Hyuna and hyunseung relationship trust

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hyuna and hyunseung relationship trust

"I can't believe we're friends with such a person". They deleted the tweets If Hyunseung and Hyuna are dating or something. BEAST are done. The label claims their loyalty and trust have been broken. our label artists in artist management through loyalty and trust in our relationship. Jang Hyun- seung, Yoo Seon-ho, Jo Woo-chan, BtoB, CLC, Pentagon, (G)I-dle. Kim Hyun-ah (born June 6, ), better known by the mononym Hyuna, is a South Korean . In October, Hyuna and Hyunseung made a comeback as Trouble Maker. admitting to their relationship which began in May , after they had got to Cube Entertainment cited “loss of trust” as a reason saying " After much.

hyuna and hyunseung relationship trust

The view opened it up before my eyes, colours were what first popped up. The classroom was like a carnival of colourful citizens, blonde, brunette, dark, red, blue… somewhat perhaps I accidentally rolled in some entertainment company which full of attractive and lively trainees.

I quickly dashed my eyes around the bourne, endeavoured to spot where the voice had been raised but in vain. Hence fetched a sign and looked straight. Something in this tone snatched me out of the embarrassment which was torturing, something cordial and serious. My head lifted up and strangely, among that heterogeneously colourful ocean, my eyes found him… The owner of that voice was an guy, his hair was dyed light blonde and ironically, despite of his endemic Asian features, that color suited him as if he was born with it.

Honestly saying, he was the prettiest guy I had ever seen in my life. So fine his lineament as if every curve of his face was the perfect stroke from God; high nose, big eyes, thin lips, flawless skin. Strange enough for his beautiful visage reminded me of a doll or a fairy that stepped out a lone, ferny dells in moor and bewitched any late coming home travellers in those fantasy stories I was always mesmerized.

The world suddenly was shut down when his eyes nailed on me, seemed that other people was yelling something but I was out of capable to hear. His eyes were bright, round like of doe and black was their shade. But no flippant reflected like he meant every words of what had been spurted. The world now only existed with that guy and I.

hyuna and hyunseung relationship trust

HyunSeung smirked at me when I sat down beside him, giving me his hand for a friendly shake, which I took it with the same polite manner. And again, I sensed something hollowed in those beautiful spheres of him, something inexpressible.

Nice to meet you! Truly, in such closed gap, he appeared even more captivated than when I had stood up there and looked down. I threw my eyes around the room and found his figure with a redhead guy at the entrance.

Heechul ponders if HyunA and Hyunseung are dating because of their believable chemistry

As sensing my gaze, he darted his eyes back to me, flicked his chin toward me with a smirk to indicate his acknowledge of my gaze. His action brought attention of the guy who was facing his back to me. He turned around and winked. This was the first time I saw a person possessed eyes like.

HyunA and boyfriend expelled from their management agency

However, her attitude seemed to be not relaxed for some reason that I conjectured must involve to one of the guys or both. In my eyes now was a tall guy, lovely visage and though not able to be considered as handsome to beautiful, his warm eyes was sending friendliness which I guessed reliable. I looked up and not so hard to see fire was blazing between her eyes as a small child was pointed out her weakness. Furiously, the girl swirled away after not forgetting to shot at me her last warning glare, though I found it childish instead of being intimidated.

That flirting wink from the Vince guy indeed was a more complicated one.

hyuna and hyunseung relationship trust

Jane is like a barking… you-know-what. In him, I sensed dissonance which provoked the nerves of my deepest blot, the one I scarcely dared to bring up.

The guy titled his head a bit, trying to figure out the puzzle in my sentence.

hyuna and hyunseung relationship trust

The comprehension put me in awe, I guessed my face would be so funny at the moment. Vince is a nice person. And the best thing is no flirting despite of that handsome face and talent. Gals like Jane drooled over him, hahaha. She sometimes visits our club. True beauty but rose always has thorns! This rose has toooooooooooooooo many thorns! His intense gaze heartened my face.

"Proof" that HyunA and JunHyung were dating, what do you think?

Hyuna also featured in Brave Brothers ' song "Bittersweet," released August Their first digital single "Tomorrow" was released on October 6,and the official music video was released on October 12, starring actor Lee Dong-gun. Hyuna also participated in the South Korean variety show Invincible Youth.

Hyuna second from left performing as a member of 4Minute at the Asia Song Festival in October On January 4,Hyuna released the single " Change ", which charted highly on various online charts. Cube Entertainment stated that the music video would be re-edited and submitted for approval. InHyuna appeared in the Korean version of Dancing with the Stars. The show began broadcasting on June The single was a global success, and featured on top of YouTube's "most watched today" chart after gaining one million views in two days.

Trouble Maker's first mini album, Trouble Makerconsisted of a dance track and an emotional ballad, as well as solo songs for both Hyuna and Hyunseung.

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The song was produced by Brave Brothers and was the first collaborative effort between the producer and Hyuna as a solo artist. She released the short music video "Corolla x Hyuna: My Color", [36] and the "CorollaxHyuna" mobile app which teaches her song and choreography. They released the single " Now " from their Chemistry EP.

hyuna and hyunseung relationship trust

Countdown and performed "Ice, Ice" featuring Hwasa.