Hart of dixie zoe and george relationship quiz

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hart of dixie zoe and george relationship quiz

Hart of Dixie - George Tucker sleepwalking Zoe Hart, Zoe And Wade, Favorite Tv . "The Race and The Relationship" Hart Of Dixie Wade, Zoe And Wade. 'Hart of Dixie' stars Rachel Bilson as Dr. Zoe Hart. Zoe initially was attracted to George but didn't think he was ready for a relationship and so. Get ready for a whole new saga of Zoe and Wade's “fledgling” relationship, as those two crazy kids try to make it work in the only ways they.

The episode ends with Zoe, Lavon and Wade on a couch while listening to Lavon's troubles they are holding hands. Zoe wants to be supportive but hates his band's music which hurts Wade.

Zoe, George and Wade

Later Zoe apologizes and shows her support for his dream by giving him a glowing sign for his new bar. Wade gets extremely drunk after Zoe leaves to help Lavon and sabatoges his chance at getting his bar.

He is worried that he will let her and everybody down if he doesn't succeed. The Gambler Episode 16 Edit Zoe is worried when Wade doesn't return her phone calls and learns that Wade was with another woman. Zoe finally meets up with Wade and Wade just said that it was woman that needed a jump for her car. However, Wade's ex-wife Tansy reveals that Wade used that excuse on her. After Wanda's and Tom's wedding when Wade realizes he needs to tell herZoe reveals after the emotional ceremony that she knows about his affair.

Zoe and Wade walk so that they can talk outside in the town square before the reception. Wade admits the true nature of the previous night's events that he slept with another woman.

Zoe tells Wade that she is sorry for thinking that she could make Wade be somebody different than he was. Episode 21 Edit Zoe, in a very emotional and affected state, sleeps with Wade at the conclusion of the episode so she can 'feel better'. This comes almost immediatly after declaring her feelings for George who is angered by her outburst.

After Zoe wakes up she assumes for seconds that is all it is: Wade emerges from the bathroom shirtless as George comes in to talk to Zoe and immediately turns and leaves. Later Wade assumes that Zoe and he are now back into a casual sex relationship. Adopting his old personality, he visits Zoe with a six pack of beer which makes her finally decide that she needs to leave Bluebell for a while to clarify what exactly she is feeling and for whom.

Rejected, Wade assumed that any further relationship is over with Zoe. While driving with Lemon to meet with Gloriana, a conversation with Lemon under protest makes him decide to want to talk to Zoe Encountering Zoe and Jonah at a dinerZoe and Wade walk nearby to a field to discuss their relationship. Wade 'confesses' to Zoe about how he feels, how he hurt her and how he wants to try to be there for her before stating that he loves her. Zoe seems very apprehensive about this revelation and states she will be staying in New York.

Edit Future Season 3 opens with Wade and Zoe still leading separate lives. Wade is attempting to live his life back in Bluebell putting his energy into running the Rammer Jammer.

hart of dixie zoe and george relationship quiz

Meanwhile Zoe has found Joel, a writer back in New York. After running into Rose in New York on a school trip, Zoe decides to go back to Bluebell to make amends with the town and say her goodbyes.

Hart of Dixie- Season 1- George confesses he is in love with Zoe

Wade is the first person she runs into and he says he is over it and the only one in town who isn't holding a grudge against her.

Shortly into her visit her new boyfriend, Joel shows up. She later decides to stay in Bluebell.

hart of dixie zoe and george relationship quiz

In the beginning of the season there is tension between Zoe and Wade due to Wade and Lemon faking a relationship. Dash reminds George and Lavon that their agreement to keep this sensitive information confidential is contingent upon their participation in the play.

hart of dixie zoe and george relationship quiz

Although Zoe and Wade have historically struggled with timing, Wade shows up at possibly the perfect moment — just when Zoe decision to stay in Bluebell is reaffirmed. George and Lavon unlock the lake house for Annabeth, Lemon and Crickett. Although the stereotype is not lost on me in this scene, I think we can all relate to the pressure we felt when we first came out.

hart of dixie zoe and george relationship quiz

Once we finally came to place of courage to acknowledge our queerness, we wanted so desperately to be embraced in the gay community. George suggests he stay behind to clean up the house and Lemon offers to assist. Their romance almost prominent.

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George fell in love with her too. Although at first these two seemed destine in the series for each other, it seems they are becoming friends in a near platonic way now. Yes; at first they clearly had sexual tension, but now it's more like awkward residue left from their dramatic history.

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Season One Edit In episode 18 of the first season, he realizes that Lemon had been cheating on him with one of his best friends In episode 19 of the first season, after finding about Lemon's affair, George decides to take a motorcycle trip to New Orleans.

Zoe is invited to New Orleans as well and they subsequently share their first kiss. Also Zoe reveals that she is in love with him. Zoe enters the competiton in the hopes to persuade George to choose her. However Lemon is determined to win the competition and prove to George that they are meant to be. George rescued Lemon and they briefly reconcile.

Just before the ceremony, George goes to the Breeland's and tells Lemon that they are breaking up and he was too scared to change his mind so he wanted to marry Lemon. However, he thought about it and he realized that he is really more in love with Zoe than with Lemon, even if Lemon didn't cheat on him he would have broken up with her for be with Zoe.