Heidi and frank stay or go in a relationship

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heidi and frank stay or go in a relationship

Listen to Frosty Heidi And Frank - 08/17/18 and other episodes by Frosty's Tiddies, Stay Or Go with todays artist: Nancy Nightmare and The .. Like To Watch, Grade Your Relationship, Strange Reasons for Divorce. “I really thought Brian would stay,” Frank said in our interview. Both are in committed relationships, Heidi with a woman for eight years, Frank also I suggest people get premium access because it's radio worth watching.”. Full Podcast of Frosty, Heidi and Frank that is available at socialgamenews.info Frosty's Tiddies, Get The Fake Out, Stay Or Go with today's artist: Jack Berry, New .. Grade Your Relationship, Strange Reasons for Divorce, Malort Challenge: States .

I think Frank and I have been dreaming of taking over for Mark and Brian for a long time.

Heidi Hamilton & Frank Kramer | Rock 10 Questions | Online Music and Radio

KLOS is a legendary station with a powerful signal. We would talk from time to time about how great it would be to get all of those ears. We knew that KLOS would help us grow our show bigger and we wanted that opportunity. Honestly, we have been welcomed with open arms.

Frosty Heidi And Frank - 08/17/18 Frosty, Heidi And Frank Podcast podcast

I'm sure there are plenty of people who are mad, sad and really not happy with us as a choice, but I haven't heard from them. People just want good radio and we get up every morning and do our best to give it to them. I don't believe we are trying to "replace" Mark and Brian.

heidi and frank stay or go in a relationship

That cannot be done. To be given the opportunity to follow such and iconic duo is an honor that I am truly humbled by. I respect them as some of the finest that have ever played the game. Many will say they wanted this gig, but no more than Heidi and myself. The critics are very vocal, and I welcome all of it, but you don't get this job if you don't deserve it. I have 19 years of experience doing mornings and Talk Radio, 15 years in L. At 42 and 39, we have an incredible amount of experience and we have every intention of owning this market.

The Mark and Brian era has come to an end and now it is time move forward. The Mark and Brian fans are calling our show and coming out to events. The early response from the audience has been very warm. We do have a fan base of our own, who have reconnected with us at KLOS, but the Mark and Brian fans have welcomed us and given us a chance that few new host would ever get. The fact that Mark and Brian retired has softened the usual blow that comes with being the new guys.

Although our shows are different in many ways I feel our relationships with our fans are very similar and it won't take long for new bonds to be made.

We usually stay for about two hours after the show to talk about the next day's show. We create a map of sorts to have a general idea of what the next day is going to look like. When you do a radio talk show the "prep" never really stops because whatever is happening in our lives can potentially become a good radio topic.

We're always hyper-aware of what could make great radio. Show prep has always been a hour process.

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We develop a daily outline of topics and news to be discussed, with some new benchmarks for prizes. But we have always given each other the bare minimum for where we plan to go on any topic or news story.

The success comes from being genuine and hearing things for the first time along with the audience. Scripted bits are something that we will never do The biggest challenge for us is fitting things into the new clock and playing the PPM game.

I'm enjoying the challenge to adapt as most of the time I'm just trying to entertain myself. It's all a blur really. We have so much fun every day, but I will say Listener Floyd calling in and Pirate School still makes me laugh. One of the best moments was on our very first show when Mark Thompson called the show and passed us the torch with his blessing.

Truly a class act and to get that endorsement was something he didn't have to do. You should be ashamed of yourself for asking. It's hard to find a woman who is willing to fall through the coffee table. She does it without a second thought and is the best female host on the radio bar none. Even when she is not funny, it's funny.

Bonus Questions You guys talk for a living but give us the lowdown on your favorite music I'm very schizophrenic when it comes to music. I love everything except that spooky awful death metal stuff.

I bond with bands that I have seen live. I recently went to a Black Keys concert and was blown away. Those guys are so talented and the sound could already be added to the Classic Rock playlist at KLOS and fit right in to the mix.

Are you guys more into TV or movies and what are some of your favorites of each? There is so much good TV these days that I haven't watched a movie in a year.

'Heidi & Frank' to take over for 'Mark & Brian' on KLOS

I love good TV. Honey Boo Boo What do you read in the bathroom? I'm a lady so I don't use the bathroom. It just ascends into the heavens magically.

Oh, who am I kidding?

heidi and frank stay or go in a relationship

In the bathroom I'm usually reading one of those magazines that reminds me that "stars are just like us. I had no idea that J Lo drinks coffee. I hate myself for even buying those things. Although if they called, I would happily do a photo shoot The two men were dropped from the program the following year, and Hamilton departed soon thereafter. The three reunited as a team at KLSX.

Though KLSX, the onetime home of shock jock Howard Stern, was assumed to have a mostly male audience, Hamilton said their live appearances proved they had a wider fan base. It brought a bunch of different people into the same room.

That's what I'm proudest of," she said. Dickey said he expects the pair will reach out to listeners via webcasts, social media, live appearances and other means, in addition to the radio show. He had been negotiating with Cumulus about continuing with a different partner, actress and comedian Jill Whelan; those two are now embarking on their own podcast at http: He was very torn," Dickey said. Dickey said the "laborious process" of hunting for replacement hosts began in earnest last April, with the hope that Phelps would continue but settling on Hamilton and Kramer if he didn't.

I want to take a year. And I want to kind of recharge.