire. Salim Jamal s older brother. He works for Javed Khan, a gangster boss. Latika A girl Jamal and Salim met when they were street children in the Dahravi slum. She now lives with Javed Khan. Maman A cruel gangster who sends children to beg on the street.

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Sergeant Srinivas The police inspector who interrogates Jamal. Prem Kumar The host of the popular quiz show Who wants to be a Millionaire?. Amitabh Bachchan One of the most popular stars of Bollywood cinema. Javed Khan A gangster boss. A question in the quiz show style appears: Jamal Malik is one question away from winning 20 million rupees.

How did he do it? He s lucky C. He s a genius D. At the end of the film the question is answered. The picture freezes over the final kiss between Jamal and Latika and a black screen similar to the one in the beginning appears with nothing but the answer: Throughout the film there are also many instances in whichwhen the characters refer to fate or destiny.

I knew I d find you in the end. It s our destiny, Jamal says to Latika after having freed her from Maman. When Salim asks Jamal why he can t let go of Latika, Jamal answers She is my destiny and in the last scene when Jamal and Latika are reunited he affirms: This is our destiny.

Another instance when destiny is invoked is the scene in which Prem Kumar tries to trick Jamal into giving the wrong answer by writing the wrong number at the bathroom mirror and telling him Maybe it is written. In spite of the answer given at the end, the film shows that the other answers to the question How did he do it? Jamal has a lot of luck, and he knows most of the answers in Who wants to be a millionaire? He knew that Amitabh Bachchan was the star of a film, because he struggled so hard to get his autograph.

He knew that Surdas wrote the poem Darshan Do Ghanshyam, because those were the lyrics to Maman s favourite song. He remembers whose portrait is on the backside backside of a ddollar bill by way ofthrough a touching conversation with his blinded friend Arvind. Sometimes Jamal just guesses the answer. In both cases B. He s Lucky would be valid. But there are also moments when A.

He cheated and D. He s a genius also come into question. Jamal is a truthful man, but he uses many kinds of tricks and cheats to get what he wants. He works as a trickster guide and thief at the Taj Mahal. He is witty and cunning. He lies his way into the Javed Khan s house, by claiming he is a cook first and then a dishwasher. He tricks his way into the TV-show, because he knows that the telephone lines for candidates open when Prem Kumar says the word if. Jamal also shows signs of real ingenuity.

The psychological calculation that leads him to the right answer, when Prem Kumar gives him the wrong one, is very cleversmart. His witintellect also helps him when the police interrogate himhe is interrogated by the police. When Jamal speaks about knowledge to the police inspector, he shows real signs of genius. His story about the things that everybody in the Dharavi slum knows is a clever parable of knowledge and learning, and a witty way to get the police officer on his side. Jamal also knows how to use a computer in the call-center for his purposes, although he never officially learned to do it.

You don t need to be a genius, but in a way, he is. The film begins with a quiz question. Jamal Malik is one question away from winning 20 Million rupees? He s a genius. At the end of the film D. It is written is revealed as the correct answer.

What would your answer have been? Could other answers be valid as well? It is also a story of two brothers who couldn t be more different. The different character of each of the brothers is reflected in their attitudes towards money. While Jamal gives everything to reach his idealistic goals, Salim sees things and people in terms of their monetary value. These character traits are apparent from the very start.

When Jamal jumps into the sewer to get an autograph of his idol Amitabh Bacchan there is literally no shit too deep to stop him from attaining his goals. The next scene shows Salim selling the hard won autograph to the projectionist at the nearby cinema. From selling the autograph, to his breakup with Jamal, most of Salim s decisions are based on how to get enough money to leave poverty behind.

He is more than willing to be Maman s dog and push the other beggar children around to earn more on the streets. He cruelly threatens to drop a baby to the ground and tells Latika to keep it crying, so she will earn more money. After Jamal has dragged him back to Mumbai to look for Latika, Salim complains that the brothers have to work as dishwashers. After they rescued Latika from Maman, Salim seizes the opportunity to join Javed s gang on his own accord and presumably even sells Latika to his new boss.

Years later when he meets Jamal on top of the highrises overlooking Mumbai, the city reflected in his stylish sunglasses, Salim seems to have reached his goal.

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But there is more to Salim than his desire for money and power. He also loves his little brother who he tries to protect at all times. After letting him watch how he blinds Arvind, Maman tells Salim that he has to either become a gunfighter or remain a slumdog and then orders him to fetch his brother.

Even though Salim longs to become a gunfighter he chooses his brother and runs away with him. Later he gives up a promising business at the Taj Mahal to follow Jamal back to Mumbai. And eventually he even sacrifices his life so that Jamal and Latika can be together. Jamal on the other hand does not care for money or power. He is the dreamy and idealistic one of the two.

It s funny, you don t seem to have an interest in money, the police inspector says to Jamal during the interrogation. After the boys are forced to leave Latika behind, Jamal s only ambition is to find her and rescue her from Maman.

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To achieve this goal he is willing to leave the good life at the Taj Mahal and work as a dishwasher. And finally he joins the famous game show Who Want s to be Millionaire? When she answers Jamal has won the game regardless of winning the million or not. How would you describe the differences in character between Jamal and Salim? What are their different goals in life?

How do these goals influence the decisions they make? Jamal and Salim have very different attitudes towards money. What does money mean to each of them? When Jamal confronts Salim about joining Javed s gang, Salim replies that he had to do it to protect them both from being killed by Maman s men.